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Seo In-guk in Squad 38

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Squad 38 is a drama that tells you about a task force team who worked so hard to collect all the taxes from wealthy business men who refused to pay their taxes. In order to do that, they teamed up with a con-man to “force” all the wealthy people who doesn’t want to pay their taxes. Seo In-guk played as Yang Jung-do, the con-man that came up with the con ideas.

seo in guk

Along with Baek Sung-il the team leader who is portrayed by Ma Dong-seok and Chun Sung-hee the team member who is portrayed by Choi Soo-young who is a former member of SNSD, they both teamed up to collect the taxes by performing scams.

If you get interested by the idea, you might as well get interested by Yang Jung-do character here. He is the genius guy who came up with a lot of scams ideas that successfully tricked all who avoid the taxes. Before he joined the team, he scams the team leader Baek Sung-il and got people wondered whether he is a good guy or not. Should we trust him, or Yang Jung-do is just trying to get something secretly?

seo in guk

Then again, Seo In-guk did awesome job as Yang Jung-do, he showed us his brilliant acting skills by playing the swindler character. He also has a really good chemistry with Ma Dong-seok who played as the team leader Baek Sung-il.

Let’s take a look at the footage of Seo In-guk as the con master, Yang Jung-do!

What do you think about it? Are you curious and want to watch the whole drama? Then just do it because “38 Squad” literally will give you a goosebumps in every episode!

Seo In-guk in Hello Monster

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On this drama, Seo In-guk once again played as the main lead. The drama that was aired in 2015 on KBS2 has Seo In-guk and Jang Na-ra as the main characters. Although the main genre of this drama is not romance, but Seo In-guk and Jang Na-ra’s character developed feeling for each other while the story line’s going. Seo In-guk’s character named Lee Hyun is a profiler, while Jang Na-ra’s character named Cha Ji-an is a detective where both of them worked together as a team to solved some cases.

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As a profiler, Lee Hyun is a genius and has been living in overseas and he grown up there. Lee Hyun then came back to Korea due to a mysterious email that he received. He wants to solve the mystery, as well as other cases that involved psychopaths. When Lee Hyun was a kid, he has met a psychopath that was being interrogated by his late psychologist father. His father once afraid that Lee Hyun might have grown up as a psychopath since Lee Hyun as a kid has shown some signs of him being a psychopath. It affect Lee Hyun until he grows older. However, the mystery will be solved at the end of this drama; who the real psychopath is?

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Seo In-guk once again did an amazing job by showing us his “cold” side as he portrayed Lee Hyun. He gave us the vibe of Sherlock Holmes when he’s solving the cases along with the “John Watson” that quite similar with Jang Na-ra’s character. Even after they both fall in love with each other, Lee Hyun still showed us the “cold” side that already became his charm.

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Let’s take a look at some short clips of Seo In-guk when he played as Lee Hyun!

Not only that Seo In-guk has a good chemistry with Jang Na-ra, but he also has a good chemistry with Park Bo-gum who portrayed the younger brother of Lee Hyun, Lee Min. They both looks so cute together, just like a real brother.

seo in guk

What a cute bromance!

If you’re curious about the drama, story line and even the acting skills, you might as well watch the drama, “Hello Monster” that will not disappointed you for sure!

Seo In-guk in Reply 1997

reply 1997

This is the first time of Seo In-guk making an appearance in a drama as the male lead. On this drama, Seo In-guk paired up with Jung Eun-ji who was also having the first time of being a female lead. Both Seo In-guk and Jung Eun-ji characters have known each other since the year 1997. And most of the story will take time in the nostalgic era of 1997.

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Seo In-guk plays as Yoon Yoon-jae, the cool high schooler who lived with only his brother since their parents has passed away. Yoon Yoon-jae is one of the high school group mates that consists of Sung Shi-won, Moo Yoo-jung, Kang Joon-hee, Do Hak-chan, Bang Sung-jae, and Yoon Yoon-jae himself. Yoo Yoon-jae was friends with Sung Shi-won who was portrayed by Eun-ji from the Korean girl group APINK.

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Both Yoon-jae and Shi-won has been friends since their childhood, but suddenly Yoon-jae started to develop feelings for Shi-won. Yoon-jae even dared to kiss her all of a sudden, and ended up getting hit by Shi-won.

seo in guk

Even so, Yoon Yoon-jae didn’t dare to confessed his true feeling to Sung Shi-won. On this drama, you will see a lot of time when Yoon Yoon-jae just kept his feeling to himself while watching Sung Shi-won with someone else, or when she was enjoying her fangirling time.

seo in guk

Although this was the first time for both Seo In-guk and Eun-ji to play as a main lead on a drama, they both nailed all the acting and even won an award of best kiss scene. A lot of people also falls in love with Seo In-guk and Eun-ji’s chemistry while they were playing as Yoon Yoon-jae and Sung Shi-won.

Let’s take a look at a footage of Seo In-guk’s acting on this drama, “Reply 1997”!

The plot of “Reply 1997” will goes forward where the high school friends were having a reunion in a cafe, but mostly it will move backward to the 1997s era where they were still in high school. In the end, we will know with whom Sung Shi-won ended up with, is it Yoon Yoon-jae who has been fall in love with her since high school, or is there anyone else that suddenly appears in Sung Shi-won’s life?

You’ll get the answer only on “Reply 1997”!

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