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korean rapper's scandal

All You Need to Know About Scandal of Korean Rapper

Rappers sometimes close with their explicit lyrics. Many rappers have even been involved in some big issues because of lyrics they wrote. Not only the lyrics, but also their swag and indifferent style can sometimes trigger a controversy. In this article, we will talk about some of the controversies involving Korean rappers. Let’s respond to it wisely.

Black Nut’s Controversial Lyrics About KittiB

black nut

Some musicians write their lyrics even though they sometimes have explicit content. But still, there is a challenge in it. What happened to Black Nut was very controversial, as it was very explicit and mentioned another rapper, KittiB.

KittiB filed a lawsuit against Black Nut in June of 2017 over lyrics he wrote in his track “Indigo Child”. His lyrics state, “I’ll be honest. I jacked off to KittiB’s picture, but that was before ‘Unpretty Rapstar‘,” and “I wouldn’t screw KittiB if she was given to me for free.” He also reportedly made lewd gestures during a live performance of the song.

As KittiB brought the case to the law, the prosecution changed the charge from sexual harassment to defamation. Black Nut is no stranger to controversial and sexually explicit lyrics, and many came to his defense saying that’s just the nature of hip-hop.

However, for KittiB, the matter is more personal because she’s been the subject of his sexual lyrics in the past, and had even asked him to stop. Instead of keeping her name out of his raps, though, the rapper keeps making her feel uncomfortable, which is why she is finally decided to take him to court. The result is, of course, was that KittiB won.

San E’s ‘Feminist’ Controversy

san e

San E received many criticisms after he released the song “Feminist” in November, 2018. As the title suggests, the song talks about feminism. In “Feminist,” San E criticizes dating culture where men pay for dates, the #MeToo movement, the rise of the “escape the corset” movement in South Korea, and questions why women aren’t required to serve in the country’s national service as men are, though comments on his Instagram point out that San E, himself, did not serve.

Although San E also said that he doesn’t hate woman, and says he is a feminist in his lyrics, many people still criticized his song. It got worse with his comments about feminism during a concert over the weekend.

When he was onstage at the concert Brand New Year 2018 on Sunday, San E used an expletive before rapping in English in front of an audience of 5,000: “Womad is poison. Feminist, no. You’re a mental illness.

In another politically charged comment, the rapper said he supports “normal women” before criticizing the radical online feminist communities Womad and Megalia as “male-bashing.”

Following the controversial remarks, rapper Rhymer, the head of the hip-hop label behind the event, Brand New Music, apologized on behalf of San E.

To those who were offended, I apologize on his behalf,” Rhymer said onstage as he bowed to the audience.

Despite Rhymer’s apology, San E’s attitude provoked mixed reactions online after the concert.

He lacks professionalism. Not all audience members are from Womad and Megalia, yet he lost his cool during the performance and caused chaos,” one angry user on Naver wrote. Although there were also people who stand for San E by saying, “San E has the right to free speech, just like feminists.”

So, what’s your opinion about his song, Feminist?

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