All Information About Korean Lunar New Year 2019, Also Introduce Lunar New Year’s Greetings and Cuisine!

In Lunar New Year, Having Trip to Korea is cheap!


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In a major travel agency, “3 days 2 nights tour of Korea Seoul for Lunar New Year”, and so on have recently come to be seen often!

There is a tendency for the travel fee to become cheaper in Korea’s Lunar New Year because of major holiday shopping spots such as department stores and supermarkets are closed during the holiday. Previously there were many shops in the downtown area of Myeong-dong that also take a day off, but recently there are surprisingly many shops that are open for business, influenced by attracting foreign tourist’s policy.

On the other hand, the fashion section in the Dongdaemun area, most of the wholesale markets are closed. In Lunar New Year, airplane fee is also relatively inexpensive, the hotel is also easy to book for a reservation, but let’s check first if your destination is available/open for reservation or not!

Lunar New Year in the Dongdaemun area · Store closed day


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Since there is no information yet, we will update it as we know.

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  • Kwan Hee Fashion Mall Undecided
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As there are many cases where events are held for Lunar New Year special, there’s little chance for a place with theme parks such as Lotte World and Everland to be closed during the said holiday.

If you would like to enjoy Korean trips even more cheaply, it is recommended that you make a good start on the subject!

Are duty-free shops open for Korean New Year?

Before the Lunar New Year in Korea, duty-free shops in the country are very busy!

The reason is because there are more people spend the Lunar New Year holidays overseas year after year, and more Koreans who enjoy shopping in Korea’s duty-free shops in advance.

And many Chinese who also have Lunar New Year’s culture are visiting Korea. Therefore, especially popular Myeong-dong’s Lotte Duty-Free Shops and Namsan’s Silla Duty-Free Shops etc in Seoul are enormously full of vigor and it is difficult to shop ·

Obviously, many of the items purchased at duty-free shops will be received at the airport when departing from a country, so the duty-free item receiving counter at the airport will be very crowded. Currently, at Incheon International Airport, tickets will be issued at the counter in turn to receive duty-free items, but in this time of the year, it is not unusual to wait for an hour.

It is indispensable to go shopping in duty-free shops on Korean trips, but be sure to enjoy shopping with extra time when using it during the Lunar New Year period! Especially, we recommend arriving at the airport earlier than usual.

Shopping in Korean Lunar New Year! Check out the sale information!


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When visiting Korea during the Lunar New Year period, the main target is shopping sale! In shops that are open during the New Year’s holidays, sale and beneficial events are often held.

The Korean people love the event “with extra” “1 + 1 (get two items at one price”) “, so we can see these events in Lunar New Year at the city.

Incidentally, large supermarkets such as department stores, Lotte Mart, and E Mart are on holiday in the row, but the aim of this sale is one month before the Lunar New Year! Because it is closed during the Lunar New Year period, they are often do big sale in advance, so we can enjoy shopping better than usual.

Since there are so many famous department stores such as Lotte Department Store in Myeongdong and Shinsegae Department Store in Gangnam, Don’t disdain by thinking, “Department stores are high priced”, it is good to take look for once.

What is general food to eat in Lunar New Year?


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In Japan, we will eat “Ozoni” in New Year, but in Korea we will have a soup with thinly sliced omochi (rice cake) called “Tteok”.

And Kalbi Jjim which is steamed Kalbi, Japchae of Dangmyeon, Jeon (Chijimi), Various Namul and Kimchi are also standards of Chinese New Year dishes.

Since “mochi/rice cake” has long been loved in Korea, it is not uncommon for a rice cake to be served free of charge for “Lunar New Year’s celebration” when visiting a cafe in Lunar New Year. Unlike Japanese white rice cake, Korean rice cake which is eaten as snacks are colorful, delicious and pleasant to the eyes with green or pink color.

“Culture of the Lunar New Year” is one of the major differences between Korea and Japan. Those who have never experienced the Lunar New Year in Korea are also encouraged to visit Korea during the Lunar New Year period where they can go cheaply and join Korean Lunar New Year cuisine and traditional events!