Here Are The Meanings Of the Lyrics Of Hyorin Top Songs!


Are You Broken-Hearted? Listen to Hyorin Top Songs Probably will Help

You can’t say you’re a K-pop lover and not know who Sistar is. They’re a Korean girl-group that consists of four members that debuted under Starship Entertainment in 2010. As a girl-group, Sistar has become known for some of their songs that suit the summer season, such as “Touch My Body”, “Shake It”, “Ma Boy”, etc. Sadly, the girl group decided to part away in 2017. However, even though the queens of the Summer Concept disbanded several years ago, we still can hear the soothing voice of the former vocalist from Sistar, Hyorin.

After the group’s disbandment, Hyorin decided to pursue a career as a solo artist. She parted ways with the agency that made her name big, Starship Entertainment, and created her own agency, called Bridge, in 2017. With her new agency, Hyorin has released a lot of new songs recently. Even before she started her solo career officially, she had already started releasing a lot of solo songs when she was still in Sistar.

You might have heard about Hyorin’s songs called “Fate, Love”, “Crazy of You”, etc.

But do you know the meanings behind Hyorin’s songs? Some of the lyrics might fit things that have happened to you. To make you feel the emotion of the songs better, let’s take a look at the meaning behind them!

Meaning Behind Hyorin Song Crazy Of You (미치게 만들어)

In 2013, Hyorin released a single asan OST of a drama called “Master’s Sun”, which starred actress Gong Hyo-jin and actor Seo Ji-sub. The name of the song was called “Crazy of You”, and it was released on the album called “Master’s Sun OST Part 3”. If you watched this drama, then you probably know about this song. Even if you haven’t watched the drama, you might still have heard this song, since “Crazy of You” is so popular.

Still, if you haven’t heard the song yet, let’s listen to it first!

As for the meaning of the lyrics, “Crazy of You” tells listeners about a person who falls in love with someone, but the love just hopelessly driving them crazy. Even though they are in love, the love that they feel is unrequited. Therefore, the love only brings tears.

If you listen to this without knowing the translation, you may still be able to guess that this is a sad song, since Hyorin really brings out all of her emotion. But to get the emotion of the song better, why don’t we take a look at the lyrics video that was made by a fan on YouTube?

Thanks to the fan who put out the effort to make the translation video. We can now understand the lyrics while listening to the song. What do you think about the lyrics of the song? Hyorin really knows how to makes us feel heartbroken, right? Her voice just fits perfectly with the song and the deep lyrics. Just by listening to the song, we can feel the pain of the main character of “Master’s Sun”, even without watching the drama. Hyorin really is a queen of OST songs!

Meaning Behind Hyorin Song One Way Love

Compared to “Crazy of You”, the next song that we’re going to talk about has a little bit more upbeat music. It’s the song called “One Way Love”, and was released in Hyorin’s solo album when she was still under Starship Entertainment, “Love & Hate”. The song released in 2013 and it also has an official music video. Let’s take a look at the music video first, shall we?

The music video has the actor Yoo Yoon-seok as the model. He played as the boyfriend of Hyorin, that was told by the lyrics of the song. If you take a look at the title, we can tell that this is a one-sided love, but this type of one-sided love is something that we should take a note.

On the lyrics of the song, it said that, “You’re so selfish, boy. You decide on what we eat. My thoughts are not important to you. You only think about yourself.” Those are the kind of lyrics that were written in the song. We can tell that, in this song, Hyorin was experiencing a toxic relationship where the guy only thought about himself and didn’t let the girl make her own choice. Not even that, we can tell from the lyrics that the guy doesn’t even think about the girl’s feelings.

If someone in real life is experiencing this type of relationship, please just leave your lover before it’s too late. You deserve to be happy with someone better!

Anyway, let’s just listen to the music video with a lyrics translation that was made by a fan on YouTube.

What do you think about the lyrics? Even though the lyrics don’t show a sad type of love, the meaning behind the song is so heart-breaking. But still, it seemed likw Hyorin in this song wants to show the power of woman, even though she is going through a toxic relationship. The sound of the song seems like telling the guy that the girl is not his toy that can be controlled.

Then again, Hyorin did a great job with “One Way Love”. Who’s still listening to this song, even though it was released more than five years ago? No matter when, this song still remains a bop!

Meaning Behind Hyorin Song I Choose To Love You (널 사랑하겠어)

“I choose to Love You” is the type of song that you will love to hear when you’re in love with someone. The cheerful melody of the song tells you that this is not the broken-hearted song that’s usually sung by Hyorin. The song was released in January 2012, in an album of OSTs for “See the Love 2”, and tells a story about a girl who loves someone and promises to love them until forever. In the lyrics we can tell that the girl is really in love with her lover, and she declares that no one can come between them.

Let’s just take a listen to the video of “I Choose To Love You”!

Hyorin’s voice soothingly fits with the song and it made us to get the feeling of falling in love just by kustebubg the song. Don’t you agree?

Since the song is a soundtrack for a drama called “How To Love Smart”, also known by the Korean title, “사랑을 보다2”, the song really represents the character in a drama who’s really in love with someone. Not only that, this song is just so popular that some characters in other dramas sing this song. For example, Park Ha-neul in a drama called “Monstar”, and Park Hye-soo in a drama called “Introverted Boss”.

This song is super-appealing for anyone who wants to confess their true feeling to someone they love. And once again, Hyorin sang this song beautifully, making it popular and easy to listen to.

Meaning Behind Hyorin Song Lonely

Don’t you just feel lonely without any reason, sometimes? Well then ,don’t really think about it too much, and listen to Hyorin’s song called “Lonely” to make you feel better. This song was released in 2013 on a solo album called “Love & Hate”. If you think that this song has a gloomy vibe, well you might be correct. If we compared it to “I Choose to Love You”, of course, “Lonely” is a different type of song.

This song tells a story about someone who feels sad, is crying, and doesn’t have anybody to lean on. In the lyrics, it was all because someone that they love is nowhere near them. The person in this song, which sung by Hyorin, of course, is in love with someone desperately and that the someone they love doesn’t embrace them, so they just feel lonely. The lyrics also tell that the person is in a sad place, since they can only just look through the window in an empty way even though they usuallycan let it go in happiness.

To make it clear, why don’t we take a listen to the song, and read the lyrics carefully as Hyorin sing this song?

What do you think about the song? Hyorin really sang this song in a way that no one else could. Her soothing voice really fits with the melody and the vibe. If listening to this song makes you feel better when you’re lonely, please listen to this song then!

Meaning Behind Hyorin Song Hello, Goodbye (안녕)

Another of Hyorin’s top songs that you have to know the meaning of is coming from the soundtrack of the drama “My Love From the Star”. The popular drama aired at the end of 2013, and reached a phenomenal rating from viewers in Korea at the time. Not only that, the drama starred the famous Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun, and was watched by viewere outside Korea. That’s why the drama needed to have the right singer to perform the OSTs. And, of course, you can’t say that Hyorin is not the right singer, since she has a very angelic voice.

Hyorin sang a song called “Hello, Goodbye” in an OST album that was released in January 2014, on an album called “My Love From the Star OST part 4”. You may have known already about the plot and story line of the drama “My Love From the Star”, but in case you don’t, the story was about Do Min-joon, a man who came from another star, that has lived on Earth for hundred years but will return to his planet in three months. However, he happened to meet Cheon Song-yi, atop star and celebrity, and he has to choose between his love and his home.

The song “Hello, Goodbye” is quite like the whole story of Cheon Song-yi and Do Min-joon, who meet at the wrong time. They fall in love with each other, but the time is just not right. When Do Min-joon has just come into Cheon Song-yi’s life, he will soon have say goodbye and will never see her again. That’s why we can hear lyrics that go like this, “You came to me ny accident, and embrace me. As we blankly stared at each other, you say goodbye.”

Oh, how heartbreaking!

To see more of the lyrics, let’s take a listen to the song and the lyrics translation! Thanks to the fan who made this video on YouTube.

What do you think about the song? The chill vibe of the melody really makes the song feel so easy to listen to, right? Especially Hyorin’s soothing voice, that matched the vibe so completely. Knowing the lyrics just make it more perfect. We can feel the sorrow of Cheon Song-yi, who feels really sad knowing that her lover will be gone soon. Even in the drama, you will listen to the song a lot being played as the background.

Hyorin also sang this song on a music show. Let’s listen to her singing “Hello, Goodbye” live performance!

Meaning Behind Hyorin Song Become Each Other’s Tears (서로의 눈울이 되어)

Another popular song that you may have heard on a drama that you also may have watched, “Hwarang”, is called “Became Each Other Tears”. Just by seeing the lyrics, we already know that it’s going to be another of Hyorin’s heart-breaking songs. Once again, Hyorin really fits for a song that you will listen to when you’re having a heartbreak.

So let’s talk further about the song that was released in 2017, “Became Each Other’s Tears”.

As you know, the song is a soundtrack of a drama called “Hwarang”, where the story of the drama tells you about a triangle love story in the Silla kingdom. The story involves Ah-ro, Sun-woo, and Ji-dwi. Just like the unrequited love of Ji-dwi ,who didn’t end up with Ah-ro, the song “Became Each Other’s Tears” tells a story about a love that just couldn’t happen and it hurts so much that it brought tears for both of them. The lyrics that can be pointed out in the song are, “If you’re gonna do this, you should’ve just left me. If you just give me tears, then what do I do?”

However, the love is just too strong even though it hurts. We can tell by the lyrics that said, “There was no start, so there will be no end. Even if I take out the word goodbye in my heart, it tells me no.”

Oh, how painful the unrequited love is. We really can feel the pain of Ji-dwi, who can’t be by Ah-ro’s side when we’re listening to Hyorin’s soulful voice.

Let’s listen to the song while reading the translation!

Thankfully, some fans uploaded the translation lyrics video on YouTube so us international fans can still understand the all the lyrics. Let’s just bring our tears together by hearing this!

Well what do you think about the song? Hyorin’s voice is really something, right? Pst, fun fact, the drama “Hwarang” was starred by Park Seo-jun, who is a friend of Hyorin’s. They have been friends since 2012, where they starred in “Dream High 2”. Hyorin must be glad to lend her voice to help her friend, Park Seo-jun. What a sweet friendship!

Hyorin Latest News

After knowing all the lyrics of Hyorin’s top songs, now you must be wondering what the latest news is about the queen of soulful songs, Hyorin. Since she already created a new agency of her own in 2017, Hyorin now actively promoting as a solo artist and has released a lot of singles including “Sea, See”, “To Do List”, “Youknowbetter”, and even did a collaboration with the idol group Got7 in 2018, with a song called “One and Only You”.

However, things aren’t always okay for everyone, including Hyorin. While she was building her solo career, she got a rumor from someone who claimed to have gone to middle school with her, saying that Hyorin was once a bully and used to bully her when they were in middle school. This rumor was spread around in May 2019, in an online community, Naver. Because of this, Hyorin’s name became trending on the search list over the weekend the rumor broke. The girl who claimed to be bullied by Hyorin in middle school also said that it was so terrible that she always gets disgusted whenever she sees Hyorin on TV. The poster of the rumor also said that she wants an apology from the singer.

Regarding this issue, Hyorin’s agency, Bridge, on Monday, May 27, 2019, gave a statement that the girl’s allegation was reported without factchecking. What the poster said hadn’t been proven. Therefore, the agency stated that the two sides had reached an agreement after both of them settled down. However, the details of the settlement were not published to the media.

Hopefully, the rumor didn’t affect to Hyorin’s career in the end. Whether it was true or not, bullying is not a good thing and it could affect anyone’s life, even after they’ve grown up. For the rest of their life, the memories will still remain.

But still, let’s just agree the fact that Hyorin can reach to this step is because of her own skills and hard work. So we really can’t wait to see any other new projects and songs by the girl with the angelic voice, Hyorin. Fighting, Hyorin!