Who is Lee Hong Ki’s Girlfriend and Ex-Girlfriend? Let’s Find Out!


Lee Hong Ki Byeol Korea

Who is Lee Hong Ki?

Lee Hong Ki made her debut as a vocalist of the 5-man band “FTISLAND” in 2007. He became active also as an actor with the appearance to the drama “You’re Beautiful” that caused the second Korean boom in Japan.

Lee Hong Ki, a bright personality, is also known for its broad friendship, and he seems to have many friends in the entertainment industry in Japan. There are so many members in Instagram such as Takeshi Ayano, Takeshi Sato, Shohei Miura, Yu Shirota etc.

In addition, it is famous that Taka taught that Taka is a good friend of the rock band “ONE OK ROCK” with vocals · Taka and Lee Hong Ki’s Japanese is good. This time I will introduce the ladies who were rumored to have such love with Lee Hong Ki!

Lee Hong Ki’s beloved love The first person is Baek Jin-he

Baek Jin-hee who got his attention on the first appearance to the drama “Odd Empress” broadcasted in 2013. It is a strong actress with a fresh look and a pure image.

Such Baek Jin-hee and Lee Hong Ki began whispering enthusiasm with the co-starring in the movie “Phoenix ~ Promised Song.” In the talk show, we also showed off our confrontation, and a lot of voices saying “I am well suited” were heard from fans.

However, it seems that it was not one of the love relationships, it is one of the good co-stars who is just a good match. Lee Hong-ki has uploaded a picture of her buddy with Baek Jin-hee on his own Instagram and said: “I am not a girlfriend but a best friend”.

Lee Hong Ki’s beloved love The second person is Fuji Mina


The second person is Fuji Mina, a Japanese actress also active in Korea. She is an American born and is an actress who started to work in Korea from around 2012 as well. Such Fuji Mina and Lee Hong Ki began whispering enthusiasm with the co-starring in Korean popular variety program “We got married.”

“We got married” is a program that enthusiasts become living together living together as virtual couple alike allegations frequently appear, but in the case of Lee Hong-gi in the interview “Miss Fuji has a feeling as heterosexual “There are times when it comes out,” so the suspicion got deeper.

However, in the subsequent interview “Because I forgot the feelings and returned to daily life after the shoot,” it seems that the possibility of actually being in a romantic relationship is low. It is the same as playing a lover’s role in a drama, just seems to have been in a pseudo-love affair.

Lee Hong Ki’s beloved love The third person is Ai Shinozaki

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The third person is Japanese popular gravure idol Shinozaki. At first glance, Shinozaki Ai and Lee Hong Ki seem to have no point of contact, but in reality, there was a hot news report in April 2015.

When Lee Hongni visited Thailand on a private trip in January 2015, it turned out that Ai accompanying Shinozaki was accompanied, it became a hot love coverage. Also, figures dating in South Korea are caught.

However, although Love Shinozaki admits that he went on a trip, he emphasizes that he is a friendly relationship to the last. I explained that traveling was not just for two people but for several friends. Also, Lee Hong Ki denies his passion for being a “friend.”

I do not know the truth, Lee Hong Ki is not a type to hide association, so it is said that it is highly likely that he was really a friend relationship. Incidentally, Ai Shinozaki was originally known as “Korean favorite”, and sometimes a video singing in Korean a song of “Girls’ Generation” flowed on the net and became a topic.

Lee Hong Ki is also good at Japanese, so there seems to be no problem in communication.

Lee Hong Ki’s beloved love The fourth person is Han Bo Reum


The fourth person is an actress Han Bo Reum who debuted at the drama “Dream High” broadcasted in 2011. It is hot news coverage just reported the other day.

Lee Hong Ki is recently addicted to bowling, he seems to have reunited with Han Bo Reum who previously co-starred in the drama at the bowling club. And it is said that it developed into a relationship of romance with an occasional reunion.

However, they deny suspicion of enthusiasm that they are “one of good friends” with each other, and Lee Hong-hoon commented on his own Instagram “Do not come to the bowling alley” jokingly It is.

They are very suits but it seems that it is not her boyfriend’s relationship. Lee Hong Ki is known for being an entertainer rare and open personality. In past interviews “I’ve been doing a lot of love” and sometimes being said as “gurus of romance”, but I do not seem to have ever taken decisive pictures or declared a relationship.