Complete List of Sweet Korean Celebrity Couples Who Are Still Together And Will Melt Your Heart!


Learn More About Hot Korean Couples from Ryu Joon-yeol and Hyeri to Kim Woo-bin and Shin Min-ah

Celebrities are known to date and break up in an instant. Busy schedules, millions of fans watching their every move, and pressure to produce a successful movie or drama are several obvious reasons for celebrity breakups.

These couples manage to stay strong and committed in their relationship. Some couples even managed to go further and tied the knot. Let’s meet these celebrity couples and be inspired from their commitment.

Ryu Joon-yeol & Hyeri

Ryu Joon-yeol and Hyeri met on the set of the TV drama Reply 1988 in 2015 and became friends. Although they didn’t end up being in a relationship in the drama, they became a couple in real life. Hyeri said that Ryu Joon-yeol helped her to practice conversation during drama shooting.

On October 9th, 2016, the couple was selected as “Rising Star Award” winners. They went to the stage to receive the award together. They were holding hands when they were walking towards the stage before realizing what they were doing and Hyeri quickly let go of his hand and grabbed his arm instead.

In March, 2017, Dispatch spotted them together at a lake in Jamsil. It was early spring and they used long parkas and head coverings to mask their appearance. However, Hyeri’s face and her laugh were impossible to cover.

On August 16th, 2017, Ryu Jun-yeol’s and Hyeri’s respective agencies confirmed the rumors that the actors were dating. A statement from C-JeS Entertainment, Ryu Joon-yeol’s agency, stated that their relationship grew from friends into an intimate couple and they were in the early stages of their relationship. Another statement from DreamT Entertainment, Hyeri’s agency, stated that they had checked with Hyeri and confirmed their friendship status had progressed into a romantic relationship.

During an interview about her new movie “Monstrum” in September, 2018, a reporter asked Hyeri about her boyfriend, whether he gave suggestion or advice regarding her acting skill. She answered that she talked more with seniors and the director during the filming. She also said that their relationship was doing well and their careers were doing well, too. She jokingly protested that during the movie premiere she answered many questions about the movie but the media only published news about her relationship.

Kim Woo-bin & Shin Min-ah

Kim Woo-bin and Shin Min-ah met and collaborated for the first time while shooting an ad for the clothing brand Giordano. The couple clicked instantly and their chemistry could be seen during the shooting. Both are former models turned actors and are well known for proportionate bodies.

The couple dated secretly starting in May, 2015, and eventually photos of those dates circulated in the media. On July 22nd 2015, Kim Woo-bin confirmed that he was dating Shin Min-ah. His agency, Sidus HQ, stated that the two actors were seeing each other with good feelings. Later, Shin Min-ah’s agency also confirmed the couple’s relationship.

In an interview in October, 2014, Shin Min-ah said that she preferred a younger man for an intimate relationship. A year later her wish came true when she began dating Kim Woo-bin, who is five years younger than she is.

In May, 2017, Kim Woo-bin was diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal cancer and he was under treatment to cure the disease. Shin Min-ah stood by him and supported him during the cancer treatment. She didn’t appear in any drama or movie projects until 2018.

On January 1st, 2019, Kim Woo-bin and Shin Min-ah were photographed on a holiday in Australia. They wore casual clothes and dined in public restaurants. They have been dating for more than four years.

Choi Soo-young & Jung Kyung-ho

It is rumored that Choi Soo-young and Jung Kyung-ho started dating around 2013. At the time, the couple made headlines when their dating photos was surfaced. They denied the rumors and said that they were just friends from the same church and their relationship is more like same-school junior and senior relations.

In 2014, the rumors resurfaced and this time they admitted that they were in a romantic relationship. Soo-young’s label, SM Entertainment, and Jung’s agency confirmed the news and asked the fans to watch them carefully.

On December 3rd, 2018, Sooyoung held a surprise Instagram Live session with fellow Girls Generation member, Seohyun. During the broadcast, a certain fan dominated the comment section and asked many questions. The fan was Sooyoung’s boyfriend, Jung Kyung Ho. Sooyoung scolded him during the live session and asked him to stop commenting.

During an interview with the media in February, 2019, a reporter asked Jung Kyung Ho about his girlfriend, Sooyoung, and their future plans after dating for about six years. He said that Sooyoung has a warm character and is considerate to the people around her. He likes her because of her character and she always gives him so much strength and support.

MBLAQ’s G.O & Choi Ye-seul

G.O is a former member of MBLAQ and is currently working as full time VJ on Afreeca TV, a video streaming service. Choi Ye-seul is former model turned actor. On January 2nd, 2018, G.O announced that he was dating Choi Ye-seul through his Instagram account. In March, 2018, he invited her for a White Day special broadcast on his streaming channel. He revealed that they had been in a relationship for 256 days.

On July 3rd, 2018, during an episode of MBC Every1’s ”Radio Star”, the couple talked about dating and marriage plans. He said that they met on a matchmaking date arranged by one of their friends. He liked her because of her sexy image, while she liked him because he was mature and had a plan for the future. He also treated her mother well and took time to drive her mother to class every day

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G.O and Choi YE-seul have taken another step further in their relationship. In January, 2019, they announced that they have started living together. G.O said that it was an important step before thinking and deciding about marriage.

In July, 2019, they announced that they are planning to get married around September, 2019. The couple planned a small wedding ceremony and a honeymoon in Dubai. They decided to get married after about two years of dating.

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