Compilation List of Best 10 KPOP Idols Who Are Active As YouTubers That You Don’t Know!


achahakyeon by VIXX’s N

VIXX’s N is also on YouTube! His channel’s name is achahakyeon. After sharing a teaser on December 24th, 2018, N posted his first video and shared it with his fans on Christmas Day.

He tweeted, “I’m revealing the first story of Today’s Record,” and shared a link to the first video on his brand-new YouTube channel.

In the description, N wrote, “The train journey I gave myself as a reward for working hard this year,” along with the hashtags, “Suncheon, Suncheon Bay National Garden, and Suncheonman Wetlands.” He added, “It’s just a matter of everyday life, but I hope you’ll enjoy watching. Thank you to Racoon for assisting me with filming and editing.”

In the video titled “Today’s Record 20181225,” N shares his day on which he took a train trip and explored Suncheon. He writes lyrics on the train, listens to music, and enjoys a cup of coffee. When he arrives at Suncheon Station, he visits the Suncheonman Wetlands, gives his family pictures, eats food and dessert, and gets back on the train. Check out the N video below!

Fans are loving his video, here are their comments!

[+327] The editing and aesthetic of this video are almost as beautiful as the man in it.

[+261] Thank you for creating this channel and for this aesthetically pleasing video.

[+258] Am I the only one who feels like I was traveling with him while watching this video? I feel like crying, to be honest.

If you love N’s video as well, don’t forget to subscribe to achahakyeon!

Lilifilm Official by BLACKPINK’s Lisa

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has also joined the bandwagon and started her personal YouTube channel!

The channel is called Lilifilm Official and the first clip was uploaded to the channel on November 5th, 2018. The video, titled “Lili’s Film #1–Jisoo in Japan” features videos from Jisoo and Lisa shopping, sightseeing, and snacking in Japan with BLACKPINK’s song “See U Later” playing in the background.

Jisoo has also shown her assistance by exchanging a connection to Lisa’s fresh YouTube channel on her Instagram.

Check out her first video!

Lisa’s editing skill and her capability to capture Jisoo’s beauty are so perfect that has made fans happy with the outcome.

[+49] Yay Lisa has her own YouTube channel now. 💜 Hopefully, we get to see more sides of Lisa and the rest of the girls. 💜

[+1] I have watched this so many times already. 😀 Jisoo x Lisa

[+1] Never get bored watching this every day. 😍😍

She’s such a talented girl, you should subscribe to Lilifilm and leave a heartfelt comment for her!

REAL HOYA by Lee Ho-ya

REAL HOYA is the name of Hoya’s personal YouTube channel. He began his YouTube journey back in 2015 with the beautiful cover of “Kiss Me” by Zion. T, again reminding us why he’s known as a “triple threat.” Not only is he a good dancer, but he is also an amazing rapper and a brilliant vocalist! There’s not a lot of idols out there who are masters in all three skills, and as if that is not impressive enough, he’s also pursuing an acting career! What the hell can’t he do?

Check out his cover below!

His voice is so mesmerizing and fans are loving it!

[+389] good rapper, good vocal, good actor, good songwriter, what’s next? Musical?

[+178] Hoya’s voice is so beautiful!!

[+117] Anyone else screamed when he first started singing… Nope, just me. Okay then.

Check out his latest cover of Paul Kim’s song “Me After You”

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Ashley B Choi by LADIES CODE’s Ashley

Ashley B Choi is the YouTube channel name of Ladies Code’s Ashley. She was best known for her K-Pop dance covers on her YouTube channel ashleych0i before her debut, which she began in 2007. Ashley resurrected her old YouTube channel at the beginning of February 2018 and renamed it, Ashley B Choi. She produces her personal videos and made her old dance covers private, and since then she started uploading vlogs.

Check out her first vlog!

Seeing Ashley on YouTube made her fans so happy that they gave her a warm welcome:

[+54] Wowoww this is soo unexpected 😲😲 Why didn’t you spoil moreee😂💖💖 anyways, I’m still gonna support you as a singer and a vlogger.

[+37] Great video Ashley, it looks like you had an amazing time!

[+3] I’m so happy you’re vlogging now!

That was all the information we could gather for you about K-Pop idols who are also active YouTubers! So, who’s your favorite? We hope you subscribe to their channels to show your support. See you in the next article, and don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!