Compilation List of Best 10 KPOP Idols Who Are Active As YouTubers That You Don’t Know!



PRODUSORN is the name of CLC’s Sorn’s YouTube channel. If you’re interested in CLC and want to know them better, or if you want to know more about the K-Pop industry from an insider, this is the perfect channel for you!

The 2018 Produsorn is called Produsorn Diary, an internet reality show in which CLC’s Sorn films her everyday life, previous experiences, and her band and idols. Fully edited and shot by Sorn, Produsorn Diary started airing on April 2nd, 2018. This Produsorn, PS Diary is quite distinct from Produsorn in 2017. 2017 Produsorn was a live stream that lasted seven episodes, beginning on April 27th, 2017, each addressing a different subject, while Produsorn Diary is sitting at eighteen episodes.

Check out the first episode of Produsorn Diary!

Since January 2nd, 2019, Sorn finally has a personal YouTube channel after two years of uploading her videos on Cube official channel.

Check out her first video on her brand new channel!

There’s also a video where she made a reaction to CLC’s MV “Me,” check out her funny parody!

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찬우살이 by iKON’s Chan-woo

One of the members of iKON, Chanwoo, has also joined the bandwagon and launched his personal Youtube channel in July 2018. The name of his YouTube channel is 찬우살이 or Chanwoo’s Life in Korean, which to date has gained more than 400 thousand subscribers. Chanwoo became YG Entertainment’s next idol who has a personal Youtube channel, after Sandara Park and Suhyun Akdong Musician.

While launching the channel, Chanwoo uploaded the first vlog to show his various activities and interactions with iKON members. This channel was also launched less than a week before iKON made a comeback with the mini-album New Kids: Continue on August 2nd, 2018.

Check out his first video!

“Gudok. Choayo.” Meaning, “Subscribe. Like.” Those are the words that will greet you every time you open a video on iKON’s Chanwoo’s YouTube channel. Once uploaded, iKON’s maknae can give videos of two to ten minutes in length.

In the first video he uploaded, Chanwoo was asked by B.I: “What is your content?” Chanwoo could not yet give a definitive answer. He plans to create a variety of content on his channel.

That’s true. The Chanwoo’s Life channel now contains its vlogs while traveling, trying food to playing games. You can see a variety of Chanwoo’s activities outside his busy life as an idol on this channel.

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