Stay Slim and Healthy! KPOP Idol Diet IU and Suzy That You Can Try at Home

IU and Suzy Byeol Korea

Detail of UI’s Diet

First of all, let’s start with IU’s diet! This is becoming one of the most popular diets among K-Pop idols since it was proven that IU was able to secure a weight loss of 5 kg in just a week! It’s no wonder there are a lot of people who were interested in IU’s diet method and want to try it out.

The diet plan from IU was quite extreme. In a day, all she had for breakfast was a piece of an apple, during her lunch she only had two pieces of sweet potato, and for the dinner, she only drank a glass of protein milk. From all of those ingredients, she lost 5 kg in a week! It wasn’t magic, but it was due to the number of calories that she consumed.


Using that diet method, she only consumed about 500 calories a day. Typically, an adult woman should be consuming 1,500-3,000 calories a day. Actually, this type of diet should only be done for approximately three days, but IU did it for a week and she achieved the weight loss rapidly. But still, she only uses this diet for the concert or movie filming preparation. She also revealed that she used to feel terrible during her diet process.

IU’s diet was becoming really popular since a lot of people are interested in losing a lot of weight in a pretty short time span! However, the IU diet was quite extreme, and for those of you who want to follow the diet plan, make sure you consult with your doctor before you do the diet!

And here are several results from certain people who successfully lost weight using IU’s diet, on YouTube!



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