All You Need to Know About Lovelyz’s Jisoo’s Scandal and Plastic Surgery Rumor, Also Her Instagram!


Lovelyz Jisoo Byeol Korea

Scandal of Lovelyz’s Jisoo

Around 2014, there are rumor spreading about Lovelyz’ Jisoo, saying that she was involved in a huge scandal back when she was a trainee.

According to Koreaboo’s site, there was some evidence collected by a fan with regard to Jisoo’s scandal. The investigation covered a lot of ground, and its conclusion was that there were many victims from this scandal, which involves sexual abuse, rumors of lesbianism, and rape assault that Jisoo was alleged to have done.

As reported from Daum Cafe Ok 211 (translated by Koreaboo), there are 5 statements that have been collected from each victim:

  1. A (Jisoo’s ex-girlfriend)
  • She has a TicToc ID with the username Jagiya (Honey), and has an audio file of Jisoo when she tried to lure her into phone sex
  • She was a part of a lesbian community along with her friends
  • When she dated Jisoo, she had her picture taken during sex and she has no idea who took the pictures
  • Jisoo spread the pictures to the company where the victim worked, and she quit her job
  • Jisoo also spread the rumor the victim was working at a prostitution town and sexually harassed her by saying “I want to do it until your b**thole wears off”
  • The victim’s colleagues, who were also part of the lesbian community, saw the victim’s nude pictures, and strangers could access the pictures, too
  1. B (another ex-girlfriend of Jisoo’s)
  • The victim used to have a special relationship with Jisoo and dated her
  • Jisoo asked for sex with the victim frequently, and forced her to take nude pictures. When the victim refused, Jisoo was angry and said “You don’t love me”, followed by sexually harassing the victim by saying, “I’ll spread your b**thole and plug it. You want it, too.”
  • When victim tried to break up with Jisoo, she invited the victim into a group chat and made fun of her appearance with her colleagues, then talked about what brought their relationship to the end before the harassing the victim again
  • After what happened with the group chat, the victim apologized through Jisoo’s friend and Jisoo threatened her, saying if anything about this surfaced, she would sue the victim
  • The victim was ended up traumatized and has been seeing a psychiatrist ever since
  1. C (Jisoo’s 3rd ex-girlfriend)
  • The victim said that she has a voice file of Jisoo
  • When she was dating Jisoo, she knew that Jisoo already had a boyfriend
  • Jisoo tried to asked her sexually explicit questions, like “How many fingers did you fit in when you m**t*rbat*”,”Have you done an*l?”,”You’re all open, huh?” and sexually harassed her by saying, “I will buy you a s*x toy for your birthday” and send a picture of her hand, “Aren’t you lucky that your girlfriend’s finger are long and thin?”
  • The victim is currently a trainee under the same company as Jisoo, and when the people in the company thought she dated a girl, Jisoo made it sound like the victim was a traitor amongst the other trainees and told people stay away from her
  • Jisoo threatened the victim with a lawsuit if she ever told people about her past
  1. D (An old friend of Jisoo’s)
  • There was a group chat between Jisoo, victim D, and Jisoo’s ex girlfriend in the past and they became close friends
  • The victim said Jisoo used to send pictures of her body while wearing a tank top and shorts in a group chat
  • Jisoo spread rumors about the victim and said in a group chat that the victim went over to her place and slept next to her then felt up her br*ast
  • The victim also knows the other victims and the ways Jisoo threatened them
  1. E (the 4rd ex-girlfriend of Jisoo)
  • She has a handwritten letter from Jisoo and the owner of the TicToc ID with username ‘Ok. Jin.Yo’
  • Jisoo used to sexually harass her by saying “I’m guessing that you can’t even know how to kiss right now. Can you?”
  • When they were together, Jisoo put the victim’s hand on her thigh and tried to make things go further in a sexual way
  • Later on, Jisoo was the one who ended the relationship
  • The victim find out from a friend that Jisoo spread a rumor saying she almost got raped by the victim
  • The victim told her parents that she’s a lesbian and suffered from trauma. Her dark past brought her to a depression, and her mother, who studied child psychotherapy, took care of her by treatment

As the evidence from each victims has been collected, the victims wrote letters based on what happened in their past, saying it wasn’t just a rumor and they were actually hospitalized after suffering from trauma and depression because of Jisoo’s behavior. They wished that Jisoo wouldn’t make her debut in the future and get successful after what she did to the victims. They think that Jisoo’s agency tried to cover up the rumors to protect Jisoo and acted like they didn’t care about the impact on the victims. The evidence has been gathered, and they need to speak out and let the public know the truth until Jisoo receives her just punishment.

Beside the evidence that was revealed by the victims, there was also a false rumor that surfaced following the scandal, which said that Jisoo was in a very bad situation. Fans started questioning which version of the story was true, but Woollim Entertainment already took action against who spread the false rumor and put Jisoo on hiatus for a while.

All About Plastic Surgery Rumors of Lovelyz’s Jisoo

There’s never been any rumor that Jisoo had plastic surgery, and as reported from Allkpop, the pre-debut pictures that have been revealed and compared to her current looks show no real difference in her appearance.

Lovelyz Jisoo Pre-debut

Lovelyz Jisoo Now

Lovelyz fans and netizens were shocked with the compiled pictures of Jisoo pre-debut, as she still looked the same with her visual right now. She is definitely a goddess from her appearance and she grew up into a beautiful lady.

Some of them left comments through an online community by saying, “Jisoo grew up exact like how she looks right now.” “I envy her eyes so much”, “She looks like Gayoung from Stellar.”

Instagram Feed of Lovelyz’s Jisoo

Lovelyz’s Jisoo doens’t have a personal Instagram account, but here’s the latest update from Lovelyz’s official Instagram account!

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