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Here is Top 10 Korean Web-Dramas, Starring Talented K-Pop Idols, You Should Watch!

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Dear X Who Doesn't Love Me

List of Several Web-Dramas Which Starred by K-Pop Idols!

Aside from general K-Drama, there’s also a bunch of popular web drama which also starred by famous K-Pop idols. Web drama was becoming as popular as other series since the story-line, and the cast was terrific, especially several legendary gods also appeared as the cast. Through this article, Byeol Korea will explain to you the details about that, so stay tuned!

NCT Dream Jaemin in Method to Hate You

Let’s talk about NCT Dream’s Jaemin first! Through Method to Hate You, he was played the character of Han Dae-gang. He was known for his cold personality, but actually he really cared with Oh Mi-rin (played by Kim Jee-in). Han Dae-gang became close with Oh Mi-rin after they worked together for their college assignment.

Method to Hate You were told a story of Oh Mi-rin who accidentally falls for her best friend’s boyfriend. She was scared that her friendship with her best friend might be broken up due to her clumsiness. Luckily, Oh Mi-rin was helped by one of her classmates Han Dae-gang to looking for a solution to make her forget about her feeling. Later, Han Dae-gang also falls for Oh Mi-rin.

WINNER Seungyoon in We Broke Up

In the web drama, Seungyoon was played as Ji Won-young. He used to had a girlfriend, No Woo-ri, but they have been breaking up. Won-young also worked at night time as an indie band’s vocalist.

We Broke Up also told the complicated love story between Ji Won-young, No Woo-ri (played by Sandara Park), Yoon Ni-na (played by Kang Seung-hyun), and Seo Hyeon-woo (played by Jang Ki-young). Won-young and Woo-ri were just broke up but they have to live together due to financial problems, meanwhile, Ni-na was Won-young’s band manager who secretly in love with him, then Hyeon-woo was Woo-ri’s new boyfriend.

N-Flying Jaehyun & Lee Seung-hyub in All Boys High

N. Flying’s Kim Jae-hyun was played the character of Kim Nam-goo, a student of all-boys high school. He has such bright energy, and he knows exactly what he wanted to do. Meanwhile, Lee Seung-hyub was played as Han Seongbong, one of Nam Goo’s closest friends. He was known for his charm, but actually he was envying Nam Goo who already knows his own dream.

All Boys High was focused on Nam Goo and Seongbong’s story. They grew up together from a childish teenager into more mature, as well as looking for their own dream together. Nam Goo who becoming alone since he went to the all-boys high school, slowly changed after he met Seongbong. Their story has begun which also consisted of several interesting occurrences!

HOTSHOT Hojung & LABOUM ZN in My Ghost Brother

Through the web drama, Hojung was played as Kim Seung-hyun meanwhile ZN was played as Hye-jin. Kim Seung-hyun who worked as a photographer, and has a beautiful girlfriend Hye-jin. He also took a picture of her as well as made her as his own model.

My Ghost Brother has narrated a story of Kim Seung-hyun, who was struggling to make his girlfriend’s memory back. His girlfriend was amnesia due to her car accident. Until one day, Kim Seung-Hyun also met with a ‘ghost’ who also changed his life as well as Hye-jin.

THE MAN BLK Yoon Jun-won & Choe Chan-yo Best Mistake

Yoon Jun-won was played as Seo Joo-ho, the class leaders who eventually got attracted to Kim Yeon-doo, his classmates. Meanwhile, Choe Chan-yo was played as Jung Ji-sung, the classmates who have a cheerful personality and brighten up the whole mood in the class.

Best Mistake has a story about Kim Yeon-doo (played by Lee Eun-Jae), an ordinary high school student. To escape from her friend who had a crush on her, Yeon-doo was confessed that she had a boyfriend, even using a stranger man’s picture as her ‘fake’ boyfriend. The problem has started when Yeon-doo found out that the man in the photo was Ji Hyun-ho (played by Kang Yul), a famous high school man who often involved in problems.

EXID Hani in XX

In XX, EXID’s Hani was played the character of Yoon Na-na, who worked as the head of the infamous bartender bar XX Speakeasy. She was famously known for her amazing skill as a bartender, and such a friendly person. She hasn’t been in any relationship since five years ago after her boyfriend was cheating on her with Yoon Na-na’s best friend, Lee Roo-mi (played by Hwang Seung-eon).

Meanwhile, XX is a web drama which tells about revenge in the famous bar Speakeasy. Yoon Na-na, who famously known as a skilled bartender in Speakeasy, also known for her sincerity of helping other customers in Speakeasy who cheated by their partner. Moreover, Yoon Na-na was also helping them through revenge as well. She has dreamt of having her bar in the future.

APRIL Naeun, GOLDEN CHILD Bomin, STRAY KIDS I.N & Hyun-jin in A-Teen 2

A-Teen 2 was becoming really famous since the cast also played by several K-Pop idols such as APRIL’s Naeun, Golden Child’s Bomin, STRAY KIDS’ I.N, and Hyun-jin. APRIL’s Naeun was played the role of Kim Ha-na, who has a perfect appearance and excellent grades in school. However, she doesn’t have any dreams.

Meanwhile, Golden Child’s Bomin was played the role of Ryu Joo-ha, a mysterious transferred student. Even though he was easily adapted to his new school, but he also has a ‘barrier’ of himself. Meanwhile, STRAY KIDS’ I.N and Hyun-jin made their cameo appearances in episodes 16 as Cha Ah-Hyun’s friends.

The web drama was told a story about seven students’ life who experience happiness and conflict as well since they will grow up. As 18 years old student, they have to become more mature and preparing themselves for college test, and other related school problems as well.

EXO Chanyeol in Secret Queen Makers

EXO’s Chanyeol was appeared in two episodes (Eps. 4-5) of Secret Queen Makers, and he played the character as himself. Chanyeol was known as a bodyguard who only worked for Ahn Gong-Joo, the lead female role. Every time she was in danger, Chanyeol always there to helping her. The first time Chanyeol meets her, he looking mysterious while saying that he needs her!

Secret Queen Makers has narrated a story about an ordinary woman who worked as a travel agent with her simple life, Ahn Gong-joo (played by Go Woon-hee). She was unconfident with her appearance until one day, and the woman was experiencing changes to made herself became more beautiful and exciting. She was helped by six good-looking guys who came to her life as well.

Playback Hayoung in What to Do With You

What To Do With You was an advertisement web drama for beauty products, such as face mask. Then Playback’s Hayoung was roled as Chae Sae-rom. She was known as a kind girl and sweet person, but she has been holding back her feeling towards her unrequited love for a long time ago, Lee Geun (played by Kim Young-dae).

Meanwhile, What To Do With You was told a story about Chae Sae-rom who had unrequited love with her childhood friend, Lee Geun. And suddenly, the fate also brought them into certain conditions together. One day, they went back home after drinking from the bar. With their tipsy condition, Lee Geun was suddenly kissed Chae Sae-rom!

ASTRO Cha Eun-woo in Top Management

Last but not least, there’s A.S.T.R.O.’s Cha Eun-woo, who was playing the character Woo Yeon-woo in Top Management! Yeon Woo was famously known as a charming idol with his perfect smile, and he was involved within a group named S.O.U.L (Sound of Ultra Light)! In addition, Yeon Woo is also becoming the center and of visual of S.O.U.L as well.

Top Management also tells about ex-idol candidate Yoo Eun-sung (played by Seo Eun-soo), who currently works as a new manager in Starlight Entertainment. She was becoming the new manager of boy group S.O.U.L, which was experienced decreasing popularity due to a plagiarism issue. It turns out, Yoo Eun-sung actually has an ability to ‘predict’ the future, and he also used his ability to made S.O.U.L becoming famous again!

That was all of the information about the top 10 web dramas from K-Pop idols! If you’re kinda bored to watch general K-Drama, then web drama could be a possible choice for your movie list! It is also refreshing since the duration wasn’t long, and it also has several genres as well!

Comment down below, which one of your favorite web-drama!