Complete List of 9 KPOP Male Groups With Amazing School Day Concepts That Make Your Heart Melted!


7. IMFACT – Lollipop

The school-day concept is also taken for IMFACT’s debut in early 2016. Their agency, Star Empire Entertainment, first announced the about to-be-debuted group called IMFACT and released a group photo teaser on January 12, 2016. The group debuted by releasing their first EP, Lollipop, on January 27.

It was being hyped by individual teaser photos from January 13 to 16. They showed a pretty colorful concept for their debut, indicating that they would debut a fun-happy song.

Days later, they released an individual teaser video for each day from January 19 to 23. Each of the members is seen wearing a school uniform in classroom settings and showing off their skill. Let’s check their individual teaser videos!

First, we have Sang’s individual teaser video, on January 19. We can see him playing the guitar smoothly in a classroom. At the end of the video, there’s Ungjae clapping for him.

Next is Unjae, on January 20. This time Ungjae shows off his skill of playing the piano and even his rapping skill with his deep voice! At the end of the video, we can see Jian.

On January 21, it’s Jian’s turn to show of his free-style dance and rapping skills. He even raps while cleaning the pool and is caught by Taeho.

Taeho’s teaser came next, on January 22. Just like Jian, he shows off his free-style dance then he sings a bit. In front of the locker, he is embarrassed when Je-up catches him dancing.

Je-up came next and was the last member to release an individual teaser video, on January 23. It starts with him walking through a hallway before entering a class to sit on a chair. Then he starts singing with a strong voice! He adds a somersault, and at the end of the video, the other boys are seen with a pile of lollipops.

As expected, on January 25, they released the music video teaser. It begins in a classroom and the boys seem bored until Je-up comes and does a somersault. Everybody cheers and starts a commotion in the class.

Finally, they dropped the music video on January 27. They all are wearing the grey uniform with different t-shirts or shirts inside. It seems like they are having fun in the class when there’s no teacher, just like like high schoolers in general. Even when there’s a teacher, they just can’t hold the urge to have fun.

They also released some dance practice videos in various outfits. One of the videos they wear a different grey jacket with a yellow name tag on the left side and dark blue pants.

This is just basically about students in high school who are starting to have love interests, but mostly about having fun at school.

8. ASTRO – Confession

Later in 2016, ASTRO also took the school-day concept for their third mini-album, Autumn Story. Just like the title, they picked autumn-themed look for their first and second round of teaser images, which were released on November 2 and 6.

On November 7, they released a music video teaser for the title track, Confession. From this video, we could guess the music video concept as they were all wearing dark blue school uniforms. It starts with the boys running down the street and shows individual clips of each member. At the end, we see Eunwoo shedding tears.

Before dropping the music video, they released a third round of teaser photos on November 8. This time, they are seen wearing two kind of uniforms, the dark blue one and a red one. They released the individual photos as below.

And also the group photos as below.

Finally they released the music video on November 10. Just like the title, the music video is all about confessing their feelings to someone they like. It begins with a girl that seems to be confessing by giving paintings, but gets rejected. The boys are like the imaginary friends who can feel her sorrow and are trying to cheer her up. They seem to keep her company all day and night, even to the bookstore and clothes shop. At the end of the video, it shows the ending clip of Eunwoo’s crying just like in the teaser video.

The video shows that in high school life, it’s a common thing to like someone and confess to them. However, it doesn’t always have a happy outcome, we can get rejected, too, just like her.

You may see check the other concept photos and the music video making film below!

9. SF9 – Easy Love

Last, but not least, SF9 also took the school-day theme for their second EP, Breaking Sensation. They first dropped a teaser image about their comeback, followed by dropping the schedule which consisted of the teaser concept release date on April 7, 2017. Their photo concept was more like an old-school computer design. After releasing the title motion on April 9, they released “users information”, or individual teaser photos, with birth date information about them. They look lost in their eyes and we can see a bit of their grey outfits that look like school uniforms, but with styles of jackets.

The next day, they released more individual and group teaser photos with a different concept, which was “C:WUserWSF9”. This time, they all look like they’re in an abandoned building.

They released two video teasers, on April 12, titled titled Breaking Heart, and on April 16, titled After Effect. From both videos, we can assume that the boys are lost in some kind computer coding world.

Finally, on April 18, they released the music video for their title track, Easy Love. Even though they don’t wear uniforms in their teaser videos, they are seen wearing a black uniform with red lines on the coat and a white shirt with black ties in the music video. They also wear different uniforms, that are grey and seem similar to their “users information” photos. They use a dark and shady room for the dance clip, while for individual clip, they use a dark room with some kind of computer writing effect.

They don’t really focus on the high school theme, but simply wear the uniforms. Rather, they emphasize the computer writing glitch and effect as if they were all trapped in the coding world. We may assume they are high schoolers in common who suddenly disappear to the peculiar world.

Let’s check out their music-video-making film below!

Overall, the school-day concept is the most common, but still fresh, concept and many male groups have used it at least once. It can be used for their debut, album concept, trilogy concept, or simply for a music video setting. Each of the groups mentioned above has spun the high school concept in a different way, such as teenage love in general, like BTS, IMFACT, ASTRO, SEVENTEEN, BEAST; combined it with super-power like EXO; strong friendship like MYNAME; problems happening at school like NU’EST; or using the old-school computer concept like SF9.

It seems pretty likely there will be more male groups who will pull the concept in more various way in the future. What do you think about the school-day concept each group has presented above? Which is your favorite? Did we miss any other groups? Comment and share your thoughts in the comment section below!