Complete List of ‘We Got Married’ Couples that You Wish are Dating in Real Life!


Let’s Meet Couples in ‘We Got Married’ with The Most Great Chemistry!

of course, it’s already familiar to fans of K-pop Idol and also K-drama one of South Korean reality-variety show that aired on MBC from 2008 to 2017. almost lasts up to 10 years, there are so many celebrities getting paired up, and pretended to be married couples and completed various challenges together. The event lasted four seasons and inspired several spinoffs, including the “global edition” of the event featuring non-Korean celebrities.

let’s check it out the list of ‘We Got Married’ Couples that made you wish are Dating in Real Life!

#1 Yonghwa and Seohyun


This pair often called the ‘YongSeo Couple’, started their first meeting as a virtual couple on ‘We Got Married’ season 2 on the 40th episode, February 27, 2010, and they’re last as a virtual married couple on the 91st episode, April 2, 2011.

at that time Seohyun had just entered her 20th year, and Jung Yong-hwa was 2 years older than Seohyun in Korean Age. at the beginning of its appearance, SNSD’s Seohyun introduced herself as the maknae in the SNSD group, and CNBLUE’s Jung Yong-hwa introduced herself as Leder, vocalist, and guitarist in the CNBLUE group.

JungSeo couple-Jung-Yong-hwa-Seohyun-we-got-married

thanks to Jung Yonghwa, while being his wife on ‘We Got Married’ Seohyun learned from playing guitar from him. even Jung Yong-hwa bought Seohyun a guitar so he could practice at home.

both work as singers, and both love music, making this couple look adorable. unavoidable at the beginning of the meeting, they were both very awkward. Seohyun is known as SNSD’s maknae who is shy and awkward if she is near a man. While Jung Yonghwa, the idol rock leader ‘choding’ (the parents-in-law’s son-in-law) leader is full of jokes.


they even have been performed together for a special stage with CNBLUE at MBC’s ‘Music Core’. they have performed ‘run devil run’ from SNSD and ‘Love Light’ from CNBLUE. of course, this performance very much anticipated and even expected by fans, according to a lot of their interactions in the previous episodes that showed their chemistry in music, which made much hope they collaborated.

although it is a short performance, it is very entertaining and refreshing for its listeners, of course, especially the shipper from YongSeo couple.

not only giving us their adorable moments as a married couple, this musician couple also make a song titled ‘Banmal Song’, in Korean Banmal means For First Time Lovers. This song is also Jung Yong-hwa’s first solo digital single was released on January 14, 2011. This song became a feature in the second season of We Got Married, where Yonghwa performed a virtual wedding with Seohyun from Girls’ Generation, where he wrote this song.

this song is about their married life as a virtual couple, and those below the lyrics of ‘Banmal Sog’ after translated to English

Verse 1:

The day when I first saw you
Your bright smile full of shyness
we’ll get closer after today
every day, I have heart-fluttering expectations
what to say to you
how to get you to laugh
I fear it’ll get awkward when I try to hold your hand
all I can do is smile shyly


Hopefully we can speak banmal to each other
even though it’s still awkward and unfamiliar
instead of saying ‘thank you’
talk to me in a friendlier way

Hopefully we can speak banmal to each other
you walk towards me slowly, step by step
now look at my two eyes and tell me
I love you

Verse 2:

The day when I held your hand
I felt my heart stop beating
I don’t even remember what I said
All I feel is a flutter in my stomach


Hopefully we can speak banmal to each other
even though it’s still awkward and unfamiliar
instead of saying ‘thank you’
talk to me in a friendlier way

Hopefully we can speak banmal to each other
you walk towards me slowly, step by step
now look at my two eyes and tell me
I love you

Chorus 2:

Hopefully we can fall in love with each other
I’ll never let go of your two hands from my grasp
the light of your eyes, gazing at me
I hope there will only be joyful smiles

Hopefully we can fall in love with each other
We can lean on one another and take care of each other
Looking into your eyes, my two eyes
they’re talking to you
I love you

of course, the end of their virtual marriage really hurt us a lot, because we can’t see their cuteness and their interactions together. after their virtual marriage ended, their shippers still succeded to capture their moments in various events, because their both singers, so there are some events that they attended at the same time.

#2 Joy and Sungjae

BTOB's-Sungjae-Red Velvet's-Joy-We-Got-Married

the couple who has a nickname as ‘Bbyu Couple’ is one of a couple that highly anticipated, because both of them already have a good and fresh image as an idol. BTOB’s Sungjae is the maknae of the group that got more popular after his appearances in drama ‘School 2015’ and Red Velvet’s Joy is also popular with her fresh and cute image.

at that time Red Velvet’s Joy is one year younger from Sung-jae, but their both are young couples, who are really excited to get married. their first meeting is in ‘We Got Married’ Season 4  on the 276th episode, June 20, 2015, and their virtual marriage ended at 320th episode, May 7, 2016.

Red Velvet's-Joy-BTOB's-Sungjae-we-got-married

still really young, their chemistry really adorable and cute as a married couple, their cuteness cannot be covered, moreover because Joy has so many aegyo. there is a moment that both of them go on date with their school uniforms, they go to an amusement park and having fun there.

their skinship day by day become more natural, and more look likes real couple who go on dates.

on MBC Entertainment Award 2015, Sung-jae and Joy successfully make a great performance together as a couple. they cover ‘Marry You’ from Bruno Mars, and make unforgettable performances.

especially when joy changes her dress from white to red on the stage magically, it’s really fascinating to watch. their performance became viral and really famous at that time because of that.

Joy-Sungjae-bbyu couple- we-got-married

in their last episode as a virtual couple, they are both sings for each other. Joy revealed the reason why she chooses this song because of the lyrics of the song, reminds her of Sungjae, and she sang a song titled ‘My Sweetie’, she even crying while singing to Sungjae and told Sungjae that she wants to sing it again, but went to backstage before to drink water, but Joy surprise him instead because it is Sungjae birthday and bring cake with candles to Sungjae.

and it’s Sungjae’s turn to sing a song to Joy. before the song started, Sungjae said that the title of the song is something that Sungjae really wanted to say to her, but he couldn’t because He’s not Romantic Guy, and the song titled is ‘Hug Me’. Sungjae’s performance ended with Joy hugging him while Sungjae finished the song. it’s really touching and they are really express their own sadness too.

We Heart It

Good News for Bbyu shippers, thanks to their lovey-dovey chemistry in ‘We Got Married’ as a virtual married couple,they are Overflowing With Chemistry In Their First CF Together, They still share the same chemistry as when they were “married”!

#3 Song Jae-rim and Kim So-eun




#4 Eric Nam and Solar


#5 Taecyeon and Emma Wu


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