Complete List of Korean Drama Villains Or Antagonist That You Should Know!

namgoong min

Details About Villain Actors in K-Pop Drama!

We are coming back again with certain parts of K-Drama, but we aren’t going to review or give you a bunch of  K-Drama lists. Instead we will talk about some of the villain characters in K-Drama! Since in K-Drama there are a lot of various characters, and usually people identify with the protagonists, we will give you another point of view about the villains and the actor who played them, earning their own share of admirers. Byeol Korea will tell you all about it, so stay tuned!

Villains are the characters in a movie, a book, and any other fictional character who are the ‘bad guy’, someone who has done a lot of bad things in certain fictional stories. In K-Drama, there’s quite a lot of villains who have been played by charming actors and, instead of making people get mad at them, viewers fell in love with them, instead! Even though at first people might be be irritated with their bad character, as the time went by they started to be attracted to them. We bet that some of you have done that, haven’t you?

Through this article, Byeol Korea has introduced you some of charming villains actors in K-Drama and everything you need to know about their appearances!

Namgoong Min – The Girl Who See Smells

namgoong min

First, we have Namgoong Min and his appearance in The Girl Who See Smells. In the drama, Namgoong Min was cast as Kwon Jae-hee. Kwon Jae-hee used to be a popular chef, but he became the suspect in a murder case. Previously, there was a murder case where the victim was killed and left in a bloody condition with a barcode on their body.

It was feared that a model might be the next victim, and Kwon Jae-hee was suspected as the suspect in that case because Oh Cho-rim, as the girl who see smells, saw Kwon Jae-hee’s smells clearly on that model’s body. But turned out that the model was Kwon Jae-hee’s girlfriend.

So, where’s the main villain character from Kwon Jae-hee? He was the person who killed Oh Cho-rim’s parents and Moo Gak’s sister. He used to leave a barcode on his victims body, then the barcode was marked in his personal journal. He had killed a lot of people and the list was in his journal. Even though at first he wasn’t caught because of his intelligence in hiding things, eventually he was caught off guard!

kwon jae hee


kwon jae hee

Watch Namgoong Min’s appearance as Kwon Jae-hee here:

Shin Sung-rok – My Love From the Star

Shin sung rok

Next, we have Shin Sung-rok as Lee Jae-kyung in the drama My Love From The Star. Lee Jae-kyung used to know the main villain character in the drama. Lee Jae-kyung was Hee-kyung’s old brother and the potential heir of the S&C Group. He was being selfish and cruel to make Song-yi be silent, as well, because she knows his big secret.

Lee Jae-kyung planned to kill Song Yi to make sure that his secret remained safe and Song Yi wouldn’t be able to tell everyone about it. But, because Song Yi was always protected by Min Joon, it was impossible for Lee Jae-kyung to get to her.

Lee jae kyung


lee jae kyung

Watch Shin Sung-rok’s role as Lee Jae-kyung in My Love From The Star here:

Lee Joon – Gap Dong

lee joon

There’s also Lee Joon and his villainous appearance through Gap Dong! In the drama, he played the role of Ryu Tae-oh. Even though he didn’t look like a villain, deep inside he was kind of a psychopath! Ryu Tae-oh used to be an inmate of a prison psychiatric hospital, and went to work as a barista after his releases from.

Ryu Tae-oh also loved to kill people. He couldn’t stop until he got his satisfaction after killing people. He has no feelings, he was just like a robot. Even though he wanted to stop killing people, he just couldn’t do it. Ryu Tae-oh considered Gap-dong as his own hero, and decided to become his copycat.

lee joon


ryu tae oh

Watch Lee Joon’s appearance as Ryu Tae-oh in Gap Dong here:

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