All About Compilation List of Seo In-guk’s Top Dramas That You Need to Watch!

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Never Gets Bored with Seo In-guk’s Acting Skills in These Dramas

Are you a Korean dramas fan? Well, if you are, then you must be familiar with the actor that we’re going to talk about. This Korean actor is definitely not your typical Korean oppa, because he doesn’t always casted in a drama that has romance genre. This Korean actor could play as any kind of characters with various type of dramas. One time you’ve seen him as a fool guy, the other time you’ll see him as a super dangerous guy.

Who is the Korean actor that we’re talking about, can you guess?

Well, yes, it’s Seo In-guk!

seo in guk

Actually, Seo In-guk who was born in Ulsan on October 23, 1987, was originally debuted as a singer in the Korean entertainment industry. Before he became an artist, he grew up in his hometown Ulsan and trained to be a martial artists as a child. At the age of 10 he decided to be a singer and finally made into a competition program called “Superstar K” on 2009.

Seo In-guk made his first debut as an actor when he was cast in a drama called “Love Rain” on 2012. It was only a supporting character but he then made it to be cast as a male lead actor in a drama called “Reply 1997” in the same year. The drama went out so big and Seo In-guk’s ability to act started to be recognized by people. Later after that, he started to be known as an actor rather than a singer.

Are you curious and want to know more about Seo In-guk’s dramas? Get ready to fall in love with his definitely charming acting skill, and just scroll down below!

Seo In-guk in Hundred Million Stars from the Sky

seo in guk

One of the most recent dramas of Seo In-guk called “Hundred Million Stars from the Sky”. This drama was originally a series from Japanese on 2002 who has the same title as the Korean version. This drama has Seo In-guk, Jung So-min and Park Song-woong as the main characters.

seo in guk

Seo In-guk portrayed Kim Moo-young, a mysterious man who was raised in an orphan. He worked in a beer production and live as the lonely guy at the points where no one knows what his motives, who he loves or what he really feels. When he was a kid, Kim Moo-young lost his family. The reason of that was still mystery since Moo-young didn’t have a memory remains regarding his childhood, unless the time where he was raised in an orphan.

seo in guk

Later on, Kim Moo-young meets Yoo Jin-guk, the detective who tried to solve a murder case that involved Moo-young’s friend. He also met Yoo Jin-kang on an event that was held by Jin-kang’s friend, Baek Seung-a. Kim Moo-young started to approach Baek Seung-a who later on falls in love with him, and Yoo Jin-kang worries about that.

seo in guk

Kim Moo-young is a dangerous guy, and Seo In-guk portrayed this character really well. We can see how amazing his acting skills were when he naturally act as a secretly manipulative Kim Moo-young, and all the mysteries behinds him. We will start to love his devilish character that was hiding behind the smile on his face. You will definitely fall in love and hate him at the same time!

Seo In-guk literally got all of our hearts by portraying Kim Moo-young.

Let’s take a look at some footage of Kim Moo-young in “Hundred Millions Stars From the Sky”!

If you’re curious about the mystery involving Kim Moo-young, and what is the relationship between him and Yoo Jin-guk, as well as Yoo Jin-kang, then you have to watch “Hundred Millions Stars from the Sky” that will make your mind blown!

Seo In-guk in Shopaholic Louis

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A romantic drama that will make you want to fall in love, Shopaholic Louis tells you a story about Kang Ji-sung or Louis who came from a rich family who loves to buy luxurious things. Louis is the son of a chairman, he grew up in France, he is the heir of his family’s company. And one day after an accident, he lost his memory. Then he met Ko Bok-sil, an ordinary woman who have a kind heart and makes Louis started to fall in love.

seo in guk

This might be just the typical romance drama for you, but Seo In-guk’s acting skills once again won’t disappoint you. Ko Bok-sil who portrayed by Nam Ji-hyun also succeeds to show the great chemistry between her and Seo In-guk. Not only that, this drama will teaches you about the meaning of life, the relationship between siblings, and definitely how to cherish something.

seo in guk

Besides, “Shopaholic Louis” has a great sense of comedy that will makes you laugh whilst watch this drama.

Let’s take a look at how good Seo In-guk is when he portrayed as Louis!

Some romantic moments between Seo In-guk and Nam Ji-hyun also worth to watch, let’s just take a peek at some of the videos!

Aren’t they cute together?

If you want to watch more of their moments, or you start to get curious about the whole story, you might as well watch the drama “Shopaholic Louis”. A definitely worth to watch drama that will makes your heart warm!

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