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Compilation List of Top Dramas By Actress Goo Hye-sun That You Need to Know!

Goo Hye-sun Byeol Korea
Goo Hyesun

Learn More About Goo Hye-sun’s Top Dramas

Are you familiar with actress Goo Hye-sun? If you haven’t heard of her, Goo Hye-sun is a multi-talented actress as she is also a singer-songwriter, director, and artist. She first entered the entertainment industry after gaining popularity as an ulzzang, and became a trainee under SM Entertainment. Not long after, she switched to DSP Media and prepared for a debut as a member of a girl group before she moved again to YG Entertainment. After signing under YG Entertainment, she originally meant to debut in a girl group with 2NE1’s Park Bom and Sandara Park, but the CEO advised her to pursue acting rather than music.

After changing her path of career to acting, she started to gain attention from the public due to her appearance in a sitcom titled Nonstop 5. Since then, she has been gaining popularity from her acting in various dramas, until she reached the peak of it when she starred in a drama titled Boys Over Flower, which gained her pan-Asia popularity. Are you curious about the top dramas Goo Hye-sun has starred in until now? Today, Byeol Korea will provide you with the list of actress Goo Hye-sun’s top dramas. So, stay tuned!

Boys Over Flower

Goo Hyesun Boys Over Flower

Boys Over Flower is the drama that will immediately come up when you think of Goo Hye-sun, because this drama is the one that gained her pan-Asia popularity. The drama aired back in 2009 and is based on a Japanese shoujo manga with the same title. The drama tells a story about an average girl who gets tangled up in the life of an arrogant rich boy and his friends, which are known as the F4, the most popular and powerful group of boys at the prestigious Shinhwa High School.

In the drama, Goo Hye-sun acts as Geum Jan-di, the female leading role of the drama who comes from a family that runs a dry cleaning business and lives in a small house. After saving a boy who was bullied by F4 to the verge of suicide, she receives a swimming scholarship to attend Shinhwa High School. After entering the school, she immediately becomes disgusted by the obsession surrounding the F4 boys.

Goo Hyesun Boys Over Flower

Gu Jun-pyo, the male leading role of the drama, acted by Lee Min-ho, singles her out to bully the girl, but Geum Jan-di stands up to him which makes Gu Jun-pyo fall in love with her. However, Geum Jan-di falls in love with Yoon Ji-hu who fosters a one-sided love toward his childhood friend, Min Seo-hyun.

Besides Goo Hye-sun and Lee Min-ho, there are many famous actors and actresses also starring in this drama, such as Kim Hyun-joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon, Kim So-eun, and many more. The drama also produced many popular original soundtrack songs, such as “Paradise” by T-Max, “Stand By Me” by SHINee, etc.

What do you think about this drama? Do you want to watch Boys Before Flower?

Hearts of Nineteen

Goo Hyesun Hearts of Nineteen

Hearts of Nineteen is a KBS1 romantic comedy-drama that was aired from 2006 to early 2007. Through this drama, Goo Hye-sun started to gain her fame by acting as Yang Gook-hwa, a 19-year-old country girl who leaves Yanbian and travels to Seoul due to her marriage with Hong Son-goo, the third son of an average but respectable family. However, as soon as she arrives in Seoul, she finds out that her fiancé has just died in a car accident. Even though her fiancé has died, she decides to stay and create a new life in Korea instead of returning to Yanbian. While living in Korea, Son-goo’s family decides to take her in as a family member.

Goo Hyesun Hearts of Nineteen

The story of Hearts of Nineteen revolves around Yang Gook-hwa and Park Yoon-hoo, a former classmate of Hong Woo-kyung, the son of Soon-goo’s oldest brother Moon-goo. On their first meeting, Yang Gook-hwa and Park Yoon-ho start hating each other. However, when Yang Gook-hwa gets a job as Park Yoon-ho’s secretary, he gradually starts to fall in love with her because she is able to make him laugh and feel “alive.”

Besides Goo Hye-sun, there are also many amazing actors and actresses starring in this drama, such as Seo Ji-seok, Lee Min-woo, Lee Yoon-ji, and many others.

What do you think about this drama? Are you interested in watching it?

Strongest Chil Woo

Goo Hyesun Strongest Chil Woo

Strongest Chil Woo is a historical drama that aired on KBS2 back in 2008. This drama is the second historical drama in which Goo Hye-sun starred in after her appearance in The King and I.

The story of Strongest Chil Woo starts during the reign of King Injo, the 16th ruler of the Joseon Dynasty and revolves around Chil-woo, a character that is similar to a Zorro during the Joseon period. The conflict starts when the 15th ruler, King Gwanghaegun, was ousted of power by a political plot from the Western faction, which later results in putting Injo on the throne. The turmoil of the civil war was thereafter increased by the Manchu invasions in 1627 and 1636.

Goo Hyesun Strongest Chil Woo

There are two events which are the cornerstones of the series; the bloody extermination of the Muryundang that occurred during the year of the Snake, and the assassination of Crown Prince Sohyeon by his father in 1645.

In the drama, Goo Hye-sun acted as Yun So-yun, a government slave at Uigeumbu. In Strongest Chil Woo, she acted alongside many amazing actors and actresses such as Eric Moon of SHINHWA, Yoo Ah-in, and many others.

What do you think about Strongest Chil Woo?  Are you interested in watching a historical drama in which Goo Hye-sun starred in?

The Musical

Goo Hyesun The Musical

The Musical is a television series that aired on SBS in 2011. The series was pre-produced before airing, and one of the location shoots took place in New York City. The story of The Musical revolves around the lives of people in the world of musical theatre. It shows the passion and dreams among the producers, songwriters, as well as actors during a musical production.

Goo Hyesun The Musical

In this drama, Goo Hye-sun plays as Go Eun-bi, a medical student who loves musicals and dreams to become a professional musical theatre actress. Her co-star is Choi Daniel who plays as Hong Jae-yi, who was one of the best composers in Korea, but he quit musical theatre and left the country after he broke up with his girlfriend who married another man. At one time when he returns to Korea, he meets Go Eun-bi accidentally and decides to help her with her dream.

Besides Choi Daniel, Goo Hye-sun also plays alongside various actors and actresses such as Park Ki-woong, Ock Joo-hyun, Kim Eun-se, and many others. What do you think about this drama? Do you want to try and watch The Musical?

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