All About Lee Chung Ah Dating Rumor and Her Relationship With Lee Ki-woo!


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Who is Lee Chung-ah Boyfriend?

Lee Chung-ah was reported to be dating her co-worker in the last television play she had been cast in 2011, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. The blessed guy is the actor, Lee Ki-woo.

Lee Ki-woo is a South Korean actor who was born on October 23rd, 1981. He’s got a 3 years difference than Lee Chung-ah which makes him that the older of both. Lee Ki-woo began his introduction acting when he appeared at the film titled The timeless at 2003.

For the past couple of decades, Lee Ki-woo has been given an opportunity to play the part at a romantic-comedy television play Flower Boy Ramyun Shop at 2011 which turned into a massive victory by signs of top ratings and audiences which fostered his a popularity.


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Lee Ki-woo fulfilled Lee Chung-ah about the collection of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and he explains how he began dating Lee Chung-ah when he made an appearance about the tvN series, Taxi, aired on October 2015.

Lee Ki-woo revealed the way both fans were able to begin dating in the first place and how they met while filming Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. They did not fell in love at the very first sight, however, they began their own official relationship in real life in 2013. Both stayed to great friends with each other after filming the play was finished.


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The Lee couple joined a star ski team in 2013. The celebrity, Lee Ki-woo additional more info about how their friendship turned into a love affair. Lee Chung-ah and Lee Ki-woo were residing in precisely the exact same area and the celebrity was the first to request him to go hang out because they live in exactly the exact same area.

In the beginning, he chased her significance because he started to have feelings for her, but really at the point, Lee Chung-ah was only being friendly with him didn’t mean anything particular with all the offers. His feelings had been eventually disclosed when Lee Ki-woo requested her to venture outside and things went well for them from then on. When Lee Ki-woo has been asked about union programs, he said that he admires his girlfriend, Lee Chung-ah together with her fire in the entertainment business as a performer.


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There are a whole lot of burdens both of his girlfriend because of their individual acting professions and schedules. Lee Chung-ah ought to be focusing on her acting career at this time because she’s gifted, hard worker, in addition to a gorgeous lady in Lee Ki-woo’s eyes, therefore he said he will be sure she will succeed in her acting and livelihood from now on. On November 2015, Lee Chung-ah needed to bid farewell to her boyfriend because all Korean men must complete two decades of army support.

2015 became time for Lee Ki-woo to input his enlistment responsibilities. Both years have to be recruited without having the ability to view their loved ones, relatives, or their girlfriends. Therefore, that could grow to be a tearful farewell before they joined the army support.

Fortunately, both decades of enlistment didn’t occur to Lee Ki-woo along with the farewell was just for the filming of a reality series named Real Men. The reality series is about a military application which encouraged many actors both female and male to join the army base and experience turning into a soldier. The Lee couple was saying goodbye to each other just for the filming of Actual Men including saying a farewell and goodbye to family members.

Lee Ki-woo won’t be saying goodbye to Lee Chung-ah in real life because the celebrity himself completed his army service by linking the enlistment back in November 2009. Back then if he had been joined the army company, the actor did not understand Lee Chung-ah however and after 22 weeks of active duty, he had been discharged on September 2011.

Shortly after he had been cast to play the part of Lee Chung-ah’s love interest in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. Lee Chung-ah’s boyfriend, Lee Ki-woo constantly tries his best to make his girlfriend happy if he could. Both of them possess exactly the identical job as a celebrity and celebrity. They’re also proven to have a fantastic connection and chemistry with one another and the two are a hard-working pair; therefore occasionally they have a tendency to get difficulty meeting each other because they’re occupied with their own schedules and actions.


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On November 2016, Lee Ki-woo appeared as a guest star on TV’s Strange Recipe Drama The Chef Born in the Year of the Cat at which he spoke about the time that he traveled to Vietnam. Space made the association between him and his girlfriend hard to associate with one another. Lee Ki-woo is also constantly hoping to create Lee Chung-ah jealously when he’s away from her, but it does not work out nicely because Lee Chung-ah consistently makes herself busy doing her organization.

However, it does not cease their affection for one another. Lee Ki-woo explained that in the resort in Vietnam, he managed to stay in touch regularly through the SNS along with his girlfriend Lee Chung-ah understands that filming abroad is harder than filming Korea so she invited her boyfriend to perform his very best.

About July 2018, the most recent news concerning the Lee couple is among these denying that the news about their”split”. It’s been 5 decades of this official relationship at the public and after perishing the rumor in their separation, for good action both of the bureaus also talked up about this rumor.

Both of Lee Chung-ah and Lee Ki-woo’s agencies said that they are still having a fantastic relationship with each other until this day and also the people already know in their relationship life. Since there were lots of rumors of the separation, the bureau has produced a public statement the Lee couple remains together and said that the rumor was distributed only because the group does not reveal out themselves together in social or public websites such as several other couples do.

All About “Lee Couple” Lee Chung-ah and Lee Ki-woo Photoshoot for ELLE


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The Lee couple, Lee Chung-ah and Lee Ki-woo, have been picked as Seoul’s official bunch and had the chance to develop into a version of ELLE magazine. Seoul’s most important tourist areas like Cheonggyecheon Stream, Namsan Tower, along with Garosu-Gil Shopping Street became decorated with all the gorgeous collections of these photographed together from the magazine.

Lee Ki-woo and Lee Chung-ah were allegedly awkward when they had been asked to present before the camera but earlier later they were enjoying the photoshoot and it only became normal for them to start looking into each other’s eyes lovingly. Additionally from the romantic vibes just rolled from these, obviously, because they’re a couple.


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Lee Chung-ah’s boyfriend, Lee Ki-woo, stated following the photoshoot was shot that Lee Chung-ah has a fantastic capability to demonstrate her feelings through her eyes and he also confessed that he constantly loses himself and cannot deny anything when she looks at him in the eyes.

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