Let’s Check Out Korean Actresses Adorable Appearances Wearing A Wedding Dress!


Goddess-Lookalikes Korean Actresses In Wedding Dresses!

People are noticing that K-beauty is really expanding nowadays, especially on the heels of the Korean Wave! Not only that, people are often amazed with the beauty of Korean celebrities, and many women want to look as beautiful as those celebrities. One of the examples of  K-beauty are these Korean actresses, who looked like a goddesses in wedding dresses! Through this article, Byeol Korea will give you the details about that, so keep on reading!

There are a lot of Korean actresses who have blown us away when they were wearing wedding dresses. However, it wasn’t always on their actual wedding day, but also when they were wearing them during photoshoots or when filming shows. Do you want to see how gorgeous they are in their wedding dresses? Here you go!

Lee Tae-im

Lee Taeim

First of all, we have the beautiful goddess Lee Tae-im! Since she is well known as an actress and a model, she has done some ‘wedding’ photoshoots several times with certain wedding magazines. One of them was when she was appeared in the To Bride Wedding November 2017 issue, and was looking effortlessly beautiful dressed as a bride!

She was looking like a princess in a short-sleeved wedding dress with brocade details! The details around her neck gave the impression of a halter neck with brocade details, as well. The beautiful crown also supported her fairytale princess look!

The picture above is another wedding dress from Lee Tae-im’s appearance for To Bride Wedding! The dress is very modern and simple, but chic at the same time. The dress has a peplum waist accentuating her curves, and ends in a mermaid tail with a train. A floral headpiece keeps the look fresh, but uncluttered.

Park Bo-young

Park Boyoung

There’s also actress Park Bo-young who looks really adorable in a wedding dress! Even though she isn’t married yet, the actress wore a wedding gown for her role in the K-Drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon! With her youthful baby face, Park Bo-young made a very cute bride!

In the drama, she was cast as Do Bong-soon, who married Ahn Min-hyuk (Park Hyung-sik) at the end of their love journey. Even if it was only for a scene in a drama, the wedding ceremony still looked real and Park Bo-young looked like a real bride!

Here’s the appearance of Park Bo-young in her wedding dress:

Park Boyoung

The dress had a high-low hemline, where the front part of the dress was shorter than the back part. It also looked like a strapless dress with lace details all over the dress, and the sleeves were elbow length. The actress also wore a long vail and a pair of gold heels to perfect her bridal appearance!

Yoon Eun-hye

Yoon Eunhye

Next is Yoon Eun-hye with her beautiful wedding dress in Marry Him If You Dare! It was a drama where she was cast as Na Mi-rae, and her ‘husband’ in the drama was Lee Dong-gun, who was playing Kim Shin. The couple did a wedding ceremony scene and looked like a real happy couple!

Yoon Eun-hye was looking naturally beautiful in a strapless wedding dress with the lace accents and a long veil! She wore light makeup and minimal accessories, enhancing a fresh and natural look. The dress fit her really well and made her look effortlessly adorable!

Let’s take a look at Yoon Eun-hye in a wedding dress here:

Yoon Eunhye

The wedding dress also has a lace overlay, and so did the under part of the wedding veil. Yoon Eun-hye’s reddish brown hair also looking striking against the all-white wedding outfit!

Jun Ji-hyun

Our next actress is the beautiful fairy Jun Ji-hyun in her own wedding dresses! In 2012, Jun Ji-hyun tied the knot with Choi Jun-hyuk, who is well known as the son of the CEO in Alpha Management Assets. The couple had known each other since their elementary school time, and were good friends before they eventually married!

Jun Ji-hyun used two different dresses for her wedding. The first dress is the one she wore  for the press conference right before the wedding ceremony. She looked like a beautiful fairy in the white wedding dress! The details of the wedding dress evoked the look of the first decades of the last century, with elegant mesh and beading. the actress also wore a pair of silver metallic earrings and a floral hair pin, as well!

Here’s the appearance of the dress:

Jun Jihyun

Then for the wedding ceremony, Jun Ji-hyun wore a different white dress with a very different look! It kind of looks like an mermaid dress, with a wide sweetheart neckline. All over the dress also has pattern details as well. Not only that, Jun Ji-hyun completed her appearance with a beautiful lace wedding veil!

Here’s the appearance of the dress:

Jun Jihyun

One of Jun Ji-hyun’s dresses was designed by the British designer Jenny Packham, and the other by an American designer named Reem Acra. The one that she wore for the press conference was the dress from Jenny Packham, meanwhile the one that she’s been using for the wedding ceremony was from Reem Acra.

Jang Nara

During a lot of Jang Nara’s photoshoots, she was looking extremely beautiful in various wedding dresses! Even though Jang Nara isn’t married yet, she used to be a wedding magazine or wedding dress model several times. One of the wedding dress photoshoots was along with My Wedding, a famous wedding magazine!

for the photoshoot, obviously Jang Nara was wearing a beautiful wedding dress. The photoshoot was taken by photographer Kim Bo-ha in a wedding photo studio.

Jang Nara

There’s another photoshoot along with the Beulah! She was looking elegant and cute at the same time with a strapless wedding dress, and a cute black ribbon with the white ruffle accent on her neck. Meanwhile, she was wearing her hair in an up-do to complete her look!

She also wore another wedding dress during the Beulah photoshoot. This time, she looked like a tiny, beautiful princess with a crown on top of her head and an ethereal white lace wedding dress with sheer layers!

Park Shin-hye

Park Shin-hye also showed off her elegant beauty through her appearance in a wedding dress! She was wearing the dress for her ‘wedding ceremony’ with actor Lee Jong-suk in the K-drama Pinocchio! In the drama, Park Shin-hye did a wedding scene with the Pinocchio character, Choi In-ha (Park Shin-hye) and Choi Dal-po (Lee Jong-suk).

Park Shinhye

The dress was looking chic and elegant, with the simple details! It has off-shoulder details and was a mermaid dress. The dress was matched really well with Park Shin-hye’s pure and innocent image! The dress was designed by Son Yun-hui.

Even though the dress had very simple lines, it fits with Park Shin-hye really well. Not only on her body, but also with her natural image! Park Shin-hye looked flawless, with natural makeup and a low ponytail!

Bae Suzy

Last but not least, there’s Bae Suzy in a wedding dress! This time, she’s wearing a wedding dress for her job needs. At the time, Suzy was collaborating with Didier Dubot for their wedding collection with the title ‘Marriage’, and the concept was ‘The most beautiful moment of my life’. For your information, Didier Dubot is a French jewelry brand, and Suzy had become the new face of the brand!

Since the title and concept were wedding themed, Suzy appeared with a beautiful wedding dress and wedding jewelry during the photoshoot! Her dress was looking simple but elegant, which also matched with Suzy’s flawless appearance. The gown was strapless, with a full, gathered skirt that looked wonderful on her.

Bae Suzy

Suzy kept her makeup very natural, but chic! She was also wearing jewelry such as ring, necklace, and a pair of beautiful earrings! From the photoshoot, we could imagine how beautiful she will be on her actual wedding day in the future, right?

And that was all of the information about Korean actresses who looked like goddesses in their wedding dresses! Some of them were using the wedding dress for their actual marriage, but there were a number of actresses who were wearing the dresses for their job needs. No matter why they were dressed as brides, all of them were looking effortlessly gorgeous! From all of their appearances in wedding dresses, you can look for an inspiration for your own wedding dress!

Don’t forget to tell us which wedding dress among all of them is your favorite through the comment section down below!