Compilation List of Top 10 Songs From Parc Jae-jung That You May Don’t Know!


Find Out More About Parc Jae-jung’s Easy Listening Ballad Songs

Korean music industry has a steady regeneration of Korean ballad singer. Parc Jae-jung is the next generation of ballad singer. Parc Jae-jung participated in talent search competition, Superstar K-5 in 2013. Due to his terrific vocal and friendly character, he won the competition and signed a contract with CJ E&M. He released pre-debut single titled “Stalker” on November 20, 2013.

Parc Jae-jung was born in Seoul, Korea but his family decided to move to Florida to earn money and make a better living. At a young age, he developed a keen interest in music. He was able to play violin, clarinet and percussion. Finally, he debuted on stage at Mnet Asian Music Award at Hongkong’s Asia World Expo Arena on November 20, 2013. He released his studio album, titled STEP 1 within a year after debut. He published only one studio album. Most of his songs are drama OST or song collaboration with other artists. In this article, Byeol Korea  will explain all about top 10 songs from Parc Jae Jung that you should listen. So stay tuned!


Focus was the first solo ballad song by Parc Jae-jung. It was released on June 29, 2017. This single failed to top any Korean music charts. Yoon Jong-shin wrote the lyrics while 015B’s Jeong Seok-won composed the music. Ted Jensen, music engineer who worked with artists like Norah Jones, Paul McCartney, played a huge role in mastering the song. In this song, Parc Jae-jung reduced the energy from his usual songs and decided to use clear and calm version of his voice. Focus tells about the sad reality after experiencing break up that took toll on eyesight. Upon hearing Parc Jae-jung’s voice and sad melodies, the listener can feel the aggravating pain of break up. The MV showed the sad love story between Parc Jae-jung and his lovers from getting to know each other, enjoying happy moments together until saying goodbye.


“Words” was released as non album singles on August 4, 2018. It failed to reach Korean music charts. Parc Jae-jung wrote the song by himself after 4 years of career in music industry. Words is a ballad song which is meant to be a present from Parc Jae-jung to a women he love. He wished for the woman to hear the song and knew his feeling for her. This track signified his progress as ballad singer. He developed from a ballad singer into a ballad song singer and writer. On a gloomy day, Parc Jae-jung sing this ballad being accompanied by a solo pianist. His sadness and regret were visible through the music video.


Stalker was the debut single from Parc Jae-jung that fans were waiting for. Stalker told his love story as a 19 years old teenager. He remembered perfectly the moment he confessed his feeling to a girl. Before moving to United States, he recalled falling in love to a girl and expressed his feeling while dating her in a coffee shop. Stalker was released on November 20, 2013 and it was a perfect fit to every person wanting to receive a warm love for upcoming Christmas season. It peaked at No 68 on Gaon Music Chart and was sold 29.772 copies. In the MV, he played a man at the peak of success that has everything except love. He was only able to watch the person he was in love with from a far.

Ice-Ice Baby

Ice-Ice Baby is Parc Jae-jung’s third single in album STEP 1. It was released on July 17, 2014 and proved to be his most popular single. Ice-ice Baby peaked at No 56 on Gaon Music Chart and sold 67.265 copies. In Ice-ice Baby, Parc Jae-jung collaborated with Rapper Beenzino. Ice-ice Baby is a love confession from the singer. In front of her crush, he freezed and became helpless. Even though she didn’t know his true feelings, he hoped someday she will become the most precious treasure. Ice-ice Baby is based on the 80’s synthesizer sound and has a retro pop feel. It allows the listener to dance with the rhythm. In the MV, Parc Jae-sung looked stylish and cool as musical stage singer. Ice-ice Baby was released on summer 2014 and a perfect song to listen while enjoying the hot summer.

Bad Dream

Bad Dream was released on June 10, 2018 in Album LISTEN 026. The single reveals a promise to treat lover well after having a bad dream of watching the loved one’s passing. He realizes her preciousness of his lovers and will do his best for her from now on. The lyrics for Bad Dream were written by singer Yoon Jong-shin while the music was composed by Yoon Jong-shin and Kang Hwaseong. Parc Jae-jung’s calming and soothing voice is very compatible with this sentimental song. Listener could feel his emotion and feelings throughout the song.

The Villain

The villain is last part of three heartbreak ballad song series by Parc Jae-jung. Just like it the previous singles, Two Man and Focus, The Villain is written by Yoon Jong-shin and composed by Jeong Seok-won. The Villain is an upgrade from previous ballad series in musical and lyrical part. The Villain was released on October 13, 2017. It describes the story about a couple that desperately wants to break up but each hide their true feeling and kept it inside. It will take “A Villain” to say the break up word and end the worsen relationship. The Villain MV shows a fight between two lovers who hide their own emotion and desperately wanting for break up but couldn’t say the word.

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