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Check Out These Legendary K-Pop Puns Made From Idols Who Can Make You Laugh!

Legendary K-Pop Puns
Legendary K-Pop Puns Made From Idols

Let’s Laugh Out Loud with this K-Pop Idols Puns

Some of us don’t seem to fall in love with a certain K-Pop idol based on his/her talents (although, it sure plays a major part). It might come out as a surprising thing but some of us actually fall for their… well, sense of humor and their ability to make us laugh during our darkest times! *inserts some lovey-dovey eyes*

For those of you who can relate, high-five! But for those of you who can’t, well get ready because we’re about to make you fall in love with these legendary K-Pop idols’ funny bits and puns! Are you ready? Scroll down the article below and have a good laugh with us!



Here are some le-gen-dary puns and jokes you might or might not understand :p


You Got No Jams

In a live broadcast, RM told Jimin that he got no jams, and since then Jimin’s life has never been the same~~and A.R.M.Y won’t forget about it~~

There are even urban dictionary definitions of the phrase featuring RM and Jimin LOL. Here are a few of them:

1. You got no jams

You are no fun

The origin of this phrase “you got no jams” comes from the Korean word 재미 (jaemi) which means “fun.” Jaemi and jams sound familiar, so Rap Monster put jams instead of Jaemi in the sentence making it funnier.

P.S. In Korean, “you got no jams” is “너 재미없어 (neo jaemi obseo)”

J-hope: Oh, Jimin is very no fun
Rap Monster: Jimin, you got no jams
by hobisbooty September 11th, 2014
2. You got no jams
A very terrible insult. If you have no jams, on a scale of Jimin to Namjoon, you are Jimin.

Jimin, you got no jams.


by BinguMarmar August 18th, 2014
3. You got no jams
The highest level of insult possible.
Literally meaning you have no fun. You are a lifeless peiceo’ shit.
“BTS antis, you got no jams”
by Ji-Leyna May 3rd, 2018

4. You got no jams

U have become a jamless person in life.
Namjoon: Hey Jimin, you got no jams.
by MehBum April 19th, 2018

5. You got no jams

If someone says this to you, don’t take it as an insult. Think of it this way, a cute priceless baby that we must think to protect at all costs was told the same thing. Consider yourself lucky!!
Some hater: You got no jams
Me: So does Jimin and he is the cutest thing on the fudging planet bish! Ok bye.
by The Jam less Kitty Kat April 19th, 2018

Now, do you or do you not have jams?


Jin Puns


*thinking hard about this fact*


More Jin Puns



That is technically not wrong LOL


J-Hope OMG

J-Hope and his “my heart is… oh my god.” Always hits us hard. It’s applicable to any situation.


V Adorable Beach

An adorable English slip up that instantly became a hit among the meme community!


If you understand the joke below, then you’re truly EXO-L. Respect!


Everything is EXO-K

“I’m sad.”
“Oh, don’t worry honey, everything will turn out EXO-K.”


Maybe you should Lay down…

“I’m having a bit of a KRIS-us.”
“Maybe you should LAY down.”
“Yeah, that’s what I’m a-XIUMIN.”


Why does EXO wear Nike so often?

They were told to just D.O. it.


Once you Jongin, you can’t Jongout

It is indeed hard to Jongout… We mean, look at him!


Every day I’m Yeheting

Sehun has his own language of sounds, and yehet is one he makes when he’s excited or happy about something, even though no one is sure why.



Now, let’s laugh with these SHINee boys’ puns~

SHINee’s back?


This pun is inspired by one of SHINee’s hit punchlines in their song, “Sherlock.” Hihi, get it?



Genious! *clapping*

Time Out

We don’t think we can’t ever time-out…


Another Key Pun

Once again, genius! *clapping*


Onew and his love for chicken

SHINee Onew

And… this last SHINee pun has concluded that Shawols are indeed very creative!



Choose your fighter~


Daesung pun

How did Big Bang perform their songs?

Daesung it.


TOP pun


We vote for TOP-less!


Taeyang pun from Seungri


GD meme

This is us when we don’t know the answer to a question during an exam…


Seungri meme


We can relate.



Now, we come for the last group full of balls of sunshine. Let’s dive in!



This is GOT7’s favorite word that they will use in pretty much any situation. It’s used so much that it’s really an inside joke. Say it in the right tone to an Aghase and they’re bound to burst out laughing!

Here’s a cucumber! and No cucumber.

Mark loves to make puns. One of his favorite ways to do this is when someone says “어이 없어!” (eo-i eobs-eo) which means “this makes no sense.” Mark will then reply with “오이 있어!” (o-i iss-eo) meaning  “there’s a cucumber!” and holds up a cucumber. On another occasion, Youngjae asked him what 어이 없어 meant in English and Mark said “no cucumber.” Obviously, Youngjae was so done!


I’m out! 2 out! 3 out!

GOT7 invented the “I’m out” joke and will use this one any chance they can get! In theory, it just involves each member shouting “I’m out” and so on while leaping out of the camera frame, but really it’s one of IGOT7s’ favorite inside jokes.


Whispers JYP

You can’t start a song without a whispered “JYP.” While not restricted to GOT7’s use the group does like to insert this into every performance big or small.


Classical Jackson

Everything that has come out of Jackson’s mouth is gold.


Well, those are all the legendary K-Pop Idols’ memes and puns that we are pretty sure will brighten your days during your darkest times. So, which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section below!