Let’s Learn More About South Korean Actress, Suh Jung: Profile, Movies, and Drama List

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All you Need to Know About Actress Suh Jung

Actress Suh Jung made her debut in 1996 with director Lee Ji-sang’s short independent film, De-pure Land. She also appeared in another Lee Ji-sang’s short films, Yellow Flower (2002) and director Lim Chang-jae’s short films, Tears (1998) and Aqua Requiem (1999). Three years after her debut in independent and short films, in 1999 she made her first appearance in a commercial film, namely Peppermint Candy. In this film, she acted as Miss Lee, an office worker who becomes the cheating partner of the leading role, Young Ho.

Full Profile of Suh Jung

  • Name: Suh Jung
  • Hangul: 서정
  • Real Name: Lee Shin-jong
  • Place of Birth: Seoul
  • Date of Birth: June 19, 1972
  • Height: 164 cm
  • Weight: 48 kg
  • Family members: third of four sisters
  • Occupation: Actress (1996-present)

Suh Jung’s Career

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Suh Jung gained attention and became famous after she played in The Isle (2000) as Hee Jin, a mute female hostess and a prostitute who owns a fishing boat. It is a film with a bizarre love affair between a prostitute who cannot speak and a fugitive who ran away from the law. Although the box office in Korea ended in failure, this film surprisingly has been invited to the Venice International Film Festival.

The viewers’ attention was drawn to Suh Jung’s outstanding acting skill. In the film, she managed to express every kind of emotion with only the eyes and facial expression, without uttering even a single word since she had to portray a mute woman. The film also gained attention for its gruesome scenes that caused some of the viewers to vomit or faint during the premiere of the film at Venice International Film Festival. Later, The Isle was also invited to many famous international film festivals all over the world.

Most of Suh Jung’s works are related to adult-themed films. Her latest work, Venus in Furs, tells a story of a movie director, Min Soo (played by actor Baek Hyun-jin), who is attracted to Joo Won (played by Suh Jung) and decides to stay in her house to write a screenplay. Along the story, Min Soo becomes more addicted to Joo Won’s fatal charms and soon becomes drawn into the world of sadomasochism.

In an interview for The Isle promotional activity in Japan, Suh Jung shared her feeling about her acting in many adult-themed films. She said, “In films, I often perform sexual acts, but in real life, I am just Suh Jung who likes to wander around places related to art. If I have time, I’d love to read a book and have a cup of tea or cafe as my hobby.”

Suh Jung’s List of Films, Dramas, and Awards & Nominations



Year Film Role
2012 Venus in Furs Joo-won
2009 Girlfriends
2007 Desert Dream[3] Choi Soon-hee
2005 Green Chair Kim Mun-hee
2004 Spider Forest Min Su-jin
2002 Yellow Flower
2000 The Isle Hee-jin
1999 Peppermint Candy
Aqua Requiem (short film)
1998 Lachrymal/Tears (short film)
1997 Poison
1996 De-pure Land (short film)


TV drama

Year Title Role
2001 Law Firm Yun-jin


Awards and Nominations

Year Award Category Result
2001 37th Baeksang Arts Awards Best New Actress (The Isle) Won
Fantasporto International Film Festival Best Actress (The Isle) Won


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