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Find Out More About City Hunter Actor Lee Min-ho Best and Worst Haircut Here!

Lee Minho
Lee Minho

Find Out About Lee Min-Ho Hair Style

Lee Min-ho is known as a popular actor in South Korea. He has acted in various dramas have made him more popular, with his skill in acting and charismatic appearance. His drama mostly get good ratings and are addictive to the people who watch them. His good-looking appearance may one of the factors that attract people, but you might be surprised that Lee Min-ho could have some of the worst and the best haircuts in his K-dramas. You definitely need to check it out in this article from Byeol Korea, below! Keep reading!

Best Hairstyles

Personal Taste (2010)

Lee Min-ho really steals your eyes in this romantic drama with an architectural background. Lee Min ho acted as Jeon Jin-ho,  an architect who fights for his project to wi,n and found his love on his journey.

The hair styling here sometimes uses gel to add texture to the hair, so it has some volume and feels modern.

Lee Minho

His hair style was trending in that era, around 2010. You will find this hair styles a little dated nowadays, but the long, straight hair and bangs were so cute and handsome at that time. In this era, Lee Min-ho’s haircut was gold!

City Hunter (2011)

City Hunter is a  2011 South Korean television drama, and the story is from a Japanese manga series. Lee Min-ho was playing as Yoon-sung, and starring with Park Min-young, Lee Joon-hyuk, Kim Sang-joong, Kim Sang-ho, Hwang Sun-hee, Goo Ha-ra, Chun Ho-jin, and Lee Kwang-soo.

His hair here is well prepared to make him look like a man of steel and strong. His straight, long, nicely styled hair was a great fit for his character in this drama.

Lee Minho

Yoon-sung has the code name “City Hunter,” and it’s his intention to find his father’s killers. Besides, this journey brings him to find love with presidential bodyguard Kim Na-na.

His haircut here so amusing and boy-hard style. No wonder this look is included in the best hairstyles he has.

Legend Of The Blue Sea (2016)

Lee Min-ho was playing as Heo Joon-jaeion this romantic historical-modern drama series. He was a son of rich businessman, who became a con man and fell in love with a mermaid named Shim Cheong.

During the Joseon era, they were a couple that became incarnate again in this modern era. Lee Min-ho is so handsome in this haircut. His short hair makes his jaw look more appealing, and his hard line of man signature is beautiful.

Lee Minho

Lee Min-ho undoubtedly has the best hairstyles on this drama! His character in Legend of The Blue Sea is a cheerful and outgoing man. This kind of hairstyle sets the mood and is perfect for his character.

Worst Hairstyles

Mackerel Run (2007)

On the drama Mackerel Run in 2011, Lee Min ho has curly, long hair which one assumes was the hair style in that era. This hairstyle was so unique, but it’s not his best style, actually. But, you can still see his cute, young face in this drama!

Lee Minho

What do you think about his hairstyle?

Boys Over Flowers (2009)

This phenomenal drama was am adaptation of a Taiwanese serial drama called Meteor Garden. This drama became extremely popular also in South Korea. Acting as Gu Jun-pyo, who has a group of male friends, or a prestigious gank, and who also comes from an elite family, goes to school at Shinhwa High School. Lee Min ho falls in love with Geum Jan-di, the ordinary, poor girl who was granted admission to the prestigious private school after saving a student’s life.

Lee Minho

During this drama, Lee Min-ho’s hairstyle is so curly, weird, and a little bit off. Yet. his charismatic eyes and acting are so fantastic as a cool, hard boy.

Faith (2012)

Lee Min-ho was playing as Kim Hee-sun in the 2012 South Korean drama Faith. He was actually a modern-day plastic surgeon that travels to the Goryeo period, which is 700 years ago. He fell in love with his kidnapper, the warrior of the royal guard.

Lee Minho

He had long hair, with his bangs hanging over his face, so his face curves could not be seen properly. This contributed to the whole look of his presentation.

His hairstyle here is one of the worst, since it may be using the style of an old era. His appearance became so stiff, if more mature. His messy, long hair was not so fancy as he was in reality, but yes, it must be coherent to the situation in the drama’s story.

That’s all about Lee Min-ho’s best and worst haircuts. Which one do you like? Supporting his career on the entertainment journey! Every actor or actress always need to change his or her hairstyles due to the roles of their job characters. There is so much sacrifice to make them a good fit to the role, including choosing hair style. Thumbs up to them! Give your comments and share your thoughts below!