All Facts About Dating Rumor of CNBlue’s Min-hyuk and His Military Service!


Full Information About Kang Min-hyuk’s Dating and Military Service

Kang Min-hyuk, or Minhyuk, is a musician, singer, songwriter, actor, and the drummer of the popular South Korean rock band, CNBLUE. Other than being well-recognized for their musical talents, all four members of CNBLUE, including Minhyuk, have officially become actor-idols. As many people have noticed, Jung Yong-hwa is the most popular member among the other members because he’s the one who got into acting industry earlier than others and is the vocalist of the band. But rest assured, Minhyuk’s popularity is also on the rise lately!

After following Yonghwa’s path in joining the acting world, he has received several awards and nominations as an actor. Some of his interesting awards include the Rising Star Award, the Best New Actor, and even the Best Couple with F(x)’s Krystal Jung! Apart from music and acting, he is also known for his hosting skills and has been a part of several successful variety shows. But who cares about his career history? Let’s just get right into his couple moments with every actress he was paired up with!

Kang Min-hyuk Cutest On-screen Couple on ‘The Heirs’ with Krystal Jung


You can’t miss out this legendary cute couple from the drama The Heirs! If you have watched the drama, it’s undeniable that Minhyuk & Krystal not only have great chemistry but also an incredible visual, thus, many viewers stanned this second lead couple back in the days. They were also voted as the ‘Best Onscreen Couple’ at the 2013 Drama Fever Awards.


Kang Min-hyuk played the role of Yoon Chan-young, the son of the Empire Group’s secretary, also Cha Eun-sang’s best friend, who falls in love with Kim Tan’s ex-girlfriend, Lee Bo-na. Lee Bo-na was played by Krystal Jung; the character lives a fabulous lifestyle being the daughter of the man in charge of the entertainment world. Her first love and ex-boyfriend, Kim Tan never loved her. But as the time passes, Yoon Chan-young heals her heartbreak. Both have so many cute moments together in the drama, no wonder people shipped them a lot even after the drama ended.


Although Kang Min-hyuk has also acted with seasoned actresses, including Park Shin-hye, Moon Chae-won, Oh Yeon-seo, and many others before, he revealed that he had the best chemistry while working with Krystal. He explained: “Out of all the actresses I have worked with, I liked Krystal the most; she was like a little sister and was so cute on the set.” Fans also noticed that the two of them are still in good terms after finding out Minhyuk’s activity on Instagram. He pressed ‘like’ on some of Krystal’s Instagram updates.

Kang Min-hyuk at Noona Romance in ‘Hospital Ship’ with Ha Ji-won


Minhyuk and Ha Ji-won were co-stars in the MBC medical drama Hospital Ship back in 2017. The drama is about a group of young doctors who provide medical care to the locals who live in rural villages via a hospital ship that sails around the little islands. The main characters Ha Ji-won as Song Eun-Jae, and Kang Min-Hyuk as Kwak Hyun, have opposite personalities in the story.

Song Eun-jae, who is skilled in only medical experiences but not in social life, has charisma as a doctor. She is a very cold-blooded, a professional doctor. Different from Song Eun-jae, Kwak Hyun is easily moved to tears and good at empathizing with people. He heals not just with medicine but with a smile, however, Kwak Hyun also has some emotional scars.


On September 22nd, 2018, Kang Min-hyuk shared a friendly photo of him and Ha Ji-won in a car where the actors smiled happily to the camera. Even though not many people are satisfied with this couple’s romance, the drama received good ratings from viewers because of its plot. Minhyuk explained that he was honored to be able to work together with Ha Ji-won. He said, “She looks after me on set and always greets me with a bright smile so there wasn’t any discomfort at all. We were able to film quite smoothly. She was always bright every time and every moment. I never once saw her show signs of dislike or being tired.”

Kang Min-hyuk Being Siblings with Hyeri in ‘Entertainer’


Lee Hye-ri was Kang Min-hyuk’s co-star in the SBS drama series Entertainer, back in 2016. The overall story is about the main character, Shin Suk-ho (played by actor Jisung), who wants to assemble a ragtag band. Through various struggles and incidents, he tries to put things in their right place with the help of band members also his loyal friends.

Geurin (played by Hyeri) is the guardian/big sister of Jo Ha-neul (played by Minhyuk). She lost her parents when she was in high school and Ha-neul’s family raised her in the absence of their dead son, Jo Ha-neul’s big brother. They took care of her like she’s their real daughter. So after their death in a car accident, she promised to repay their kindness by taking care of their only son, Ha-neul.

Meanwhile, Minhyuk’s character, Jo Ha-nNeul, is a high school student in his last year. Even though he is cold on the outside, he is actually a kind teenager with an amazing talent in music. His life was ruined after his best friend, Lee Ji-young, accused him of sexually abusing her. With the record he had, he was doomed to face rejection, hatred, and was bullied at school. It also made it harder for him to become a musician, because there would be a negative attitude from people towards him. Shin Suk-ho then decides to help him by looking for the real abuser in order to clear Ha-neul’s name.

There’s no romantic-thingy relationship between Ha-neul and Geurin. Because when Ha-neul’s parents die, Geurin takes her sisterly guardianship role very seriously. Along the story, these two develop a tight bond that is evident to all around them.

Kang Min-hyuk’s Military Service


Kang Min-hyuk enlisted on July 31st, 2018, on the same day as fellow CNBLUE member Lee Jung-shin. They entered their recruit training centers at different locations. The places and time were not revealed by their agency, FNC Entertainment, as they wanted to enter the military camp quietly and without any fanfare with no media present.

They first joined the recruitment camp for five weeks of basic training before being assigned as active duty soldiers. Although the news came as a surprise to many, especially among BOICEs, the decision to enter boot camp as soon as possible will allow for a shorter hiatus of the band. Both are set to complete their mandatory military service in April 2020.

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