Compilation List of Top 10 Songs From Parc Jae-jung That You May Don’t Know!


4 Years

4 Years is a ballad song from Parc Jae-jung that describes his feelings for his first love for 4 years. Parc Jae-jung sing 4 years wholeheartedly as if telling a story from his own diary. During his live MV performance, he is accompanied by a solo pianist. On studio version, piano, contrabass and drum give the song a jazz atmosphere. 4 Years was released on September 6, 2018 as non-album singles.


If Only

If Only was released on July 1, 2019 as leading track for Parc Jae-jung’s second mini album “Noraemal”. If Only describes about a man who loves a woman very badly but he doesn’t have any courage to approach her. He only dreams and imagines the feeling of being the woman’s love.

Lemonade Love (feat NCT’s Mark)

Lemonade Love is part of a weekly album project by SM Station. Parc Jae-jung collaborated with Mark of NCT to produce a medium tempo R&B love songs. This single is the first collaboration between Parc Jae-jung’s label, Mystic Entertainment and Mark’s label, SM Entertainment. Parc Jae-sung supplies his warm and mellow voice while Mark supplies easy flowing rap. Lemonade Love was released during the heat of summer season on July 21, 2017. On a bright afternoon, Mark of NCT and Parc Jae-jung goes to the park after finishing the school. They met a beautiful girl that works on lemonade stand. Mark immediately have a crush on her and tries to approach her. At the end of the song, Mark is brokenhearted because the girl chooses another man. Henry of Super Junior and Yoon Jong-shin make a cameo appearance on Lemonade Love MV.

Two Men (feat Super Junior’s Kyu-hyun)

Two Men features two singers who has mellow voice, Parc Jae-jung and Super Junior member, Kyuhyun. This ballad track is a collaboration project between songwriter Yoon Jong-shin and composer Jo Gyu-chan. The result is a masterpiece ballad track that peaked at No 66 position on Gaon Music Chart. Two Man is one of Parc Jae-jung’s hit song. It was released as non-album single on May 19, 2016 and sold 59.916 copies in Korea. Two Men was based on orchestra strings and grand piano melodies. The combination of Parc Jae-jung and Kyuhyun ‘s voice produces an easy listening ballad song about sad break up. However, Kyuhyun’s fans must be disappointed because he doesn’t appear in the music video.

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