All About Compilation List of Seo In-guk’s Top Dramas That You Need to Watch!


Seo In-guk’s Latest News

After watching all the dramas of Seo In-guk, you must be wanting to watch more drama that has him as the main character, and wondering what is the latest drama that he’s going to act later in the future. Well, don’t worry too much, Seo In-guk is coming back with a new project in 2020!

seo in guk

Seo In-guk is working on a new crime film called “Pipeline” that will be aired in 2020. Seo In-guk played as the main character along with Korean model and actor, Lee Soo-hyuk, who has worked with him on the previous drama in 2014 called “High School King of Savy”. This story tells you about a wealthy man who sets up on a plan to steal oil in an underground of Korea. In order to do that, he needs to teamed up with a drilling technician that portrayed by Seo In-guk.

Will they be succeed to accomplish the mission? Well, just wait and see when the movie is airing soon!

What do you think about our recommendations of Seo In-guk’s drama lists? Have you watched some or all of the dramas? Do you also think that Seo In-guk is so charismatic in his own way? Indeed, he is such a great actor. And again, please just continue to support Seo In-guk as an actor! Cheers!