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Let’s Find Out More about The Most Exceptional and Talented Rappers from South Korea

Hip-hop has recently become a hot trend in South Korea. How come? Well, there have been many popular survival show programs that have the theme of hip-hop, allowing us to learn that hip-hop musicians in South Korea also have a lot of songs and they have great songs at that.

As a country filled with so many talents and potentials in the arts and entertainment, South Korea has a myriad of cool rappers. By definition, rap is a singing technique where someone sings verses in a very fast tempo. Not only in hip-hop music, but this rap technique can also be applied in any genre and type of music.

In South Korea, rap is also often used in some parts of K-Pop songs. However, its use is not too often. Outside of K-Pop music, it turns out that there are also a number of South Korean rappers who have the ability to rap that is no less good than the one American rappers have. Not only from the style-style that is on point, but also the songs that are often really “hypnotizing” people in other countries to come to hear, even though sometimes they don’t understand the lyrics, it doesn’t matter!

In this article, Byeol Korea will introduce you with several South Korean rappers who have outstanding talent when it comes to rapping. So, let’s go to the article!

Kang Gary


Kang Hee-gun was born on February 24th, 1978. He is better known by his stage name Kang Gary. He is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, record producer, dancer, entertainer, promoter, television celebrity, restaurant owner, and founder of the Leessang Company. He is a member of the hip-hop duo, Leessang. He is also currently a member of one of the most successful variety shows in Asia, which is the South Korean television series, Running Man.

His nickname during High School was “Gae” (which means “dog” in Korean), which was adapted to be a stage name, after deciding between “Gaemi” (ant) and “Gary.” In his youth, he was more interested in dance than rap. Gary went to Yong In University and trained as a bodyguard. He is a former amateur boxer for almost 10 years and holds qualifications in various martial arts up to 8th “Dan.”

Kang Gary’s Music Videos

Kang Gary’s Latest News

Leessang’s Gary is returning as a solo artist for the first time in approximately a year, with a summer digital single titled “Purple Bikini.”

This single is a chill summer hip-hop genre, just like the laid-back mood of Gary’s latest MV which still cuts above and below. Contrary to last year, when Gary showcased a moody, emotional side to his music with his single “Sun” feat. Chancellor, the rapper plans on returning with a lighter side.

Let’s check out the MV here!


Kpop Profiles

Born Lee Joon-Kyung and known to his fans as Dok2, this South Korean hip-hop artist formed the Illionaire Records label (along with fellow musician The Quiett) and recorded such popular albums as Flow 2 Flow, Hustle Real Hard, and Love & Life, The Album. Dok2 was born on March 28th, 1990. But this figure who has Spanish blood has had a career in the hip-hop genre since he was 12 years old. At the age of 13, he joined the Cho PD label, Future Flow Entertainment. Since then, Dok 2 has composed songs for many other famous hip-hop artists such as Drunken Tiger, Dynamic Duo, and Epik High.

He recorded his first demo tape when he was just twelve and subsequently wrote and produced music for established hip-hop artists. At the age of sixteen, he and another young rapper, Microdot, released a collaborative single titled “Chapter 1/MUSIC, 2006.” He became a member of a hip-hop group called The Movement Crew. He is of Spanish, Filipino, and South Korean descent. He is a contemporary of fellow South Korean rapper Min Yoon-gi.

Dok2’s Music Videos

Dok2’s Latest News

In September 2019, South Korea’s top rapper and producer, Dok2, will be kicking off his world tour in Canada and Europe! He will be making three stops in Canada: Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto before heading to Europe to perform in seven cities: London, Madrid, Paris, Milan, Berlin, Warsaw, and Amsterdam.

Titled as THUNDERGROUND, the tour is set to prove as an unforgettable experience that allows audiences to witness some of K-Hip-hop’s best tracks live.

Beginning his career in 2005, Dok2 has gained worldwide success not only through his music, releasing six studio albums and five mixtapes, but also through his work in the industry as a record producer.

Promoted and produced by Stage Session, Dok2 will be making three stops in Canada and seven stops in Europe for DOK2GONZO WORLD TOUR 2019 THUNDERGROUND.

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