Mark Lee’s Appearance On Mnet’s ‘High School Rapper’: His Dilemma Between Being a Rapper and an NCT Member


Mark’s Performance Compilation

From episode 1 to episode 3, the preliminary round was on the air. High school students from six areas participated in the preliminary round. Only 10 students survived in each area. Mark is in the Seoul – Gangseo area. In this stage, Mark survived the preliminary round.

After the preliminary round, there was a Cypher Battle. Contestants from each area competed with another student who received the same grade from other areas. Contestants who won first, third, and sixth place would compete in Cypher Battles. Contestants had to create lyrics on the spot and show his/her rap with the beat that mentors offered.

Mark was in 6th Cypher with Johny, Choi Suk-hyun, Kim Dong-hyun, Park Min, and Sung Yong-hyun. In their battle, the beat that mentors offered were DJ Bob & Fabobeatz ft. B-Will-Twerk 4 IT and The Notorious B.I.G – Hypnotize.

And then, the 1 vs 1 Battle. On the show’s seventh episode, the 1 vs 1 Battle was on air. In this stage, 100 members of the audience voted for the rappers and the loser was dropped out. In this battle, Mark competed with Bang Jae-min and the result was that Mark won with 57 votes and Bang Jae-min got 43 votes.

In the final episode of High School Rapper, Mark was featured by Red Velvet’s Seulgi and they performed ‘Drop’.

Evaluation For Mark’s Performance

According to, Mark proved his abilities as a rapper through the show. He rarely made mistakes and showed consistent improvement throughout the progression of the show.

Mark admitted that the pressure of competing on the show was really intense, as a singer who already debuted. However, he also shared the positive aspects of participating on the television show. He said that his competitors all made a big impact on him and helped him gain a lot of experience from competing with them.

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