List of Top Songs by Soloist Baek Ye-rin That Make Your Days Brighter!


The Hidden Gem of JYP, Soloist Baek Ye-rin

Have you ever heard about the South Korean duo 15&? Baek Ye-rin and Park Ji-min debuted as 15& under JYP Entertainment on October 7, 2012, with their first single “I Dream” on SBS Inkigayo. Unfortunately, the duo suddenly had a four-year hiatus and was forced to disband due to Park Ji-min’s departure from JYP Entertainment.

Baek Ye-rin then continued her solo career under JYP, with some high quality music she released. Currently, Ye-rin has also covered some popular songs from South Korea or western countries and is singing it live. Her talent is too good to be passed up, and this time Byeol Korea will spill some of Ye-rin’s best songs and covers, so stay tuned!

Bye Bye My Blue

Bye Bye My Blue is Baek Ye-rin’s first digital single, which she released on June 16, 2016. This is the kind of song that you would hear when you’re in the bus, sitting besside the window and just enjoying the street view, or just leading you to a nice sleep. Baek Ye-rin’s voice is so clear and pure, like it might heal your soul, and it really suits the melody of the song so much.

The lyrics are about a girl who tries to forget her sweet memories with her lover. Although the boy is quite nice, she thinks she doesn’t belong to the boy, so she tries to forget and move on. The music video has been seen by 10M viewers on YouTube, and here you can watch the artsy, deep music video for Bye Bye My Blue :

Across The Universe

Across The Universe is Baek Ye-rin’s solo debut, as this song is the lead track of her first extended play, titled Frank. The album was released on November 30, 2015, with six tracks in it: Across The Universe, Blue, As I Am, Don’t Leave Me Alone, zZ, and That’s Why. The Across The Universe music video has been seen by 13M viewers, as people anticipated her solo debut that much. The MV simply showed Baek Ye-rin playing around her room waiting for the lover, and the melody is undoubtedly nice and chill.

Across The Universe’s lyrics were inspired by a movie titled The Martian, which about an astronaut who struggles to survive alone on Mars after being left behind and who is trying to come back to Earth. As it was inspired by the movie, the lyrics in the song were about a girl who miss the crush that much. It feels like they were in different universes, and the girl feels the loneliness as in The Martian movie.

Love You On Christmas

On Deceember 7, 2016, Baek Ye-rin released her second digital single for Christmas edition. In this song, Ye-rin’s soulful voice will fill your Christmas with warm feelings as we celebrate it with our families, friends, or partners.

Maybe It’s Not Our Fault

Currently, Baek Ye-rin has released her second extended play, titled Our Love Is Great, with the lead track Maybe It’s Not Our Fault and six other tracks on March 18, 2019. Ye-rin’s comeback song is really close to a Perfect All Kill, by dominating almost every chart, and reaching #1 on Music Bank. 

The song, itself, is a medium-tempo kind of song, as is typical with Baek Ye-rin’s songs. The lyrics are about a couple have been together for a long time and have started to lose the meaning of each other, and she doesn’t know when this happened. The girl thinks that it’s not their fault to be like that, then they should tighten their contact to keep them stable.


Suddenly was originally a song by Chang Pilsoon with the same title, and has been reproduced to become Ye-rin’s kind of song by Digging Club Seoul. Ye-rin’s beautiful voice really suits this citypop, jazzy, and retro song. The song was released on June 18, 2019, on YouTube.

The music video is about a boy who likes a waitress from a bar very much, but after she gave him her number he wasn’t brave enough to call the girl and just holds his feelings in.

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