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Get to Know Le Sserafim Profile, Facts, Debut Date

Le Sserafim
Le Sserafim

Le Sserafim HYBE New Girl Group Who Stole Attention

Ever since Le Sserafim first announced their member, they had taken everyone’s attention. Many people are curious as to how the group of Sakura, a former member of IZ*ONE, would be. Moreover, the fact that Le Sserafim debut under HYBE the same record label as BTS which is known by almost K-pop fans around the world.

Le Sserafim is a five-member girl group consisting of Kim Chaewon, Sakura, Yunjin, Kazuha, and Eunchae. Le Sserafim name is an anagram of the group motto that is, “I’m fearless.” Let’s get to know more about Le Sserafim’s members position, MBTI type, and more through this article!

Le Sserafim Kim Chaewon Profile

Name                  : Kim Chaewon

Stage Name         : Kim Chaewon

English Name       : Anna Kim

Date of Birth        : August 1st, 2000

Position               : Leader

Blood Type           : B

MBTI                   : ISFP

Height                 : 163 cm

Weight                : 42 kg

Le Sserafim Kim Chaewon Facts

  1. Kim Chaewon is from Seoul, South Korea
  2. Chaewon is former member of IZ*ONE
  3. Chaewon graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School
  4. Chaewon is the daughter of theater actress Lee Ran Hee
  5. Chaewon trained with Woolim Entertainment for 11 months before she joined Produce 48
  6. Chaewon left Woolim and join Source Music in 2021
  7. Chaewon is appeared in Golden Child Let Me MV and also featured on MAMAMOO Moonbyul performance during MAMA 2018
  8. Before becoming Idol, Chaewon want to become flight attendant
  9. People usually consider Chaewon as lovable person and she often describes herself as lovely person

Le Sserafim Sakura Profile

Name                     : Miyawaki Sakura

Stage Name            : Sakura

Date of Birth           : March 19th, 1998

Blood Type              : A

Height                    : 163 cm

Weight                   : 42 kg

MBTI                      : INFP

Le Sserafim Sakura Facts

  1. Sakura is Japanese and she was born in Kagoshima City, Japan
  2. She along with Kim Chaewon is former IZ*ONE member
  3. Sakura is former member of HKT48 Generation First
  4. Sakura joined HKT48 on July 2011 as trainee and promoted to Team H in March 2012 then transferred to Team KIV in 2014
  5. Sakura graduated from HKT48 on June 19th, 2021
  6. In 2014 to 2017, Sakura has concurrent position on AKB48 Team A
  7. Sakura is graduated from Shigakukan Middle School, a Private school in Kisarazu, Japan
  8. Sakura wanted to become a singer after listening to opera with her mother
  9. Sakura was a child actress and she acted in the Japanese horror miniseries Crow’s Blood and in AKB48’s drama series Majisuka Gakuen 4
  10. Before that, her childhood dream becomes a doctor
  11. Sakura launch her own cosmetic brand CRAN BY MOLAK on December 8th, 2021
  12. Sakura described herself as a cat because she looks like cat and like to lay around

Le Sserafim Yunjin Profile

Name                  : Huh Yunjin

Stage Name         : Huh Yunjin

English Name       : Jennifer Huh

Date of Birth        : October 8th, 2001

Blood Type           : B

Height                 : 171 cm

Weight                : 53 kg

Le Sserafim Yunjin Facts

  1. Yunjin was born in Seoul but raised in New York, USA, thus her nationality is Korean-American
  2. Yunjin attend Hanlim Multi Art School
  3. Yunjin was a former Pledis Entertainment trainee and joined Produce 48 as a Pledis Entertainment trainee
  4. Yunjin is a trained opera singer
  5. She participated in her school theater club in the USA
  6. Yunjin is fluent in English
  7. Yunjin can play ukulele and guitar

Le Sserafim Kazuha Profile

Name                : Nakamura Kazuha

Stage Name       : Kazuha

Date of Birth      : August 9th, 2003

Height               : 174 cm

Le Sserafim Kazuha Facts

  1. Kazuha was born in Kochi but lived in Osaka from age 2 to 16.
  2. Kazuha moved to Breda, Netherlands from 2020 to 2021 where she took ballet classes
  3. Kazuha is a professional ballerina and won many awards in the Netherlands
  4. However, Kazuha can’t speak Dutch

Le Sserafim Eunchae Profile

Name                : Hong Eunchae

Stage Name      : Hong Eunchae

Date of Birth     : November 10th, 2006

Height               : 172 cm

Le Sserafim Eunchae Facts

  1. Eunchae was born in Miryang, South Korea
  2. Eunchae studied at Def Music Academy for almost two years
  3. Eunchae currently attends Incheon Popular Arts High School
  4. Eunchae had been trained with Source Music since January 2021
  5. Eunchae once auditioned for JYP Entertainment and Pledis Entertainment
  6. Eunchae was church leader

Le Sserafim Garam Profile (Former Member)

Name                : Kim Garam

Stage Name      : Kim Garam

Date of Birth     : November 16th, 2005

Height               : 170 cm cm

Kim Garam Facts

  1. Kim Garam was born in Sangju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea
  2. Garam attends Seoul Performing Arts High School and majoring in theater and film department
  3. Garam used to plan to be an actress
  4. Garam appeared in ENHYPEN’s Drunk Dazed Music Video
  5. On July 20, 2022, Kim Garam officially left Le Sserafim due to bullying scandal in Garam’s middle school.

Le Sserafim FEARLESS Concept and Debut Date

Le Sserafim

Since HYBE first announced about Le Sserafim, the group that yet debut has become buzz among netizen. Unique name and promising well known member become one of the reason. Le Sserafim which anagram from I’m fearless shown the determination of Le Sserafim member to proceed without being disturbed by judgment of others. There’s other speculation about Le Sserafim meaning that probably derived from Les Seraphim, the fiery six-winged angels in the Bible.

As the debut date and group name announced, the member then introduced to public one by one. The first introduction teaser was showing the girl in tennis theme showing the Le Sserafim member wearing short tennis skirts. But the first image teaser were causing controversy as two of minor member in Le Sserafim, Kim Garam and Hong Eunchae were wearing short and heels that were too sexual for a minor.

But Le Sserafim is fearless, just like the tittle of their upcoming debut album Fearless, they continue to show people their concept that depicted different from others girl group. From April 4th, 2022 to April 9th, 2022, video introduction of every member released then following with casting call that shown the bold and confident side of the member.

And the series of teaser doesn’t end there. On April 10th, 2022. Le Sserafim released another stunning video title Le Sserafim 2022 Fearless Show that’s use model concept where the member prepare for photoshoot and then confidently walking in runway.

Le Sserafim debut date is set on May 2nd, 2022 and on April 19th, 2022, Le Sserafim released Fearless trailer ‘The World is My Oyster’ shown that Le Sserafim ready to rock the K-pop industry. Are you ready to be Le Sserafim’s fans?

Here is the music video of Le Sserafim which was released on May 22, 2022!

The now five-member group Le Sserafim became one of the most anticipate debut in 2022. Make sure to share this article on Twitter and let more people know about Le Sserafim!