From G-FRIEND Umji To Red Velvet Yeri Here Is a List Of Cute Girl Group Maknaes!

K-Pop Girlgroup Maknae

Learn More About Cute Maknaes of Girl Groups

In the K-Pop, the Maknae member in the group gets special recognition and treatment. Maknae is the youngest member of an idol group. The maknaes are usually well known for their cute and adorable personalities and they are also being cared for by other members.

There is the youngest member in each group, but each maknae has her own charm, humor, and adorable personality. They are often associated with a lot of aegyo; the maknae is also often praised for having a gorgeous appearance and for being the visual of the group.

In this article, Byeol Korea will provide you with a list of cute maknaes: from G-FRIEND’s Umji To Red Velvet’s Yeri. Stay tuned and scroll down to check out the list of cute maknaes of Girl Groups! 



All lovers of K-Pop are surely familiar with the popular female group with six members who are famous for their easy listening songs and fairly difficult dances. It is none other than GFRIEND. Besides their hit songs, one of their members has become a hot topic of conversation nowadays; she is the youngest member of the group – Umji. 

Kim Ye-won, or better known by her stage name Umji, is the youngest member and the lead rapper of GFRIEND. Umji was born on August 19th, 1998, in Incheon, South Korea. When she debuted with GFRIEND, Umji was very young and was still a student. Her appearance in the early days of her debut with GFRIEND was still very innocent and she looked cute with her chubby cheeks. 

But nowadays, the maknae pretty much has the biggest visual transformation among many K-Pop idols. As she is growing up, she has transformed into a beautiful young lady and her appearance has become more mature and elegant, yet she is still maintaining her slightly child-like appeal. She worked harder for her diet, and it definitely helped her beauty blossom to a completely new level.

Umji may seem calm and quiet, but as the maknae of GFRIEND, she also has a cute and adorable personality. 



Have you heard any of the songs of Lovelyz? Lovelyz is one of the female idol groups from South Korea. Lovelyz debuted in 2014 under Woollim Entertainment and it is the company’s first girl group ever. The group consists of eight members: Baby Soul, Jiae, Jisoo, Mijoo, Kei, Jin, Sujeong, and the lovely maknae Yein.

Jung Ye-in, or better known as Yein, is the lead dancer, main vocalist, and the youngest member of Lovelyz. Yein was a former trainee from JYP Entertainment. In 2014, she joined Woollim Entertainment. After being trained for three months, on November 5th, 2014, she debuted as a member of Lovelyz with the single “Good Night Like Yesterday” from the album Girl’s Invasion.

As the youngest member of the group, Yein has a dorky, playful, adorable and funny personality. When she is with the other group members, she becomes very playful and so fun. She loves to mess and joke around with the other members, she also likes to have fun and does random silly stuff with them. Her dorkiness and her silliness are extremely adorable.

Aside from being an adorable member, Yein also is the beautiful Maknae of Lovelyz, and she looks effortlessly gorgeous. She receives love and attention for her flawless and clean visual appearance. Having a really gorgeous and amazing appearance, she can pull off any concept: from a girl crush, classy and even sexy concepts.

Red Velvet Yeri

Red Velvet Yeri

In 2015, Red Velvet, a South Korean girl group under SM Entertainment introduced its new member to the public. She is Kim Ye-rim, or also known by the stage name Yeri. Yeri was born on March 5th, 1999, and is the youngest member of the group.

Yeri was introduced to the public for the first time as a new member of Red Velvet on March 10th, 2015, during the group’s promotions of its first extended play Ice Cream Cake.

As a typical maknae, Yeri has a playful, bright and cheerful personality. She easily gets along with not only her Red Velvet members but also with other groups.

Since she debuted as a member of Red Velvet in 2015, Yeri has amazed many people with her cute face. Yeri has now grown more mature along with her career as an idol. Of course, the public and fans have witnessed the change of the beautiful star but she still has her adorable and charming sides.

Yeri is actually a very fun and nosy person. She often pranks her fellow group members, which makes them surprised and laugh at the same time. Besides, Yeri also often entertains other members with her adorable aegyo. Due to her cheerful and bubbly personalities, Yeri is considered as the mood maker by the other members.

(G)-IDLE Shuhua

(G)-IDLE Shuhua

Rookie girl group (G)I-DLE from Cube Entertainment has stolen fans’ hearts with their overflowing talent, catchy songs, and appealing choreography. The group debuted on May 2nd, 2018, with their first extended play (EP) titled I Am. Just a few months after debut, the group has earned the title of “monster rookies” as they have left a remarkable first impression on the K-Pop scene.

Being one of the few self-produced girl groups, these hard-working members definitely have what it takes to stay in the game. Shuhua, one of the members of (G)I-DLE, has maybe received the least amount of attention compared to the other members, but actually, Shuhua has an extraordinary charm. She is the vocalist, and visual of (G)I-DLE, and she is also a Taiwanese. 

Shuhua was born in Taiwan on January 6th, 2000, and she is the maknae member of the group. The maknae officially went to South Korea in 2016, after passing the Cube Entertainment audition. During her trainee days, Shuhua admitted that she had difficult times. One of the most difficult moments for her was when she really could not speak and understand Korean. Over time, Shuhua began to get along with other trainees and shared all the difficulties she faced with them.

She may seem calm on the outside, but she actually has an adorable, bright, bubbly and charming personality, and sometimes she can also be wild with the other members. Sometimes, she looks cheeky and energetic and it definitely makes her fans happy. There is one other side that she has, and it is literally so cute. Apparently, she is a member of (G) IDLE who most often falls asleep.