All Details and Information About Lee Dong-hae’s Life From His Instagram Account!


All You Need to Know Super Junior Member Donghae Through His Instagram Feeds

Who doesn’t know about this handsome oppa? Lee Dong-hae or,  as you may be more familiar with, Donghae (born on October 15, 1986), is a South Korean singer, songwriter, composer, and actor. Donghae became well-known as he is one of the members of the second generation boy-band Super Junior, from SM Entertainment. One of the best-known songs from Super Junior is Sorry Sorry from 2009, because of its catchy melody, refrain, and choreography.

When Donghae was young, he wanted to become a football player, but his father wanted him to be a singer because his father was a singer. He finally gave up on his own dream and followed his father’s intentions. In 2001, Donghae won a prize at SM’s Youth Best Contest that led him to sign contract as trainee in SM Entertainment.

After years of intensive lessons in singing, dancing, and acting, the plan was for him to join a five member boy-band named Smile with Leetuk, but it never came to be. Donghae and Leetuk were instead recruited to be part of the thirteen member boy-band Super Junior, and made their official debut on SBS Inkigayo with their first single, Twins (Knock Out). 

The group’s many fans might be wondering how Donghae is doing right now, so let’s check out his Instagram feed (@leedonghae) and see what he’s been up to!

Super Junior Member Donghae’s Instagram Feeds

Our talented composer will soon be launching his new song! Surely can’t wait!

Donghae with his Super Junior mate, Ryeowook. According to the fans comments, this is how the caption translates: “Our Ryeowookie, you did well today too ^^ You did well so if there are things you wanna eat ~~~~~~ eat it all :)”

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우리 막내 려욱이 하고싶은거 다해 ~~~

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More Ryeowookie photos.

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we are the champion my friend 🙂

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Super Junior’s manliest member, Siwon, singing We Are The Champions! Of course Donghae didn’t want to miss this moment.

Donghae’s last night of 2018

Taking a photo with his pastor during Christmas worship. What a religious man.

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누가 찍었니 ?

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Looking extremely hot in this black turtleneck shirt and man bun.

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SS7 in Japan

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At the Super Junior 7 concert in Japan. Proudly looking at the Japanese ELFs!

Recent Activity

The group’s sub-unit, Super Junior D&E, which is our favorite duo of Super Junior, Donghae and Eunhyuk, just wrapped their seven-city, 19-show Japan Tour, named for their 3rd album, Style, in November, 2018. They began in September in Yokohama and ended on November 9, in Tokyo. The epic duo performed their most popular songs like Oppa Oppa, I Wanna Dance,and Motorcycle, along with their Style songs like Sunrise, Here We Are, Polygraph, etc.

Below are some photos from the duo’s concert :

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