List of Top Songs by Soloist Baek Ye-rin That Make Your Days Brighter!


Cover Songs

Sometimes, by Crush

This time, on her YouTube channel, Baek Ye-rin covered a song by Crush titled Sometimes, which was Crush’s debut song. Crush himself is a South Korean R&B and hip-hop singer. This song is really Ye-rin’s type, and you can feel it seconds after the song begins. As usual, Ye-rin’s angelic voice successfully made this song as the perfect girl version.

Champagne Supernova, by Oasis

Coming out of her comfort zone, this time Baek Ye-rin covered a song from a famous English rock band called Oasis. Although her voice is quite soft, it suits the rock covers so much, as it gives the song a whole different feel. Ye-rin performed this cover wearing an oversized black leather jacket to give a rock-star vibe. Many netizens agree that she really rocks this time!

Best Part, by Daniel Caesar

You must have heard the sweet song titled Best Part, by Daniel Caesar featuring HER. Can you imagine how Baek Ye-rin covered this song? It was eternally beautiful! This song really fits her voice, although there are some notes that are way too high for her usual voice, but it’s still nice to hear.

My Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne

Once again coming out from her comfort zone, Baek Ye-rin covered one more pop-rock song, titled My Happy Ending, by Avril Lavigne. In this performance, Ye-rin showed her ability to play guitar while singing. She also rocks in this performance, she fit into the original notes so well. This performance is too nice to be pass up!

Lay Me Down, by Sam Smith

Another ballad cover, Baek Ye-rin totally kills the cover of Lay Me Down by Sam Smith! In this performance, Baek Ye-rin shows her ability to hit the high notes well and her voice will make you drown in the melody.

Latest News About Baek Ye-rin

Baek Ye-rin Byeol Korea

Setting Her Instagram to Private After Being Badgered by Fans

Baek Ye-rin once uploaded her performance during a music festival in 2017, singing her unreleased track titled Square. After the video popped up, many of her fans demanded that she release the song officially, and may have made her feel uncomfortable. She started giving a lot of clarification on Instagram, saying that Square is the kind of song she didn’t want to release, she only wants to perform it live so the only time the song can be enjoyed is by the audiences of her live performances.

However, despite Ye-rin already posting that long clarification, there were still some fans that kept pressing her to release the song. This made Ye-rin write such a disappointed comment, “Even though I asked you all to stop asking me with such a long post, there are always those who cross the line so easily~”. Well, we should understand about someone’s preference and not pressing her that much, or she will lock her account forever and make the interaction limited.

That’s all about the best of the best songs and covers by Baek Ye-rin. Let’s support her to be recognized more, as her talent is a hidden gem that should be shining. Which one of her songs or covers do you like the most and why? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!