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LAPILLUS Chanty Full Profile And Fun Facts


Learn More About LAPILLUS Vocalist Maria Chantal Videla, a.k.a Chanty!

LAPILLUS (hangul: 라필루스) is a South Korean girl group under MLD Entertainment that officially debuted on June 20, 2022. LAPILLUS has 6 original members line-up with Chanty, Shana, Yue, Bessie, Seowon, and Haeun with a debut song titled “힛야! (HIT YA!)”.

In this article, there’s detailed information that you should know about one of LAPILLUS’ members, which is Chanty. Let’s get more up-close about LAPILLUS’ Chanty in this article below!

LAPILLUS Chanty Full Profile


Real Name : Maria Chantal Videla (hangul: 마리아 샹탈 비델라)

Stage Name : Chanty (hangul: 샨티)

Korean Name : Lee Heejin (hangul: 이희진)

Birth : Manila, Phillipines, December 15, 2002

Star Sign : Sagittarius

Position : Vocalist, Face Of The Group

Height : 169 cm (5’6″)

Nationality : Filipino-Argentinian

Official Site :

  • Instagram ( @chantal )
  • TikTok ( @chantalvidela_ )
  • Youtube ( @ChantalVidela )
  • Facebook ( @itsmeChantalVidela )

LAPILLUS Chanty Fun Facts

  1. LAPILLUS’ Chanty grew up in Mendoza, Argentina
  2. LAPILLUS’ Chanty’s favorite childhood character is Minnie Mouse
  3. LAPILLUS’ Chanty appeared in JT & Marcus‘s “Dear YouMV
  4. LAPILLUS’ Chanty is part of Starmagic Circle Batch 2018 under her Filipino company, Star Magic
  5. LAPILLUS’ Chanty’s role model is Talia
  6. LAPILLUS’ Chanty’s a fan of the actress Liza Soberano
  7. LAPILLUS’ Chanty knows Korean, English, Tagalog, and Spanish
  8. LAPILLUS’ Chanty has 3 sisters
  9. LAPILLUS’ Chanty started working as a commercial model in 2016
  10. LAPILLUS’ Chanty endorsed Cherifer teens and SM Kids’ along with other apparels
  11. LAPILLUS’ Chanty appeared in several dramas, such as ‘Spirits Reawaken’(2018 / Gabbie), ‘Mystery of the Twin Bat’ (2019 / Loraine Maniquis), ‘Starla’ (2019/ Lena), ‘Would You Remember?’ (2020), ‘Once Upon a Time’ (2020), ‘Fight For It!’ (2020)
  12. LAPILLUS’ Chanty appeared in a movie titled ‘Familia Blondina’as Cameron (2019)
  13. LAPILLUS’ Chanty’s Chinese zodiac sign is Horse
  14. LAPILLUS’ Chanty’s MBTI is ENFP
  15. LAPILLUS’ Chanty’s fans often compare her visuals to Olivia Rodrigo and MOMOLAND’s Nancy
  16. LAPILLUS’ Chanty wears glasses
  17. LAPILLUS’ Chanty’s favorite drama is ‘Goblin’
  18. LAPILLUS’ Chanty speaks English, Filipino, Spanish, Korean, and basic Japanese
  19. LAPILLUS’ Chanty’s favorite childhood character is Minnie Mouse
  20. LAPILLUS’ Chanty started learning Korean in July 2022
  21. LAPILLUS’ Chanty is a Christian
  22. LAPILLUS’ Chantyis Filipina from her mom’s side and Argentinian from her dad’s side
  23. LAPILLUS’ Chanty’s hobbies are finding new quotes, eating, and watching dramas
  24. LAPILLUS’ Chanty has a pug and used to have a poodle
  25. LAPILLUS’ Chanty plays soccer
  26. LAPILLUS’ Chanty’s favorite shapes are circles and hearts
  27. LAPILLUS’ Chanty’s favorite K-pop artists conclude of BTS, Red Velvet, and IU
  28. LAPILLUS’ Chanty was announced as a trainee under MLD Entertainment on November 26, 2021
  29. LAPILLUS’ Chanty’s favorite colors are purple, white, and blue
  30. LAPILLUS’ Chanty loves eating chocolate
  31. LAPILLUS’ Chanty became a ONCE (TWICE’s fan) on February 11, 2021
  32. LAPILLUS’ Chanty can play the piano and ukulele
  33. LAPILLUS’ Chanty’s favorite Western artists are Halsey, Dua Lipa, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Shakira
  34. LAPILLUS’ Chanty loves watching Netflix
  35. LAPILLUS’ Chanty sleeps late at night
  36. LAPILLUS’ Chanty’s ideal type is BTS’ Jin
  37. LAPILLUS’ Chanty’s motto is “Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.”

That was all for the information about LAPILLUS’ Chanty. Let’s keep supporting her career with LAPILLUS, so she can be more popular and get a lot of love from fans in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Byeol Korea!