Full Compilation List of Underrated Korean Boy Groups That You Should Know!


Learn More About These Charming, Underrated Boy-Groups

Korea is famous for the idol groups which spread the Korean Wave to a global audience. Korean idol music factories produce countless idol groups, each with their own talent and specialties. Only a few have achieved huge successes, like Big Bang and Super Junior, while some idol groups were not so lucky and sank down after their debut.

These unlucky idol groups have the talent to be successful but poor management or lack of promotion left them in the shadows of the brightest idol groups. In this Byeol Korea article, let’s meet these underrated boy-groups! Keep reading.



MIB was a Korean hip-hop group under the management group Jungle Entertainment. Jungle Entertainment is well known as an agency specializing in hip-hop, with DrunkenTiger, LeeSsang and tYunmirae as their most popular artists. MIB stands for Most Incredible Buster. The members of MIB are KangNam, 5Zic, Young Cream, and Sims.

Their debut album, Most Incredible Buster, was released on October 25th, 2011. After less than 6 years as a group, they were disbanded on January 4th, 2017. The group’s first single, “G.D.M” (Girls, Dreams, Money) debuted on M! Countdown and peaked at position 20. They performed the song on SBS’s Inkigayo on October 30th, 2011. MIB released their second album on March 31st, 2014, which reached its peak chart position at 16. In October 2016, Jungle Entertainment extended KangNam’s contract but the three other members’ contracts were terminated. Each member had different opinions about their music, which set the band apart in 2017.



24K is a Korean boy-band under Choeun Management. The group debuted on September 6th, 2012, with their mini album Hurry Up. The next day, 24K performed on KBS 2TV’s Music Bank. The group consisted of 6 members with 4 vocals and 2 rappers. 24K initially debuted as a sub-unit group, 4K, with 4 members, Cory, Seokjune, Kisu and Sungoh, and released the debut single “Rocking Girl” in June, 2012. Later, two new members, Daeil and Byungho, joined and formed the main group, called 24K.

24K released their second mini album titled UR So Cute on August 1st, 2013. In total, the group released 8 mini albums, with the latest album being Bonnie N Clyde. Their debut album, Hurry Up, used pop, trance, dubstep, and industrial as their music style. They received the Netizen’s Choice award at the 2017 Korean Entertainment Artists Awards. 24K was a regular participant in the 2015 to 2018 Dream Concert. Although several members have come and gone, 24K is still an active idol boy-band.



V-Romance is an idol boy-band formed by RBW on July 12th, 2016, with their first EP, The Action. It included its lead track, “She”, which was full of swing and funk. The members of V-Romance are Park Jang-hyun, Park Hyun-kyu, Lee Chan-dong and Lee Hyun-seok. Their album, V-Romance, peaked at 28 on music charts and sold a meager 567 copies. The name of the group came from a combination of brother and romance, which represented friendship between men. Recently, on June 27th, 2019, V-Romance released their new single title, “You Can Count On Me”.



VAV is a boy-band under the management of A Team Entertainment. VAV stands for Very Awesome Voice. They debuted with the EP single “Under The Moonlight” on November 2nd, 2015. Their most favorite album is Thrilla Killa, with the same lead single name. Thrilla Killa peaked at nunumber 19 on the Gaon Album Chart and sold over 6000 copies in Korea. VAV’s members are St.Van, Baron, ACE, Ayno, Jacob, Lou and Ziu. In 2018, VAV received The Best Performance Award at the 7th Thailand Daradaily Awards. VAV has remained active since 2015.

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