Introducing Korean Idol’s Most Successful Diet That You Can Easily Do!


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Most Successful Korean idol’s diet

We might think, ‘Perhaps chubby person can’t become an idol?’ because Korea has so many idols with preeminent style. Everyone is tall, the legs are pretty, the face is small! In Korea and Japan, people look up to such idols.

Well, were they all originally slender and have a good style?

This time, we will focus on several Korean idols who succeeded in diet and we will tell you about their concerning diet method and meal dietary law, along with the picture of before-after.

Korean idol Girls Generation’s “Sweet potato diet”


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Korean idols boasting tremendous popularity in Japan with “Legendary Beauty Legs” “Girls’ Generation”. The picture is a photograph before and after diet of Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon.

Originally, Taeyeon was a bit chubby. At the time of debut, we can see that meat is also attached around the stomach and the face. However, after diet meat around her stomach  became neat! The face and the decollete are also become refreshing and sexy.

In an interview, Tae-yeon was asked “What is the secret of your diet?” And she answered “Mental suffering”, but that is Taeyeon’s charm. In fact, it is said that she was mainly dieting by diet therapy.


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That is “Sweet potato diet”! It is a simple diet method that replaces one meal of three meals a day with 150 g sweet potato. However, even if you replace one meal, if you ingest a high calorie food with the other two meals, it falls over the head. Together with sweet potatoes, it is recommended to take high protein foods such as brown rice, broccoli, chicken breasts and almonds together.

Korean idol f(x) Luna’s “Skinny legs diet”


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Member of the girls group f(x), Luna, originally has a firm legs, or maybe chubby legs sounds more fitting. Her skinny legs diet was so successful that people start a rumour, Did she take liposuction? And it became a hot topic that time.

Certainly, rather than the change of her face’s size, anyway her legs are getting skinnier! Among the readers, there are a lot of people who think that they don’t really care about their face and weight, but no matter how, they want their legs to be skinny!

The secret of her skinny legs diet is using “Baseball’s ball” method.


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Sit your legs stretched out, put the baseball ball under your thighs. With that posture, move your body sideways. Repeat this 30 times a day, you will get your beautiful legs, Luna said.

Although there might people who questioned, Is this effective? In fact, the base of the foot is a place to release toxins, it seems that the detox effect can be expected. The point is that it is a lymphatic massage of the foot! By the way, as you all know, baseball balls are very hard, so it hurts before you get used to it, so we recommend tennis balls and 500ml plastic bottles containing water. Even while watching TV this is easy to incorporate!

Korean idol Miss A Suzy’s “Meal management diet”


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Members of missA, Suzy, who is always fascinating fans with sexy style. She was originally a chubby idol. We can say that even her chubby appearance looked cute!

That Suzy used thorough meal management diet. Even now that she succeeded in dieting, she’s still thorough about it that she took only one meal a day before her comeback activity! (This is an extreme example, so we can not recommend it)

On her diet menu, in the morning she eats 150 g sweet potatoes and 1 cup of low-fat milk; 150 g of brown rice and salad a little bit for lunch, and sweet potato 300 g for dinner. Like the Girls’ Generation Taeyeoun, it is a diet that makes a sweet potato as a staple of three meals and only consumes low-calorie food. It is said that if we combine it with doing exercise regularly, we can maintain the style now!

Korea idol After School Uee’s “Squat movement”


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Member of AfterSchool, Uee who has enough ability to win a prize at the swimming competition before becoming an idol. She is also famous as a gym class idol.

She is originally muscular and her lower body is solid! She’s also looked chubby around her stomach. So, it is the squat movement that she incorporated along with diet therapy and nutritional balance.

A squat movement that is said to have the same degree of momentum as doing 100 abdominal muscles if done in the correct posture. Uee is doing this thirty times x 3 sets every morning and said that she succeeded in dieting.


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After School’s UEE is taller than me shit #uee #afterschool #kpop #korean

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The squat is effective for dieting around the stomach and making the stomach thinner will also have a big effect on the whole body diet. It could be done lightly even while watching TV, it seems that it will be effective if you continue the method for a long time. However, we recommend that you take diet therapy and so on together so as not to “get fat muscular” because it’s a movement that used not only your stomach but also your legs and others.

Korean idol AOA Seolhyun’s “Surprising diet method”


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It is absolutely not fat, but among idols in Korea who mostly have skinny styles, AOA member Seolhyun is said to be a bit chubby. Now it gets skinny enough that people might think they’re mistaking it as someone else, not only stomach and legs, but her face line is also becoming clear.

Such “unexpected diet law” of Seolhyun is “to eat breakfast at discreet and to eat lots at night”. Any woman who tried dieting would think,”Wow, isn’t it reversed?” To tell the truth, she is the type who couldn’t endure eating because it would make her suffer. “With the diet method of firmly eating in the morning, you will continue to eat firmly at night as well, so if you eat a lot in the evening, you can be satisfied with a small amount in the morning.” She stated.


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However, this method is still difficult to achieve its effectiveness, so Seolhyun said that exercising at the gym or doing pilates according to this method is also indispensable.

I think that there are many women who thought, “I eat less on breakfast, but I am eating well in the evening”, including the author, but for these women of “Seolhyun type”, they won’t succeed in dieting unless they exercise more than anything else. Still, the road to diet success seems to be long.

Korean idol Apink Eunji’s Before After


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At the time of his debut, Apink’s member Eunji’s weight was 62 kg. Actually, Apink is an idol group which all the member has an honest chubby type of body, rather it is said that “It has an affinity that connected to its favorable impression level up,” when viewed from the public. However, the relief only lasts for a brief time! At the moment everyone has transformed into an idol with outstanding style.

Among them, Eunji succeeded in minus 15 kg diet, changed not only style but also facial expression, and her cuteness has increased even greater.


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Her diet method is a basic diet that “eats less, eats less and exercises hard”. The meal is mainly focused on sweet potatoes and boiled egg (hard boiled), and occasionally eat boiled squid. It is prohibited to eat anything after 18 o’clock. And, in a free time it’s best to stretch and boxercise intently. That’s the method, you will succeed in minus 15 kg diet if you do it this way for real.

Compared to Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s and the missA Suzy’s “roughly sweet potato meal” which is introduced earlier, we can feel that this one seems to be easier to incorporate. It is said that replacing boxercise with exercise in gym and walking etc seems to be effective too!

Successful diet Korea idol


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Member of Korean rock band group CNBLUE, Yonghwa. He changed his dietary habits to a banana-based diet and succeeded in a minus 8 kg diet!

Korean idols who succeeded in dieting while having a lot of hardships are not only women. Lastly, we will introduce a male idol who succeeded in dieting at a stroke.

Dance idol group member of SUPER JUNIOR, Ryeowook. Ryeowook was completely different from his student days before debut. He said he roamed skipping roughly every day for two years, succeeded in dieting by not eating carbohydrates.


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The last is a member of the dance vocal group BIGBANG, TOP. He succeeded in a minus 20 kg diet in 40 days! The method is “Azuki diet and exercise.”

To briefly explain, azuki diet means “Boil the azuki and drink five boiled soup and its azuki beans a day.” Azuki contains feeling of fullness, constipation improvement, moisture discharge, abundant vitamin B, etc. However, insoluble dietary fiber accounts for more than 90%, so if you eat too much your feces will get loose, on the contrary it seems that there’s concern of becoming constipation.

It is also a diet that we can not recommend for those with a weak gastrointestinal disorder, so when practicing, let’s keep in mind to try practicing after checking things thoroughly without pushing yourself out.