Complete List of 13 Best Female Rappers in K-Pop That You Should Know! Byeol Korea Version!


9. EXID’s LE

For the tenth on our list, we have a member of the girl-group EXID, LE!

Ahn Hyo-jin (born on December 10, 1991) is a South Korean singer, producer, and songwriter, also known by her stage name, LE. Since 2012, she has been a member of the K-pop girl band EXID with the role of main rapper. She used to be a member of the underground hip-hop group, Jiggy Fellaz, acting under stage name, Elly.

Apart from EXID, LE had many solo activities on her own. She collaborated with Gavy NJ in the single Don’t Call Me in May, 2012. Producer Brave Brothers disclosed in February, 2013, that LE had been working in a project team with B2ST’s Junhyung and Big Star’s Feeldog and would release a single on February 21, 2013. She was featured in Hyuna’s mini-album, A Talk in July, 2014, helping to compose the lyrics for the songs French Kiss and Blacklist and was featured on the latter.

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10. TWICE’s Chaeyoung

TWICE’s main rapper, Chaeyoung, is the eleventh on our list! Who doesn’t know TWICE? They’re one of the most famous K-pop girl-bands right now, and Chaeyoung is one of awesome female rappers in this industry. She is best known for finishing seventh in SIXTEEN, thus becoming a member of TWICE. Chaeyoung also wrote the rap in the TWICE’S remake of Park Ji Yoon’s song, Precious Love.

Besides drawing, it turns out Chaeyoung has another talent, namely writing song lyrics. Yes, it turns out Chaeyoung took part in writing song lyrics on several TWICE songs. The songs in question include Eyes Eyes from the album Signal, when she wrote the lyrics of the song with Jihyo. Then there are the songs Don’t Give Up and Missing U, on the Twicetagram album. Well, for the song Don’t Give Up, she wrote all the lyrics herself, you know! So impressive! As for the song Missing U, she worked on it with the help of Dahyun. Very multi-talented, huh, this Chaeyoung?

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11. AOA’s Jimin

AOA’s Jimin is the twelfth on our list!

Shin Ji-min (born January 8, 1991) is a South Korean rapper and singer, better known as Jimin. She is best known for being the leader of the girl-group AOA and the main rapper, who debuted under FNC Entertainment in 2012. Jimin was a semi-finalist in Unpretty Rapstar‘s first season in 2015. She released several successful singles during the series, most particularly Good Start (feat. Seulong) and Puss (feat. Iron).

Many people underestimated her as a rapper, but check out her catchy singles from Unpretty Rapstar and judge her talent yourself!

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12. CLC’s Yeeun

For the thirteenth on our list, we’ve got CLC’s main rapper, Yeeun!

Jang Ye-eun (born in Dongducheon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, August 10, 1998) is the main rapper and sub-vocalist of the girl-group CLC. She graduated from School of Performing Arts Seoul in February, 2017. In 2016, she became a model together with BTOB, for the spring campaign of the TBJ fashion brand.

She participated in making raps and participated in the making of some CLC song lyrics, What Planet Are You From?, Day by Day, and It’s Too Late from the Nu.Clear mini album and Mistake, Meow Meow, and I Mean That from the Crystyle mini album.

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13. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Last, but not least, we have BLACKPINK’s Jennie for the fourteenth on our list. Jennie Kim (born January 16, 1996) is a South Korean singer and rapper, better recognized by the mononym Jennie. She made her debut as a member of the popular girl-band under YG Entertainment in August, 2016.

Even before debuting with BLACKPINK, Jennie already had solo activities. In 2012, she featured in the song Special by label-mate Lee Hi, from the studio album First Love as well as the music video That XX by Big Bang’s G-Dragon. She featured on G-Dragon’s Black in 2013. Jennie appeared with G-Dragon on Mnet’s M! Countdown on September 12, 2013, for his single Black.

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