LUMINOUS Steven Full Profile, Fun Facts, Appearance in Produce X 101, Debut Era


Everything You Need to Know About LUMINOUS Rapper Steven Kim!

Have you heard about the South Korean boy group LUMINOUS? If you don’t know much about them, they are a K-Pop group that consists of 4 members in the original line-up, including Youngbin, Suil, Steven, and Woobin. LUMINOUS (Hangul: 루미너스) was formed under DS Entertainment and now they are promoted under WIP Company.

In this article, we invite you to take a closer look at one of the members of LUMINOUS who has a position as a rapper in the group. Not only that, but he has also appeared in Produce X 101 as a contestant under DS Entertainment, but his journey was stopped because he got eliminated in Episode 5. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about LUMINOUS’s Steven, in this article below.

LUMINOUS Steven Profile


Real Name: Steven Kim (Hangul: 스티븐 킴)

Stage Name: Steven (Hangul: 스티븐)

Birthday: January 17th, 2000

Star Sign: Capricorn

Height: 176 cm (5’9″)

Weight: 57 kg (126 lbs)

Blood Type: A

Position in the group: Rapper, Sub-vocalist

Nationality: Korean-Australian

Official Site: Instagram (@steven_3051_)

LUMINOUS Steven Fun Facts

  1. LUMINOUS’s Steven is from Sydney, Australia
  2. LUMINOUS’s Steven was the third member to be revealed on August 5th, 2019
  3. LUMINOUS’s Steven was a contestant on Produce X 101, but he was eliminated in Episode 5
  4. LUMINOUS’s Steven has trained with DS Entertainment for 2 years and 8 months
  5. LUMINOUS’s Steven’s skills are singing, rapping, dancing, and composing music
  6. LUMINOUS’s Steven’s hobbies are acting like a zombie, whistling, woodworking, gaming, sleeping, and watching YouTube
  7. LUMINOUS’s Steven gets that he looks like a kangaroo a lot
  8. LUMINOUS’s Steven is a former JYP Entertainment trainee
  9. LUMINOUS’s Steven was with Stray Kids while in JYP
  10. LUMINOUS’s Steven speaks English and Korean
  11. LUMINOUS’s Steven’s nickname is Dolmaengi (boulder)
  12. LUMINOUS’s Steven’s other family is from Seongnam city Gyeonggi province (but his family is from Sydney, Australia)
  13. LUMINOUS’s Steven’s charming points are his eyes and 4D personality
  14. LUMINOUS’s Steven dislikes food waste, mosquitoes, and people stepping on his shoes
  15. LUMINOUS’s Steven’s motto is: “Chosen to shine the light”
  16. LUMINOUS’s Steven’s personal goal is to make a favorite song
  17. LUMINOUS’s Steven is friends with Stray Kids, Natty, and Cravity’s Allen
  18. LUMINOUS’s Steven used to dream of becoming an architect before joining JYP
  19. LUMINOUS’s Steven’s favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate
  20. LUMINOUS’s Steven’s favorite movie is Avatar
  21. LUMINOUS’s Steven likes iced tea more than hot tea
  22. LUMINOUS’s Steven doesn’t like hot tea
  23. LUMINOUS’s Steven thinks Woobin cooks the best in his group
  24. LUMINOUS’s Steven likes cringe pick-up lines because he thinks they’re funny
  25. LUMINOUS’s Steven’s favorite colors are purple, red, blue, black, and white
  26. LUMINOUS’s Steven doesn’t like math. He liked it until high school
  27. LUMINOUS’s Steven gets told a lot that he looks like Stray Kids’ N and he agrees
  28. LUMINOUS’s Steven prefers Marvel over DC because he likes Iron Man
  29. LUMINOUS’s Steven has been to Bali, Indonesia
  30. LUMINOUS’s Steven wants to go skiing and snowboarding
  31. LUMINOUS’s Steven prefers Starburst to Hi-Chew
  32. LUMINOUS’s Steven prefers summer over winter. He doesn’t like winter. He only likes it that in winter it snows, and he can go snowboarding
  33. LUMINOUS’s Steven likes dogs more than cats
  34. LUMINOUS’s Steven is allergic to cats
  35. LUMINOUS’s Steven’s favorite animals are foxes because they look sharp and cute at the same time
  36. LUMINOUS’s Steven has been to New Zealand before, but he doesn’t remember much because he was really young at the time
  37. LUMINOUS’s Steven lived in Greenacre when he lived in Australia
  38. LUMINOUS’s Steven learned English in Korea but his English improved when he moved to Australia
  39. LUMINOUS’s Steven immigrated to Australia when he was 5 years old
  40. LUMINOUS’s Steven’s parents are Korean
  41. LUMINOUS’s Steven’s favorite K-Drama and also the only drama he’s watched twice is Hotel del Luna
  42. LUMINOUS’s Steven worked in Oporto when he was 15 years old for a year and it was his first job
  43. LUMINOUS’s Steven speaks both Korean and English in his dreams, it just depends on who’s in the dream and where he’s at in the dream
  44. LUMINOUS’s Steven’s favorite American artist changes often but at the moment is Joyner Lucas
  45. LUMINOUS’s Steven really loves IU and looks up to her
  46. LUMINOUS’s Steven wants to go to an American concert, especially a rapper’s concert
  47. LUMINOUS’s Steven doesn’t like using songs as his alarm because he’ll fall asleep to the song instead of waking up
  48. LUMINOUS’s Steven is known for looking cool on the outside but being sentimental on the inside by his members
  49. LUMINOUS’s Steven’s favorite book is Percy Jackson but he hasn’t watched the movie yet
  50. LUMINOUS’s Steven’s first pet was a Border Collie and she was named Cherry
  51. LUMINOUS’s Steven’s favorite clothing items are a cap, a necklace, and jewelry
  52. LUMINOUS’s Steven is an introvert but he wants to be an extrovert
  53. LUMINOUS’s Steven has 2 older sisters
  54. LUMINOUS’s Steven’s MBTI is INFP
  55. LUMINOUS’s Steven’s favorite school subject was art. He really liked wood tech and he enjoyed anything that had to do with art. He didn’t have any interest in performance arts
  56. LUMINOUS’s Steven hated going to school
  57. LUMINOUS’s Steven would choose blue because it shows off his chic-ness if he were to describe himself in a color
  58. LUMINOUS’s Steven would surprise his members because their reactions would be funny if he were to be invisible for a day
  59. LUMINOUS’s Steven’s unique personality trait is the way he raps and the tone of his voice
  60. LUMINOUS’s Steven would like to go to Hawaii with his friends

LUMINOUS Steven Appearance in Produce X 101

Before debuting as a member of LUMINOUS, Steven appeared as a contestant on a survival show that was aired on Mnet, which is Produce X 101. DS Entertainment’s trainee, Steven Kim, poses and has photo time at the production presentation of Mnet idol debut audition program Produce X 101 held at the 63 Square Grand Ballroom in Yeouido, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, on April 30th, 2019.

Meanwhile, Mnet’s Produce X 101 is the 4th season of the Produce series, which produced popular idols such as project groups IOI, Wanna One, and I-ZONE. Shin Yu-mi, Cheetah, Kwon Jae-seung, and Bae Yoon-jung are scheduled to be active as trainers in the show.

During the show, Steven Kim has different ranks and positions. He was in the 70th rank during Round 1, 70th rank in Round 2, 79th rank in Round 3, and 72nd rank in Round 5, before being eliminated from the show. He moved from Class X to Class D in Produce X 101.

Steven Kim practiced at DS Entertainment with Jay Yoon and came out as a member of DS on Produce X 101, but after finishing Produce X 101, he transferred to a company called WIP Company with some trainees.

LUMINOUS Steven Debut Era

The music video of their title song “RUN” is drawing the public’s attention once again by continuing its unrivaled move, recording close to 3 Million views within 4 days of being released.

Born in Australia, Steven plays a key role in the team, including writing lyrics, composing, and arranging. In addition, it is expected to draw the attention of global fans as an all-around member who can play 6 roles in the group, such as performing two positions such as sub-vocal and rapper.

The debut title song “RUN” is a track that contains LUMINOUS’s message of ‘a difficult but beautiful youth’, and the honest lyrics about wandering youth are attractive. Based on a synth bass with a theme that starts from the beginning, it was evaluated that it confirmed LUMINOUS’s strong performance.

On the same day, Steven’s concept photo was released through LUMINOUS’s official social media. In the image, Steven is staring intensely at the camera while caught in the blue light. Steven caught the public’s attention by showing a hip yet dark charisma with sporty all-black styling.

Steven proved his musical ability by writing, composing, and arranging the song “Up All Night” in the previously released pre-debut album LUMINOUS Dreaming. As an all-round member who can digest all of the characters, he is receiving attention from global fans.

What do you think about LUMINOUS’s Steven’s debut era?

Well, that was all the information about LUMINOUS’s Steven and everything you should know about him. Let’s keep sending him a lot of love and support, so his career will shine even brighter in the future. If you like this article, please don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media, also, stay tuned for more interesting upcoming articles from Byeol Korea!