Le Sserafim Kazuha Profile, Fun Facts, Debut Era

Le Sserafim Kazuha

The Idol K-Pop and Ballerina From Le Sserafim Nakamura Kazuha

Have you guys heard about Le Sserafim? The latest girl group from HYBE drew attention, especially all members with unique skills and top-tier visuals, including Nakamura Kazuha.

Even before her debut with the group, she had already become the center of attention with her ballerina skills. Are you excited to know more about her? In this article, Byeol Korea will reveal everything about Kazuha of Le Sserafim, so keep reading!

Full Profile of Le Sserafim Kazuha

Le Sserafim Kazuha

Birth Name: Nakamura Kazuha (中村 一葉)

Stage Name: Kazuha (카즈하)

Date of Birth: Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture, Japan, August 9, 2003

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Height: 170 cm

Weight: –

Blood Type: –

Nationality: Japanese

Position in Le Sserafim: Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer

Years Active: 2022 – present

Label: Source Music/HYBE

Associated With: Le Sserafim

Instagram: @k_a_z_u_h_a__

Interesting Facts about Kazuha That You Shouldn’t Have Missed!

  • Kazuha was born in Kochi, but she lived in Osaka from 2 until 16 years old
  • Kazuha is the only child in her family
  • Her nicknames are Hachan, Zuha, Gazuha, and Moomin
  • From 2020 to 2021, Kazuha lived in Amsterdam to pursue her degree at the Dutch National Ballet Academy.
  • She also attended Hashimoto Sachiyo Ballet School in Osaka and trained at Bolshoi Academy in Moscow.
  • Kazuha has Silver Medalist from the Asian Grand Prix Competition – Junior’s Division in 2018
  • She doesn’t speak Dutch, but she is reportedly fluent in English
  • Kazuha’s MBTI type personality is ENFP, and she is the only Extroverted member in Le Sserafim
  • Kazuha is said to resemble Kim Go Eun, Bae Suzy, Lee Ho Jung, and Esom
  • She is a fan of BTS and BLACKPINK, she even attended one of BLACKPINK’s concerts in Osaka before
  • She loves internet shopping and watching YouTube videos
  • Kazuha likes to wear jeans a lot

Wanna Know about Le Sserafim Kazuha Ideal Type?

As one of the popular rookie idols, everything about Kazuha is essential, just like how people are curious about her ideal type. Unfortunately, Kazuha has never talked about her ideal type since her debut.

But we are sure she has some requirements or criteria for romance or boyfriend things. Let’s wait until she decides to reveal it herself!

Kazuha Pre-Debut and Past Activities

Before Kazuha’s debut with Le Sserafim, she had already started her career as a ballerina. It also revealed that Kazuha went to Netherland to pursue her degree and trained to be a ballerina.

Aside from Netherland, Kazuha also went to Moscow and London to study ballet. No wonder she has learned ballet for over 15 years and won numerous domestic or international junior ballet competitions! Born Japanese, Kazuha got a chance to study abroad, pursue her career, and train to be a K-Pop idol.

Although she used to have a difficult time in South Korea, especially with the language, she eventually quickly improved thanks to her activities with Le Sserafim members. With her fantastic skill and visuals, Kazuha successfully becomes one of the members with the shortest training period, only 3 months!

Kazuha Debut with Le Sserafim

Kazuha officially made her debut as a member of Le Sserafim on May 2, 2022, with the group’s first mini album, “Fearless” with the same name for its title track. For those of you who may wonder, Le Sserafim is the first girl group under HYBE and currently consists of five members.

Previously, Kazuha was introduced as a Le Sserafim member on April 8, 2022, and she is in charge as the group’s rapper, dancer, and vocalist. Within a short time, Kazuha and the rest of Le Sserafim members made monumental achievements through “Fearless”.

The group made a new record by selling over 176,000 copies on the first day of its release, which was marked as the highest sales among K-Pop girl groups in history. Not only that, but “Fearless” also topped the Oricon weekly digital album and was on top of the list through the digital album download chart.

A week after the “Fearless” music video was released, it received over 50 million views, and the views got increased each day. About her debut, Kazuha once said, “In the future, I want to improve my skills and show a new side of me as a K-Pop idol.”

That’s everything about Le Sserafim’s Kazuha! Although she just made her debut with Le Sserafim in 2022, Kazuha’s talents are on another level. Let’s always root for her and wait for her next comeback with Le Sserafim in the future!

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