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All About Relationship and Romantic Moments Between Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik

Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik Byeol Korea
lim ji yeon & park hyung sik

Getting Flashback with Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik’s High Society Chemistry!

Have you guys watched one of the popular K-Drama High Society once? If you haven’t, don’t worry, we will gave you the brief information about that! Basically, the drama was roled by Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik, then told a story about the love and romance between Chaebol or the ‘Rich Class’ and the ‘Average Class’ as well. Then obviously, the chemistry between Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik’s character were led us into daydreaming about their love. Byeol Korea will explain you the details about them, so stay tuned!

Even though they came up from different social class, but Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik’s character love story in High Society was pure and real. They didn’t considering their social status problem becoming the ‘obstacle’ of their relationship, and their love remained strong as well. Through this article, Byeol Korea has introduced you Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik’s great chemistry during High Society!

Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik’s Romantic Moments in High Society

lim ji yeon & park hyung sik

Before we talked about Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik’s sweetest moments from High Society, let’s started with the synopsis of the drama! Basically, the drama was told a story about love story between the ‘Rich Class’ and the ‘Average Class’. So did with Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik’s love story through High Society. Lim Ji-yeon was roled as Lee Ji-yi, an ordinary girl who was worked in Yu Min Department Store, she also had a close friend Jang Yoon-ha who was roled by Uee, and she was the lead character in High Society. Meanwhile Park Hyung-sik was roled as Yoo Chang-soo, a son of Yu Min Department Store’s founder, a place where Lee Ji-yi and Jang Yoon-ha were working.

Actually, Yoo Chang-soo used to dating with Jang Yoon-ha since they were came up from the same ‘Rich Class’ and it was a suggestion from her mother, but Jang Yoon-ha was refused to like him, and they were never dating again. Then Yoo Chang-soo was met with Lee Ji-yi who also Jang Yoon-ha’s co-worker in Yu Min Department Store. Long story short, Yoo Chang-soo had a crush on Lee Ji-yi, and so did her. They were finally dating, even though Lee Ji-yi was worried with their relationship since she was an ordinary worker meanwhile Yoo Chang-soo was came up from rich family.

Even though Lee Ji-yi and Yoo Chang-soo’s love story were quite complicated with their social status’ problem, but still, they eventually found out a way to be together. And obviously, their romance through the drama was one of the awaited scenes from High Society! And finally, Yoo Chang-soo’s family was accepting Lee Ji-yi in their famiy, and both of them were tied the knot and lived happily ever after!

And here are the official poster of High Society:

high society

Let’s take a look at some of sweetest moments between Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik in High Society here:

One of the most awaited scene, that’s the kissing scene from Lee Ji-yi and Yoo Chang-soo!

high society

Could you felt their feelings towards each other just by looking at the way they looked at each other?

high society

Back hug was always be the sweetest moment ever, right?

high society

Another sweetest moments from Lee Ji-yi and Yoo Chang-soo while they were on a date! Using the couple headband and take a cute selfie together!

high society

Watch one of the sweet moments in High Society with Lim Ji-yeon and Park Hyung-sik!

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