Compilation List of Best 10 KPOP Idols Who Are Active As YouTubers That You Don’t Know!


탱구TV by SNSD’s Tae-yeon

탱구TV, or Taenggo TV, is the name of SNSD’s leader Taeyeon’s YouTube channel. She started her YouTube career back in 2013, but stopped it and made a comeback five years later in 2018. On January 18th, 2018, Taeyeon excited and pleased fans to be back on the video platform. Although the Girls’ Generation member first opened her personal YouTube channel five years ago, she hadn’t published a video since 2014 when she shared Justin Bieber’s “Be Alright” cover as her very first upload.

For her grand return to YouTube, Taeyeon altered the name of her channel to “Taengoo TV” and released four fun video clips from her 2017 trips to Milan, Grindelwald, Bern, and London. She also added the caption, “Instagram clips uploaded in high quality.”

Check out Taeyeon’s re-launched YouTube channel and watch her first video below!

Fans are so happy with her return to YouTube, they comment:

[+682] Woowwww finally you remember your password😂

[+197] WELCOME BACK TO YOUTUBE!!! Can’t wait to see more content from you!

[+139] I don’t know why I’m crying 😭😭It just makes me so happy 😭❤️ Taeyeon unnie take care 💗💗

Welcome back to YouTube, Taeyeon! Don’t forget to subscribe to Taenggo TV and give her your warm support!

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