Full Compilation List of Controversies That Surrounding TWICE That You Don’t Know!


Sana’s Instagram Post


In April, 2019, TWICE’s Sana made a post on Instagram that blew up among Korean netizens and, in the replies and comments on news portals, she gets raked over the coals for it.

Written in Japanese, Sana’s post discusses the transition between the eras of Heisei and Reiwa after the recent abdication of Emperor Akihito.

“As someone born in the Heisei era, I’m sad that the Heisei era is coming to an end, but Heisei you’ve been working hard, it’s the beginning of the Reiwa era, so I’m going to face this beginning and finish Heisei’s last day nicely.”

People are upset by this. The truth is that there’s not a lot of context in there that makes the post controversial, regardless of what’s said by Koreaboos who believe siding with nationalists implies they insist on being progressive.

We understand this because she gets backlash without even mentioning the emperor, while the president and prime minister of South Korea had direct praise for the emperor himself, let alone the change of the eras.

Jihyo Wearing Native American Costume


At a ONCE Halloween fan meeting in October, 2017, TWICE celebrated Halloween and their 3rd anniversary with their fans. For the event, each member showed up wearing a Halloween costume. In particular, Jihyo’s costume was strongly debated by fans as she was wearing a lengthy brown fringed dress and matching brown fur coat. She had also painted her face with different marks, which she paired with a set of pigtail braids and a feathered head ornament.

Some say she wanted to look like Princess Mononoke and her costume was incorrect with the stylist. Other fans think that a stereotypical “Native American” or “First Nation” person was intended to be her costume.

Once again, ONCE had her back and defended her.

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