Complete Information About CL’s Journey From 2NE1’s Rapper To a Solo Artist and Latest News


Known As The Swag Female Rapper From South Korea, Here’s CL’s Recent Activities!

Even though CL was first famously known as a member of 2NE1, when she turned into a solo artist, people started seeing the real CL, outside her image as a girl-group member! People were in love with her music, with her style, and mostly, people were in love with her charisma! No wonder she’s been called the swag female rapper from South Korea. We will give you the details about CL and her recent activities, so stay tuned!

She’s been focusing on her solo career both in South Korea and also in another country. When she set out to become a solo artist, her career started to take off quickly. Moreover, her rapping skill will leave you amazed! Are you curious about CL’s recent activities? Through this article, Byeol Korea has introduced you the swag princess rapper, CL, and all you need to know about her recent activities!

CL on Urban Decay Launch in Seoul


First of all, let’s start with CL’s activities when she was at the Urban Decay event in Seoul! She’s currently working as the brand ambassador for Urban Decay. The Urban Decay event in Seoul was a product launch event for the STAY NAKED collection. CL was stunning with her high ponytail, all-black outfit, and red lipstick!

Not only that, but she took a picturewith actor Ezra Mille, who was also attending the event. They sat down at a press conference for Urban Decay’s product launch. In one interview, CL  talked about how it feels to be an Urban Decay brand ambassador. Since she was really fond of makeup, it was such a nice experience for her. She learned a lot during her occupation, as well.

Let’s take a look at a picture of CL’s appearance at the Urban Decay launch event here:

There have been a lot of positive comments for CL through her Instagram posts! With her metallic blonde hair and black outfit, people were in love with her appearance! Some of them made comments on her post, like:

“CL you’re so beautiful and a great singer,”

“Beauty queen”,

“CL is so beautiful”,

“I love that outfit”,



“CL’s powerful charisma”,

“God is a woman indeed”,

There were a lot of another compliments and praise for CL, too!

ezra & CL

CL took a photo along with Ezra Miller at the event! Through this post, she received a lot of comments about their appearance together, as well!

Ezra and CL OMG!”,

“Ezra with CL!”,

“I just realised that this is Ezra”,

“The most iconic picture of 2019”,

“Yes legends”,

“OMG I love you both!”


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