Compilation List of Lee Sung-kyung’s Angelic Voice and Cover Songs That You Should Listen

All You Need to Know About Lee Sung-kyung As A Singer

Lee Sung-kyung continuously made her own name in the Korean entertainment industry. She started her career as fashion model, made her name as a successful actress, and started performing as stage singer.

Surprisingly, her voice is amazing and angelic. Her vocal character is crisp and light, making her a favorite for acoustic music, ballads, or musicals. She performed well and surprised fans with singing performance in live stage performance and song covers.

Find out more about her singing performances and angelic voice in various appearances in TV programs. In this article, Byeol Korea will talk about Lee Sung-kyung as a singer, and her singing appearance in variety shows and dramas. So stay tuned!

Lee Sung-kyung on About Time’s Musical Scene

Lee Sung-kyung performed as the female leading role in the romantic drama About Time. She played the role of Choi Michaella, a young girl that has the ability to see a person’s life span. Unfortunately, she can also see her own life span. When she is close to a man, her lifespan stops, and when she touches the man her life span increases. She acted alongside actor Lee Sang-yoon. The series About Time was aired every Monday and Tuesday at 9.30 PM.

On one of the scenes, Lee Sung-kyung’s character participated in a musical audition. The episode was broadcast on May 21, 2018. Sitting at the center of the stage and in front of a grand piano, Lee Sung-kyung sung a beautiful and romantic ballad song. A calming and soothing piano melody opened her introduction, while she sang with all her emotion. The lyrics told stories about her family and her life struggles to support her family.

In the middle of her performance, she showed a high vocal range and reached high notes with ease. Though she can sing to high notes, she couldn’t maintain her breath long enough. However, it was a wonderful and heartbreaking moment.

Lee Sung-kyung on A Whole New World

On an episode of MBC’s Radio Star, Lee Sung-kyung did a duet performance with Super Junior’s Hyu-hyun. On the studio stage, they performed Disney’s Aladdin theme, “A Whole New World.” Lee Sung-kyung showed that she can sing pop songs really well. Her English pronunciation is perfect, and she was absorbed into Princess Jasmine’s character.

Lee Sung-kyung received praise from Radio Star’s host and music producer Yoon Jong-shin for her performance. This performance showed that Lee Sung-kyung’s best genres are ballads and melodic pop songs. Her angelic voice and beautiful face are good assets to kickstart her new career as a singer.

Lee Sung-kyung on 2015 MBC Drama Acting Awards

Lee Sung-kyung surprised her celebrity and actor colleagues when performing at the opening stage of the 2015 MBC Drama Acting Awards. On the night of the awards event, Lee Sung-kyung performed a cover of Beyonce’s “Love On Top.”

Credit must go to Lee Sung-kyung for having the courage to sing in front of fellow colleagues, and extra credit for singing one of Beyonce’s hit songs. When she entered the stage, melodic and angelic piano tunes accompanied her entrance. She looked like a member of a Royal family with her classy winter coat.

Mid-performance, she changed clothes and transformed into a sexy and powerful Broadway singer. She delivered a very difficult song with high-tempo, fast beat, high tunes, and increasing pitch. Her performance was good, and the fact that she could sing and dance to the music throughout her performance deserved high praise, though intermittently she seemed out of breath and missed several lyrics parts.

The audience and viewers seemed to enjoy her performance, especially actor Park Seo-jun, who shook his head according to the beat. This performance by Lee Sung-kyung proved that she is a multi-talented actress.

Lee Sung-kyung on True Colors

Lee Sung-kyung made a duet single, covering Cindy Lauper’s legendary single, “True Colors,” with actor Park Hyung-sik. The duet was uploaded on the Dingo Music YouTube channel. The video was recorded live and was viewed more than 3.4 million times on the channel.

Park Hyung-sik showed that he is not just a handsome Korean actor, but he also has talent in singing. In the duet, he took a leading role and received more parts than Lee Sung-kyung. However, Lee Sung-kyung is the actual star with her voice and improved singing talent. Her voice was more mature and thicker than usual. High praise needs to be given to Lee Sung-kyung for improving her singing talent and her vocal character.

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