All Information About Mina Kwon’s Future Career After Leaving AOA and Her Instagram Activity


Meet Ex-AOA Member and Famous Ulzzang, Mina Kwon!

Mina Kwon (Kwon Min-ah), better known by the mononym Mina. She started her career with the group AOA on July 30, 2012. Before she became a singer, Mina was referred to as the famous Korean ulzzang (best face). But reportedly, she left the group that had carried her fame early in 2019. If she’s resigned from AOA, then what is she doing now? What are her plans for the future?

In this article, Byeol Korea will take a look at Mina Kwon’s future career plans after her departure from AOA. So stay tuned!

Left FNC Entertainment and AOA

Kwon Mina

Mina Kwon reportedly left her group, AOA, along with leaving her former agency, FNC Entertainment. The news about her departure from AOA came on May 13, 2019, and was made public on AOA’s official blog site, Fan Cafe. On the blog, the company announced the extension of the contracts for the five other AOA membes, all of them except Mina. On their statement, they talked a little about the reason behind Mina’s decision to leave the group, saying:

Our agency recently extended the contract with 5 AOA members, Jimin, Hyejeong, Yuna, Seolhyun, and Chanmi. The 5 members agreed to extend their contract and still maintain the group for the fans. The Agency has been working with AOA on the basis of trust and confidence, and we plan to keeping a support for 5 AOA members, so they can continue their activities. “

Mina, who has been with us for 7 years, has chosen to take another path in order to realize her dream after a long discussion with the agency. To respect her decision, we have decided to terminate her contract so she will leave the group. We ask for your support of the difficult decision Mina has made.

Previously, in 2018, AOA had just made a comeback with their fifth mini album, titled Bingle Bangle, which turned out to be the last album Mina was part of. AOA group now has just has five members instead of the original eight, and the news about Mina leaving AOA certainly makes fans sad.

Instagram Activity of Mina Kwon

The announcement stating that she’s no longer part of AOA was enough made the public tremble. After she was declared to resign, she deleted all the posts on her Instagram, @kvwowv, and she started to share new posts  the next day.

The first post was this pretty selfie, wearing a white blouse and smiling adorably. The pretty artist, who was born in 1993, wrote the caption ” I‘m sorry and thankful… Thank You!“.

Her post immediately received a lot of attention and responses from netters. They talked about Mina deleting all of her old posts as if starting everything from scratch.

Here are some of the comments she received:

Sometimes its important to be brave and delete everything to start a new. Hope you doesn’t care about any comment and faces what she want to face!.

She definitely wants start a something new with deleted her past. I always support her!”

Deleting all of her post means that she doesn’t even want to remember anything about the group with entirely.

I think she’s good at going out, she’s either not popular on her group.

Although there are many bad comments about her decision to delete her photos, this is not proof that she wants to forget all of her former group members. In fact, she still follows their account.

Different from now, every time she posts something on her Instagram there are many peoples who give her support and write something to her with beautiful words. This is her latest post.

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힝 고마워여 보러갈께

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