Complete List of Sweet Korean Celebrity Couples Who Are Still Together And Will Melt Your Heart!


Hyuna & E’Dawn

Hyuna and E’Dawn met when E’Dawn was a trainee of Cube Entertainment. He debuted as a member of Pentagon, under the same label as Hyuna. On August 3rd, 2018, Hyuna revealed her relationship with E’Dawn. They have been dating for more than two years. The couple wanted the fans to acknowledge their relationship and be proud of it.

Due to the public announcement, on September 13th, 2018, their agency announced the termination of their contracts, only to withdraw the decision later that day. On November 14th, 2018, Cube Entertainment finally terminated the couples contracts. On January 27th, 2019, Hyuna and E-Dawn signed new contracts with PSY’s P Nation.

In a interview on V Live, E’Dawn shared his thoughts about Hyuna and their relationship. He said that both he and Hyuna are very shy and Hyuna took really good care of him. They are comfortable with each other and their characters are good match to each other. Currently, the couple has been dating for more than three years.

Lee Joon & Jung So-min

Lee Joon and Jung So-min met on the set of KBS’s My Father is Strange in January, 2017. They had a good on-screen chemistry as a couple and staff were wondering whether Lee Joon and Jung So-min have feelings for each other.

Dispatch spotted the couple on a date in Cheongdam in December, 2017. The couple got out of the same car and hugged before Lee Joon left her. On January 1st, 2018, Jung So Min’s agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, and Lee Joon’s agency, Prain TPC, confirmed the couple’s relationship.

On October 24th, 2017, before their dating rumors were confirmed. In an interview on SBS’s One Night of TV Entertainment, a reporter asked Lee Joon about who would visit him during his military enlistment. He said that Jung So Min is the first person who would visit him, no matter what. They have been dating since October, 2017.

Honey Lee & Yoon Kye-sang

In January, 2013, Honey Lee and Yoon Kye-sang were spotted on a trip to Bali. They denied the rumors and said that it was a business trip. Eventually they spent time together in Bali and became lovers a month later.

In October, 2014, on the variety show Happy Together, Yoon Gye-sang revealed how he got in a relationship with Honey Lee. He said that he had a strong perseverance when he liked someone. He tried to approach Honey Lee for four days and three nights straight. He gave her one of the things she liked, which was jewelry. In the end, Honey Lee fell for him and they became lovers.

In 2016, the couple was spotted on holiday in Jeju Island. In 2018, Honey Lee and Yoon Kye-sang were spotted in an airport waiting for a flight heading to Sapporo, Japan. It seemed that one of their favorite pastimes is traveling.

Even after dating for almost seven years, the couple has no plans for marriage yet. In a recent interview, Yoon Kye-sang revealed that last year, this year, and next year are same, nothing has changed. They are happily dating.

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