All You Need to Know About List of TEEN TOP’s Songs That You Should Listen!


Get Emotional with the Collection Songs of TEEN TOP!

TEEN TOP is a boy group under ‘TOP Media’ who debuted in 2010 with a music video and song titled Clap. The group name stands for ‘(T)eenager (E)moboy (E)motion (N)ext (G)eneration (T)alent (O)bject (P)raise’, and originally consisted of 6 members. But one of the member left in 2017 due to his controversy regarding solo activities.

TEEN TOP has released albums both in South Korea and Japan since July 2010, and the boys hit their peak in popularity after releasing Going Crazy in early 2013, even signed with ‘Universal D’ for their Japan activities. TEEN TOP also won some trophies since then on several music show programs. Let’s check out all of the great songs & albums they had released chronologically since their debut days!

1) TEEN TOP’s 1st Single Album – Come Into The World


Release Date : July 9, 2010
Genre : Dance Pop
Language : Korean
Format : CD, digital download
Peak Chart Positions : (KOR) 16
Sales : (KOR) 10,979

TEEN TOP made their debut with track Clap as their promotional song, and officially debuted on stage in Music Core on July 10, 2010. The group presents a minimalist, bare-skinned concept for the album cover to convey the image of newness and coming into the world. All of their songs written by ‘Super Changddai’.

No. Title Length
1. “Come Into the World” (intro) 1:06
2. “Clap” (박수; Baksu) 3:10
3. “Let’s Dance!” (춤춰!; Chumchwo!) 3:31
4. “Clap” (instrumental) 3:10
5. “Let’s Dance!” (instrumental) 3:31
Total length: 14:28

Their title song Clap is a powerful dance song with expressive lyrics about loss and longing, with their music video features After School’s Lizzy as the girl heroine. They also received many positive reviews for their stage with its addictive melody and brilliant performance, therefore they earned nicknames such as “Knife Choreography” and “CD Live” from netizens.

But on the other hand, unlike the title which means to celebrate the joy, some netizens found the song title and the lyrics do not match. In the music video, the boys were expressing the complicated feelings of memory and sadness with sad lyrics yet they were also dancing excitingly as if celebrating something, that’s why viewers found it ironic and somewhat ridiculous.

Later on, the producer who wrote the song made a comment on the controversy, he said, “The motif of the ‘clap’ is based on the actual events that happened a few years ago. It is not the clap about joy, but this song is the result of an accident. It is a heartbreaking story of a man who is thinking about his lover who is in love with another man. I think that this song is crazy because the heroine wondered in the memories of terrible shock and recalled beautiful love.

2) TEEN TOP’s 2nd Single Album – Transform


Release Date : January 12, 2011
Genre : Dance Pop
Language : Korean
Format : CD, digital download
Peak Chart Positions : (KOR) 6
Sales : (KOR) 24,910

The second single album shows the group’s upgrading and transformation, featuring stylish and trendy music through a restrained and luxurious image.The group presented new futuristic looks including their eye-catching and silver-haired cyborg as the concept. This time their album photography is done by renowned photographer Hong Jang Hyun, who previously worked with Big Bang, 2NE1, and Lee Hyo Ri.

No. Title Lyrics By Length
1. “Transform” Wheesung 0:57
2. “Supa Luv” Wheesung 3:22
3. “Angel” Chris Lee 3:49
4. “Supa Luv” (Instrumental) 3:23
5. “Angel” (Instrumental) 3:47
Total length: 15:15

The title track Supa Luv was produced by Shin Hyuk (the producer of Justin Bieber’s One Less Lonely Girl), originally written and performed by Redd Stylez, and was re-written and translated into Korean by Wheesung. According to TOP Media, Shin Hyuk spent a total of 10 months on the track before the group had even debuted, as Supa Luv is his first track as a producer.

Eric of Shinhwa, the same group member of Andy, revealing his close friendship by starred in the music video. With fast beats and sophisticated sound, the choreography has unique characteristics that resemble scenes from Hollywood movies, such as the ‘Superman dance’ where one jumps into the air with hands up high and the ‘matrix dance’ in which Ricky bends backward 180 degrees.

Remix Version of Supa Luv

Release Date : February 18, 2011
Genre : Dance Pop
Language : Korean
Note : Used for ‘Beastly’ movie promotion in Asia
Peak Chart Positions : (KOR Gaon) 78
Album : Non-album release

No. Title
1. “Supa Luv A – Rex Remix”
2. “Supa Luv A – Rex Remix (Inst.)”

With the success of Supa Luv as the title track, the remix version was made and became a promotional vehicle for the American film titled Beastly throughout Asia. The group also made an appearance on the French news program ‘Le Grand Journal’, for which they received overwhelming critical acclaim by comparison to other acts that had appeared on the show.

Their performance of Supa Luv was highly praised, with hosts commenting on the synchronized dancing and the pastel colored hair sported by each member. Notable acts that had made it onto the talk show as well include Eminem, Usher, Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas and Rihanna.

3) TEEN TOP’s 1st Mini Album – Roman


Release Date : July 26, 2011
Genre : Dance
Language : Korean
Format : CD, digital download
Peak Chart Positions : (KOR) 2
Sales : (KOR) 27,430

On July 11, after celebrating its first anniversary, TOP Media announced on the group’s official website that a new mini album would go on sale on July 26. The boys finally released their very first mini album contains five brand new tracks along with a bonus instrumental version of the title track No More Perfume On You. The song has R&B style and stylish dance with its sophisticated melody and harmonization. This time TEEN TOP worked with producer Bang Si Hyuk and composer Park Chang Hyeon.

No. Title Length
1. “향수뿌리 지마” (No More Perfume On You; Hyangsu Ppurijima) 3:31
2. “Beautiful Girl” 3:52
3. “First Kiss” 3:37
4. “손등이 스친다” (The Back of My Hand Brushes Against; Sondeungi Seuchinda) 4:11
5. “Tell Me Why” 3:24
6. “향수뿌리 지마” (No More Perfume On You; Hyangsu Ppurijima (Instrumental)) 3:31
Total length: 22:01

Before the release of the album, their photo teaser wearing short hot pants and high heels became a hot topic. They took a shy pose without wearing pants, raising curiosity about the new song concept. The agency released the first teaser for the return of TEEN TOP with No More Perfume On You, which appeared in several video portals such as Youtube and Daum, the next day a second teaser was uploaded exclusively to YouTube.

The song was loved as a song to stimulate emotions and tells us about the struggles to grow up toward adolescence. Actress Park Si Yeon was featured in the music video. In order to convey the message of the song, they chose to put direct action (dance) on direct lyrics.

4) TEEN TOP’s 2nd Mini Album – It’s


Release Date : January 9, 2012
Genre : Pop, Dance
Language : Korean
Format : CD, digital download
Peak Chart Positions : (KOR) 3
Sales : (KOR) 67,299

The mini album contains six tracks with Going Crazy as the promotional track. The album was produced by Brave Brothers Kang Dong Chul, who took on not only the production, but writing, composition, and mixing processes as well to ensure its high quality.

No. Title Length
1. “Teen Top” (Intro) 1:24
2. “미치겠어” (Going Crazy; Michigesseo) 3:08
3. “Where’s Ma Girl” 3:03
4. “Girl Friend” 3:02
5. “미치겠어” (R&B Slow Mix) 3:07
6. “미치겠어” (Instrumental) 3:08
Total length: 16:52

The album would hit the market just at 0:00 on January 5, but by 20:00 on January 4 it was on several download sites, generating more than a thousand downloads in just ten minutes. On January 20, the weekly mobile ringtone chart on major Korean portal site revealed that their song triumphed T-ARA’s Lovey Dovey to secure the #1 spot.  On the other hand, the music video features SoHyun (former 4minute) with L.Joe (former TEEN TOP) as the heroine.

The song appeared in the ‘Dynamic Leitura’ program, from the Brazilian RedeTV channel! on January 10, which helped TEEN TOP become more internationally known. They got a big jump in popularity with their title track Going Crazy. The song was the #1 most downloaded ringtone in Korea early January 2012 which brought them took first place in several music programs. With an average age of 17, the group became the youngest idol group that has won awards in these programs.

5) TEEN TOP’s 1st Compilation Album – Japanese First Edition


Release Date : May 23, 2012
Label : Universal D
Language : Japanese
Format : CD, digital download, DVD

After gaining immense popularity in South Korea, TEEN TOP hinting on advancement in Japan early 2011. The agency made their move targeting Japanese market as the boys signed their contract with ‘Universal D’ for their Japan activities.

Track Listing

(CD Ver.)

  1. Transform
  2. Supa Luv
  3. Angel
  4. 香水をつけないで (No More Perfume on You)
  5. Beautiful Girl
  6. First Kiss
  7. 手の甲がかすめる (The Back of my Hand brushes against)
  8. Tell me why
  9. Supa Luv [Inst.]
  10. 香水をつけないで (No More Perfume on You) [Inst.]
Track Listing

(DVD Ver.)

  1. Supa Luv MV [Original & Dance Ver.]
  2. Angel MV [Sketch Ver.]
  3. 香水をつけないで (No More Perfume on You) MV [Original & Dance Ver.]
  4. 手の甲がかすめる (The Back of my Hand brushes against) [Sketch Ver.]
  5. Transform Jacket Making Film
  6. Roman MV Making Story
  7. 2012 Teen Top Calendar
The album is a compilation formed with two Korean releases of the group, Transform and Roman. For this release, all songs with Korean titles had been translated into Japanese. The album peaked #19 in Oricon charts and charted for 2 weeks. However, TEEN TOP didn’t have an official debut in Japan.

6) TEEN TOP’s 3rd Mini Album – aRtisT


Release Date : May 30, 2012
Genre : Dance
Language : Korean
Format : CD, digital download
Peak Chart Positions : (KOR) 2
Sales : (KOR) 49,568

Their 3rd mini album was released digitally on May 30, 2012 and physically on June 4, 2012. With title track To You, the song was once again produced by Brave Brothers.

No. Title Length
1. “Artist” (Intro) 0:55
2. “To You” 3:06
3. “Baby U” 3:28
4. “흔들어놔!” (Shake It!) 3:15
5. “To You” (Slow B. version [Remix]) 3:08
6. “To You” (Instrumental) 3:06

Their teaser photos were amplifying the curiosity and expectation of viewers as they became a hot topic with the colorful ‘traffic light’ hair color at the time of comeback. This time, their music video features ‘Korea’s Next Top Model : Cycle 2’ finalist named Song Hae Na.

During this era, TEEN TOP just celebrated the Inauguration of its official fanclub, which is called ‘Angel’.  Also TEEN TOP became the first boy group to hold a solo concert in Japan for the first time, becoming the next generation of Japanese pop music enthusiast. It was reported TEEN TOP has been chosen as one of the most anticipated groups to make their Japanese debut and big music companies have been calling them, including Universal, Sony, Victor, among others.

7) TEEN TOP’s 3rd Single Album – Be Ma Girl Summer Special


Release Date : August 3, 2012
Genre : Pop
Language : Korean
Format : CD, digital download
Peak Chart Positions : (KOR) 2
Sales : (KOR) 46,719

The album was released both digitally and physically on August 3, 2012. It is also the third music project with the South Korean music producer, Brave Brothers.

No. Title Length
1. “반해” (Literal Translation: Fall in love) 1:26
2. “나랑 사귈래?” (Literal Translation: Will you go out with me?) 3:19
3. “Party Tonight” 3:01
4. “나랑 사귈래? (Inst.)” (Instrumental) 3:19
Total length: 11:02

Among other songs which themed summer specials, their title track Will You Go Out With Me? hit the best record in various music charts such as Melon, Mnet, as well as real time charts such as Bugs and Soribada.

Their hoobaes, 100% starred in the music video. The choreography of the title track was already more energized, but the boys still seemed more interested in showcasing a cool, carefree image rather than hitting all every dance move.

8) TEEN TOP’s 1st Special DVD – aRtisT


Release Date : December 12, 2012
Genre : Pop
Language : Korean
Format : 2 DVD
Running Time : 180 min

Attracting more and more supporting with every release, the boys released their first special DVD with the collections of the album making, promotion and music video footage for fans to enjoy. There are also bonus clips like never-before-seen self camera missions!

Track Listing

(Disc 1)

  1. “To You” Main Teaser
  2. “To You” MV Full Version
  3. “To You” (Love is Pain)
  4. “To You” (Love is Pure)
  5. “To You” (Love is Fight)
  6. “To You” MV Performance Version
  7. “To You” MV Making Film
Track Listing

(Disc 2)

  1. Self Camera Mission
  2. “To You” Dance Rehearsal
  3. Golden Bell
  4. “To You” Comeback Making
  5. On Air: 10 Special Clips

The package contains 2 disc, photobook, sticker and a free gift. This new special release will help bring out the full charms of the song as well as the boys with the inclusion of ‘On Air’ special clips.

9) TEEN TOP’s 1st Studio Full Album – No.1


Release Date : February 25, 2013
Re-released : April 25, 2013 (Special Edition)
Genre : Dance
Language : Korean
Format : CD, digital download
Peak Chart Positions : (KOR) 2
Sales : (KOR) 96,131 & (JPN) 8,341

After succeed with their Europe Tour in early 2013, TOP Media announced that TEEN TOP would release its first studio album, not a mere mini album, which had several versions in the future to thank the fans the support : A normal & A repack or a limited edition.

Normal Edition No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “No. 1” (intro) Brave Brothers 1:04
2. “긴 생머리 그녀 (Miss Right)” (Literal Translation: Girl with long straight hair) Brave Brothers 3:18
3. “니가 아니라서 (Missing You)”  N/A 3:51
4. “사랑하고 싶어 (I Wanna Love)”  N/A 3:13
5. “Stop Girl” N/A 3:06
6. “왜 (Why)” N/A 3:15
7. “Hello” N/A 3:25
8. “Never Go Back” N/A 3:24
9. “너 땜에 못살아 (Mad at U)” (Literal Translation: I can’t live because of you) N/A 3:42
10. “달콤해 (So Sweet)” N/A 3:07
11. “Get Crazy” N/A 3:30
12. “Mr. Bang (feat. Maboos, 차쿤)” N/A 3:04
Total length: 37:50


Repackage Special Edition No. Title Length
1. “길을 걷다가… (Walk By…)” 3:07
2. “배아파 (Jealousy)” 3:05
3. “긴 생머리 그녀 (Miss Right)” (Literal Translation: Girl with long straight hair) 3:18
4. “니가 아니라서 (Missing You)” (Literal Translation: Because it’s not you) 3:51
5. “사랑하고 싶어 (I Wanna Love)” 3:13
6. “Stop Girl” 3:06
7. “왜 (Why)” 3:15
8. “Hello” 3:25
9. “Never Go Back” 3:24
10. “너 땜에 못살아 (Mad at U)” (Literal Translation: I can’t live because of you) 3:42
11. “달콤해 (So Sweet)” 3:07
12. “Get Crazy” 3:30
13. “Mr. Bang (feat. Maboos, 차쿤)” 3:04
14. “No. 1” 1:03
Total length: 43:62

One of the title track I Wanna Love, topped real-time music charts and search rankings with its release, raising anticipation for the music video revealed later on. The boys then went on to release the video, which showed a matured TEEN TOP at Hong Kong, where it was filmed. The group changed things up for the music video, opting to film outdoors with no choreography rather than their usual set designs with intense choreography.

The group released their first complete physical and digital studio album on February 25, along with the music video of the main theme of the album Miss Right as the main single. On the music video of Miss Right, TEEN TOP plays things safer while still showing evolution. On yet another Brave Brothers production, the song is a high-energy dance track but incorporates funky disco elements, a walking piano line and a fun earworm of a hook.  The promotion of the album was short yet they gained more of international popularity.

10) TEEN TOP’s 4th Mini Album – TEEN TOP Class


Release Date : August 26, 2013
Re-released : October 23, 2013 (Special Edition)
Genre : Dance, Pop
Language : Korean
Format : CD, digital download
Peak Chart Positions : (KOR) 1
Sales : (KOR) 101,156 & (JPN) 3,411

After the promotions of their first full album, they released another mini album titled TEEN TOP Class. The album was released in two versions with 장난아냐 (Rocking/No Joke) as their promotional track. The promotion cycle lasted shorter than usual, which led them to release another with Lovefool as the lead track later on.

02. 장난아냐 (Rocking)
03. Don`t I
04. Oh! Good
05. Date
06. Rock Star (Feat. Maboos)

In this new song, TEEN TOP attracts attention with its members singing moves and dancing. Even in all music broadcasts, TEEN TOP’s Rocking comeback stage was full of camera work capabilities, from stage background to lighting and screen effects. There were traces all over the place trying to give a better effect even in the same full shot.

In this music video, you can see the wonderful scenes of ‘free step’. There are also various point choreography such as Ogolong dance, DJing dancing dance, snake formation, and Ralala dance.

11) TEEN TOP’s 5th Mini Album – ÉXITO


Release Date : September 15, 2014
Re-released : November 10, 2014 (TEEN TOP 20’s Love Two ÉXITO)
Genre : Dance
Language : Korean
Format : CD, digital download
Peak Chart Positions : (KOR) 2
Sales : (KOR) 91,947

They first performed Missing, their title track, live at M Countdown on the 11th of September, prior to the album’s release. After short period of promotion, they released repackaged version of the album in the same year on November 10, 20’s LOVE TWO ÉXITO, with the title track I’m Sorry. The mini album sold 46,575 copies in just 5 days. The boys also said that they arrived at age 20, so they decided to change their style to something more mature.

Normal Version No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. “Missing” (쉽지않아) Black Eyed Pilseung
The Platonix
Black Eyed Pilseung
The Platonix
2. “Alone?” (혼자 사니?) Black Eyed Pilseung
The Platonix
Black Eyed Pilseung 3:29
3. “Cry” (울어) The Platonix
Black Eyed Pilseung 3:26
4. “Love Is…” (지독하다) The Platonix The Platonix 3:38
5. “Remote Control” (리모콘) Entire army Entire army(전군
6. “Love U” L.Joe L.Joe 3:27
Total length: 21:26


TEEN TOP proved its growth by demonstrating their ability to sharpen through the world tour through Missing, which is an emotional dance song with a groovy R&B rhythm that highlights the soulful vocals of TEEN TOP and features model Lee Ho Jung in their music video. The song, written in the background of a beautiful night view of Hungarian Budapest, which is making the emotional atmosphere of ‘longing’. In addition, the lyrics are written by the members of TEEN TOP in their own handwriting.

Meanwhile I’m Sorry expressing mature emotions with the members appeared in black suits and showed a patented knife performance. The song has the rhythmical ballad filled with the feeling of autumn, shows the sweet voice of the vocal line and rap line.

12) TEEN TOP’s 4th Single Album – Snow Kiss


Release Date : December 10, 2014
Genre : Dance Pop
Language : Korean
Format : CD, digital download
Peak Chart Positions : (KOR) 4
Sales : (KOR) 7,492

This is the fourth single album with Snow Kiss was used as the lead single. Snow Kiss is a love song which portrays couples in love as a sweet snow candy. Merry Christmas written by Changjo, and as well as C.A.P’s new song Winter Song.

No. Title Length
1. “눈사탕” (Literal Translation: Snow Kiss) 3:08
2. “메리 크리스마스” (Literal Translation: Merry Christmas) 3:20
3. “겨울노래” (Literal Translation: Winter Song) 3:39
Total length: 10:06

The single album package also matches the characteristic of the Christmas season album. The Christmas card designed by the members of TEEN TOP with the handwritten message to the fans.

To put it clearly, Snow Candy is a song that expresses the heart of a man who confesses his love and compares the love to snow candy by adding the sweet beat and exciting swing rhythm. Even though they had no promotion for the song, the single album was intended as a surprise gift for the fans who have supported the group so loyally throughout 2014.

13) TEEN TOP’s 6th Mini Album – Natural Born TEEN TOP


Release Date : June 22, 2015
Genre : Dance
Language : Korean
Format : CD, digital download
Peak Chart Positions : (KOR) 1
Sales : (KOR) 58,424 & (JPN) 21,504

In the month of February 2015, several media outlets reported that member Niel would debut as a soloist. After his success on solo debut, TEEN TOP returned on June 22, with their new album Natural Born, which in the first week of its release, managed to head the local music charts of the week. The title song Ah-Ah is a song written and produced by Black Eyed Pilseung and Sam Lewis.

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. “Hot Like Fire” Black Eyed Pilseung Black Eyed Pilseung, Sam Lewis, L.Joe 2:54
2. “아침부터 아침까지 (Ah-Ah)” Black Eyed Pilseung Black Eyed Pilseung, Sam Lewis 3:20
3. “5계절 (5 Seasons)” Heo Seong Jin Changjo, Heo Seong Jin 3:37
4. “그 전화 받지 마 (Please)” Niel, Shin Seung Ik, Danis Seo Niel, Danis Seo, Shin Seung Ik, CAP, L.Joe 3:21
5. “I Love It” Sam Lewis Sam Lewis 3:12
6. “헷갈려 (Confusing)” Black Eyed Pilseung Black Eyed Pilseung, Sam Lewis 3:17
Total length: 19:41

They released two versions for the album, Passion and Dream : having different covers, physical disc designs and photo books. won three music show trophies. In Korea, the mini album topped many local charts like Hanteo and Synnara Records, even topped Gaon’s Weekly Album Sales Chart in its first week. It also debuted at #13 on Billboard’s World Albums Chart and Ah-Ah peaked at #20 on Billboard’s World Digital Songs Chart.

TEEN TOP was getting hot response from fans by releasing the music video along with the release of the music Ah-Ah through various online music source sites. The song is about someone who wants to be alone with his beloved from morning till morning in the lyrics. It contains a direct and honest confession of a man.

14) TEEN TOP’s 7th Mini Album – Red Point


Release Date : January 18, 2016
Genre : Dance
Language : Korean
Format : CD, digital download
Peak Chart Positions : (KOR) 1
Sales : (KOR) 81,101 & (JPN) 26,853

The group’s comeback was announced on January 18, 2016 with the main song Warning Sign. The title track was composed by someone who produced Justin Bieber’s One Less Lonely Girl and EXO’s Growl, Shinhyeok’s. This is an impressive piece of lyrics that unfolds a sensual yet stylish double feel.

01. 사각지대 (Warning Sign) *Title
02. 가지마 (Please, don`t go)
03. Day
04. Liar
05. 기다리죠 (Day after Day)
06. 술마시지마 (Don`t drink)

The album came in two versions : Chic version and Urban version. In the music video, the female protagonist and the TEEN TOP members are actively performing with their fatal eyes lovingly looking at the woman.

They create a breathtaking atmosphere full of tension, and the reaction from netizens was hot. The video boasts a sophisticated suit pit in black and burgundy on a set with a magnificent antique set or strong red lights.

15) TEEN TOP’s 2nd Studio Full Album – High Five


Release Date : April 10, 2017
Genre : Ballad, Dance, R&B / Soul
Language : Korean
Format : CD, digital download
Peak Chart Positions : (KOR) 1 & (JPN) 17
Sales : (KOR) 57,409+ & (JPN) 11,806+

In early 2017, L.Joe departed from the group, meanwhile the other five members already renewed their contracts on previous year in December. Even though they supposed to return in March with six members, it seemed L.Joe had a change of heart, which led TEEN TOP returned to the music industry on April as a five-member group.

No. Title
1. “Origin” (intro)

Brave Brothers, Chakun, Two Champ

2. “재밌어? Love Is” (promotional single)

Brave Brothers, Chakun, Two Champ

3. “손만 잡고 잘게 Because I Care”

Two Champ, Maboos

4. “Call Me”

Brave Brothers, Chakun, Two Champ

5. “I Love Girl”

Brave Brothers, Two Champ, JS

6. “화나게 해 Make Me Sick”

JS, Maboos

7. “7월의 만남 July”

Changjo, 권박사

8. “안녕?! High Five”

Denis Seo, Niel, 신승의

9. “뭐가 문제야 What’s Problem”

Changjo, 권박사

10. “You & I” OllePolle 3:18
11. “Mirror”

Denis Seo, Niel, 신승의

Total length: 35:37

This is TEEN TOP’s second full studio album titled High Five with Love Is as the title track. The title track Love Is is an intense style pop dance song with an emotional piano playing and a powerful drum beat. The music video boasted a sensual visual beauty reminiscent of fashion films.

The song Love Is uses the emotions within the vocals to keep mournful sound while still keeping a more upbeat tempo. The instrumental seems pretty standard, with no flashy moments. This album had a pretty cohesive feeling as most of the songs were on the more relaxed and chill side of things. Again, the brave brothers produced this album.