All You Need to Know About Ji Soo’s Instagram Feeds and Latest News!


Latest News

Upcoming Netflix K-Drama

On July 26, Ji-soo’s agency confirmed that he was cast as the lead actor in the upcoming netflix K-drama titled Because It’s My First Love, along with girl-group DIA’s Jung Chae-yeon, and Jung Jin-young. The drama will air in 2019 on Netflix. The process of filming began in September, 2018, and ended in January, 2019.

The story is about love, friendship, and the dreams of youth, revolving around the lives of three college students who had never thought about dating in university. Ji-soo will be playing as Yoon Tae-oh, a college freshman in business administration.

Yoon Tae-oh seems to have it all — handsome looks, wealth, and enrollment at a prestigious university — but he secretly feels lonely and unhappy because of his home situation. He later meets a female friend, Han Song-yi, and ends up falling in love with her and she has to live with him due to her personal circumstances.

Strong Woman Do Bong-son’s American Version

Kim Ji-soo starred in the JTBC’s hit TV Series Strong Woman Do Bong-son in 2017. Thanks to his hard work and that of everyone else involved, scriptwriter Melissa Scrivner (Love of Fear the Walking Dead), will be taking charge of an American remake of the drama, as was reported from Forbes on January 15.

The drama itself is about a woman, Do Bong-soon (starred by Park Bo-young), who’s born with unnatural incredible strength and who falls in love with a wild and crazy guy. Actress Ronda Rousey, who’s also a professional wrestler and MMA fighter, will be playing the strong woman in American version.

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