LAPILLUS Shana Full Profile And Fun Facts


Learn More About LAPILLUS Japanese Member Nonaka Shana a.k.a Shana!

LAPILLUS (hangul: 라필루스) is a South Korean girl group under MLD Entertainment that officially debuted on June 20, 2022. LAPILLUS has 6 original members line-up with Chanty, Shana, Yue, Bessie, Seowon, and Haeun with a debut song titled “힛야! (HIT YA!)”.

In this article, there’s detailed information that you should know about one of LAPILLUS’ members who came from Japan, which is Shana. Let’s get more up-close about LAPILLUS’ Shana in this article below!

LAPILLUS Shana Full Profile


Real Name : Nonaka Shana (hangul: 노나카 샤나/野仲 紗奈)

Stage Name : Shana (hangul: 샤나)

Korean Name : Kim Ji-hyun (hangul: 김지현)

Birth : Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture, Japan, March 13, 2003

Star Sign : Pisces

Position : Leader, Vocalist

Height : 158 cm (5’2″)

Nationality : Japanese

LAPILLUS Shana Fun Facts

  1. LAPILLUS’ Shana’s Chinese zodiac sign is Goat
  2. LAPILLUS’ Shana is a former member of ON Project’s Fukuoka team
  3. LAPILLUS’ Shana was a contestant on ‘Girls Planet 999’but was eliminated in the finals, where she ranked P16 and J04
  4. LAPILLUS’ Shana’s hobbies are going on walks, photography, writing in her diary, watching movies and dramas, watching YouTube videos, finding must-eat places, shopping, watching clips of Crayon Shin-Chan
  5. LAPILLUS’ Shana’s specialties are singing, speaking Korean
  6. LAPILLUS’ Shana’s favorite groups are 2NE1 and BLACKPINK
  7. LAPILLUS’ Shana’s role model is BLACKPINK‘s LISA
  8. LAPILLUS’ Shana wants to get close to BLACKPINK‘s LISA and IVE‘s Rei
  9. LAPILLUS’ Shana’s favorite Japanese K-Pop idol is Sana from TWICE
  10. LAPILLUS’ Shana is close to Sheon from billlie and Ezaki Hikaru from Kep1er
  11. LAPILLUS’ Shana is from Fukuoka, Japan
  12. LAPILLUS’ Shana’s favorite place in Korea is Songdo, Incheon
  13. LAPILLUS’ Shana’s favorite food that she tasted in Korea was chicken
  14. LAPILLUS’ Shana’s secret of being cute is being honest because that is the prettiest way to show the way you are
  15. LAPILLUS’ Shana’s favorite expression in Korean is “That’s possible (그럴 수도 있지)”. She doesn’t use it a lot, but she thinks that when Koreans say that, it sounds cheerful and good
  16. LAPILLUS’ Shana wanted to become an idol in Korea because she felt it was more relaxed than being an idol in Japan when she saw their performances on Youtube
  17. LAPILLUS’ Shana respects the other Japanese people who became K-pop idols and wants to be like them
  18. LAPILLUS’ Shana is most confident in her singing because her voice is unique
  19. LAPILLUS’ Shana was surprised that people always ate together in Korea instead of eating alone like in Japan
  20. LAPILLUS’ Shana’s parents cheered on her comfortably when she told them that  she wants to be an idol in Korea
  21. LAPILLUS’ Shana’s parents loved that they could see her face on TV on ‘Girls Planet 999’
  22. LAPILLUS’ Shana was a trainee for 2 years before going on ‘Girls Planet 999’
  23. LAPILLUS’ Shana was in a cell with Kim Suyeon (K) and Fu Yaning (C) on ‘Girls Planet 999’

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