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Things You Should Know About Squid Game Actress Lee Yoo-mi Profile, Fun Facts, Drama List, Etc

Lee Yoo-mi
Lee Yoo-mi

The Talented Actress Who Stole the Spotlight Lee Yoo-mi

Have you watched the 2021 Netflix sensational series Squid Game? The series has taken every spotlight not only in South Korea but overseas as well. Almost every cast member in the series has gained a lot of attention and recognition, including Lee Yoo-mi who plays the role of Player 204.

But, did you know that Lee Yoo-mi actually has appeared in many acting projects before Squid Game? In this article, Byeol Korea will explain to you everything about actress Lee Yoo-mi, so stay tuned!

Lee Yoo-mi Full Profile

Lee Yoo-mi

Birth Name: Lee Yoo-mi (이유미)

Stage Name: Lee Yoo-mi (이유미)

Birth: Jeonju, North Jolla, South Korea, July 18, 1994

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 47 kg

Blood Type: O

Nationality: Korean

Occupation: Actress

Years Active: 2010 – Present

Label: Varo Entertainment

Instagram: leeyoum262

Lee Yoo-mi Interesting Facts

  • Lee Yoo-mi started to dream of being an actress after she watched the South Korean film Herb back in 2007.
  • She started her acting career in 2010.
  • Initially, Lee Yoo-mi couldn’t tell her mother about her dream, but she got help from her sibling to take photos and send them to agencies where she participated in auditions or filmed commercials.
  • Lee Yoo-mi is known as an animal lover, and she has three dogs.
  • Lee Yoo-mi reportedly has spent the majority of her time in the United States.
  • She almost didn’t appear in the hit series Squid Game since the role initially was for a boy, not a girl.
  • After Squid Game gained a lot of attention and became very famous, Lee Yoo-mi’s Instagram followers increased rapidly from 40,000 to 6 million when Squid Game premiered.
  • Lee Yoo-mi won the Best New Actress award at the 2021 Buil Film Awards for her role in Young Adult Matter.
  • Lee Yoo-mi and Jung Ho-yeon became very close after filming Squid Game together.

Lee Yoo-mi Movie and Drama List


Year Title Role
2010 Future Boy Seo Yoon-doo
2015 Cheo Yong 2 Song Da-jung
2017 Children of the 20th Century Mi Dal / Jo Min-hyun
2018 Voice 2 Hwang Hee-joo
2018 Just Dance Kim Do-yeon
2019 Doctor John Na Kyung-ah
2020 Drama Stage – Everyone Is There Lee Gyu-jin
2020 365: Repeat of the Year Kim Se-rin



Year Title Role
2010 The Yellow Sea Kim Tae-won’s Daughter
2012 Grape Candy Young Seon-joo
2013 Hwayi: A Monster Boy Yoo-kyung’s Friend
2015 The Avian Kind Girl
2016 Will You Be There? Yeon-ah
2017 The Heartbeat Operator Hye Eun
2018 Never Ever Rush Hana
2018 Outdoor Begins Ma-ri
2021 Young Adult Matters Yoon Se-jin


Web Series

Year Title Role
2018 Afternoon in a Small City Shin Na-ra
2018 It’s Okay To Be Sensitive Ye-ji
2021 Squid Game Ji-yeong (Player 204)
2022 All of Us Are Dead Na-yeon

Her Role in Squid Game

Lee Yoo-mi rose to fame after her appearance in the sensational Korean Netflix original series Squid Game (2021). The series depicts the competition and battle between over 400 people in a dangerous game named Squid Game. They are striving to win the ₩45.6 billion grand prize. Despite the amazing grand prize, many people have to sacrifice their life and even kill each other to become a winner.

In Squid Game, Lee Yoo-mi plays Player 204 named Ji-yeong. She is a young woman who just returned from prison after killing her abusive stepfather. With her cold appearance and assuring acting performance, Lee Yoo-mi stole everyone’s attention with her role as Ji-yeong in Squid Game!

Her Role in 365: Repeat of the Year

Before the huge success of Squid Game, Lee Yoo-mi also appeared in the Korean series 365: Repeat of the Year in 2020. The drama tells the story of ten people who get the chance to return to a time one year before, but soon, something strange happens. One by one, there started to be deaths even though the process was going well for the first time.

In the drama, Lee Yoo-mi plays the role of Kim Se-rin. She is a university student who is also suffering from Munchausen syndrome. She started to re-set her time to make up with her boyfriend, but, unfortunately, Kim Se-rin was killed and her body was abandoned afterward.

Her Role in Hostage: Missing Celebrity

Aside from those dramas, Lee Yoo-mi also took a part in the South Korean movie titled Hostage: Missing Celebrity. The movie tells the story of a famous actor who is kidnapped by five people.

The actor is in a dangerous situation, especially after the kidnappers also demand a huge ransom. While trying to escape, the actor realizes that his dangerous situation is much different from the scenes in the movies. In Hostage: Missing Celebrity, Lee Yoo-mi plays the role of Ban So-yeon, a hostage alongside the famous actor.

Lee Yoo-mi and Jung Ho-yeon Friendship

In the Squid Game series, Lee Yoo-mi appeared with a bunch of actors and actresses, and one of them was Jung Ho-yeon who played the role of Kang Sae-byeok. In the series, Kang Sae-byeok asks Ji-yeong (Lee Yoo-mi) to join her team. Turns out, the on-screen friendship has turned into a real-life one as well!

Lee Yoo-mi confessed that she became very close with Jung Ho-yeon while filming the series. Even though the series is over, their friendship has remained the same. Since they are the same age, they instantly became friends and talked comfortably with each other. Meanwhile, Jung Ho-yeon also revealed that she learned a lot from Lee Yoo-mi and is very grateful to know her in person.

Lee Yoo-mi and Sulli Look-Alikes

Have you ever noticed that actress Lee Yoo-mi has a similar appearance with another artist? Well, the truth has been found out after many people started to pay attention to the Squid Game actress. Many people started to think that Lee Yoo-mi resembles the late K-pop star Sulli, an actress and ex-member of f(x).

From certain pictures and angles, Lee Yoo-mi and Sulli share the same innocent and pure visuals, and even some of their facial features also look similar. On the other hand, people also think that Lee Yoo-mi’s visual is a mixture of Sulli and Lee Sung-kyung’s visuals. Well, what do you guys think about that?

That’s everything about the famous actress from Squid Game, Lee Yoo-mi! After a bunch of drama and movie appearances, Lee Yoo-mi has finally gained the recognition that she truly deserves. We will look forward to another acting project from her in the future!

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