All About Latest News of Daehyun and What He Doing Now After Left B.A.P!


All You Need to Know About The Pop star Daehyun

We got a little bit shock when we hear the news Daehyun’s departure. Yes it is big decision of him to get out from B.A.P and TS entertainment. But if you wondering who he is, we will tell you shortly about him well, here it is, Daehyun a.k.a Jung Dae-Hyun was born in Busan on June 28th 1993, he got a nick name from fans, wonbin because he has handsome face.

He is lead vocalist from B.A.P. He becomes a trainee in TS entertainment only 7 months. When he was young he really love dancing and singing that’s why he decided to be a star when he was grow older. Now lets talk about the detail why he left the band, so Byeol Korea will tell you all about them, stay tune..

Sweet Letter For TS Entertainment


Yes, he left the band and TS entertainment. But not only him but also all the member left the agency and the band. But after he left the band. He give a letter for the agency not only a letter but sweet and touchy letter in his personal instagram.


But event thought he gave the touchy letter for the agency, he didn’t tell us and give the confirmation why he left the band and TS agency. He still keep it as a secret. But the agency said because the contract’s end. But following his letter, we can see he still being nice and have good relation with TS agency.

Leaving As A Solo Artist


After he decided to be a solo artist. He brave enough for lunching his mini album, on 2016 it is ‘Noir’  it is originally made by him. And not need many time to make break throuht, this year called ‘Chapter2”27‘ on April 5th, in this mini album there is 5 song that really really personal about him and his opinion from all aspect. There are; ‘happy dream’, YOU’RE MY’, ‘Empty’, ‘When you call’ and YOU’RE MY ( inreument ).

Although Daehyun hasn’t give all the information yet, but he really proun of this mini album. He said “i have a hope and worried bout my solo career, but i will achieve lots energy from my fans”.”I will be a great musician and standing close to all my beloved fans”. surprisingly not only mini album but he will do a concert, in Baekam Art Hall, seoul on april 27th in 7.30 pm. And the concert was great.

Daehyun on BAP’s Future


Are you curios about BAP future? we are..and Jong up and Daehyun talk about BAP future, after all the member left the Band and TS entertainment, and all the exclusive contract done. Jong up the dancer group, he said ”even though we can’t hang out often like we do before because all the condition and we got different goal in our life, i always think we can still work together  each other someday”. All the member focus in their solo career and said BAP is not over. And they are still support each other.

Daehyun Opened Up A YouTube Channel

When he decided to be solo, he being a star in music video. One of the best music video of him is ”YOU’RE MY” this music video has 56.476 viewer, and the music is very good listen very match with every situation and easy listening

Daehyun Joining A New Agency


but right now he sign new agency STX lion heart, Daehyun said, “I’d like to take another leap forward as a solo artist in a new nest called STX Lion Heart. I look forward to the CEO’s producing skills and creating good synergy with the company employees. Please support me on my next move. Thank you.” In addition, Park Chung Min, the CEO of STX Lion Heart, stated, “We will join Daehyun, who recently started his second career as a solo artist, with sincerity so that he can get closer to both domestic and international fans. We respect the style and direction of his music and will allow him to take on various attempts and activities.” hope the best for him and before that we can stalk his beautiful face in his instagram.

Latest News About Daehyun

Right now, he is very enjoy his life as a solo entertainer. We can see it and stalk him in his instagram.

That’s All About Latest News of Daehyun and What He Doing Now After Left B.A.P. I hope you get more information about your idol and Korean entertainment. There are a lot of more information about it in Byeol Korea. So, don’t miss it! If you have some questions or want to add additional information please put the comment below.